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Discus and support Disk Management Curiosity in Windows 10 Customization to solve the problem; Please see the attached Disk Management profile. [ATTACH] I know that there will be an 'unlettered' small drive called 'System Drive' or as in the... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Customization' started by Dr. Abdul Rasheed. K., Sep 26, 2020.

  1. Disk Management Curiosity

    Please see the attached Disk Management profile.

    Disk Management Curiosity a7f983dd-5db1-4934-9054-20bde44fb0b5?upload=true.png

    I know that there will be an 'unlettered' small drive called 'System Drive' or as in the case of branded computers 'Recovery Drive', side by side with the 'C Drive'.

    1. I suppose to belong to the 'GPT'
    2. Windows installation
    3. Recovery, but my PC is assembled and not a branded one
    4. My Data
    5. My Data
    6. System Reserved
    7. Not yet alloted for any purpose.

    So there are three such drives. Which one of these can/should I do away with?

    Is it safe to remove them?

    The hard disk is a Samsung 512 GB 'NVMe - M.2 disk installed at the appropriate socket/slot.

    Please advise.

    Dr Abdul Rasheed

    Dr. Abdul Rasheed. K., Sep 26, 2020

  2. Disk management console view is not up-to-date

    i dont know how to fix your disk management, but i can fix your partition problems...

    open up Command Prompt with admin rights. (Right click, run as admin)

    enter in
    list disk

    then find the Disk number for your Raid array... lets call it number 7 ( you can tell what disk is what by the total size)
    type in

    Select Disk 7
    List Partition (will give you a list of all the partitions..)
    Select Partition 1 (im assuming you only have 1 partition on Disk 7) repeat this step if you have more partitions.

    that should get the array up and running ready to use.


    any problems, post back ^^

    Still EDITING *Stick Out Tongue Disk Management Curiosity :p

    side question, have you tried restarting the PC?
    slyfox2151, Sep 26, 2020
  3. Disk Management

    Hi Keith,

    Thanks for providing the detail that was requested previously. Since the disk management screen that you saw is showing greyed out options, we suggest that you follow the steps below to change the partition type of your internal drive:

    • Open Disk Management then right click the partition on the disk you want to covert and select Delete Volume.
    • Once you complete the process you will see the whole disk shown as two separate unallocated spaces. Right-click the disk and select Convert to GPT disk.

    After the conversion, you will be able to use the whole disk and then you can create new separate partitions.

    We look forward to your response to our queries.
    Jordan Dom, Sep 26, 2020
  4. Disk Management Curiosity

    Disk Management - How to Post a Screenshot of


    This will do it for you

    Step 1: Download this zip file (contains dmDskmgr-vd.mmc)
    Step 2: Double click to open the compressed folder
    Double click dmDskmgr-vd.mmc to launch the custom Disk Management console

    Press Alt+PrtScn to grab a snapshot of just the Disk Management window
    Open Paint and Ctrl+V to paste it, then save the image
    Attach the image to a new post.
    Slartybart, Sep 26, 2020

Disk Management Curiosity

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