Windows 10: DISM - Split install.wim file

Discus and support DISM - Split install.wim file in Windows 10 Tutorials to solve the problem; Sooner or later MS are going to have to tackle the issue of install.wim being over 4GB. It will be interesting to see how they solve this. There is... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Tutorials' started by cereberus, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. cereberus Win User

    DISM - Split install.wim file

    Sooner or later MS are going to have to tackle the issue of install.wim being over 4GB. It will be interesting to see how they solve this.

    There is nothing really magical about a .wim file. In fact with modern flash drive capacity, there is no real need to put the files in a .wim file at all any more it seems to me.

    cereberus, Jan 28, 2018

  2. Where is Windows 10 version 1607 ISO file TechBench?


    I need install.wim file for DISM scans (Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source:wimDISM - Split install.wim file :D:\Sources\Install.wim:1).

    Where is Windows 10 version 1607 ISO file download in Microsoft’s TechBench?
    Rose Family, Jan 28, 2018
  3. Unable to associate files with apps; cannot change default apps

    Using DISM:

    Following the link you provided, the instructions state to mount an ISO file to find and replace corrupted files found from dism. However, when I downloaded the ISO, there is no install.wim file. There is instead an install.emd file.

    However, simply replacing the instruction:

    DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /source:WIM:V:\Sources\Install.wim:1 /LimitAccess


    DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /source:WIM:V:\Sources\Install.esd:1 /LimitAccess

    does not work. (V is my mounted ISO disk).


    ArchbishopJubilee, Jan 28, 2018
  4. Jerry06 Win User

    DISM - Split install.wim file

    Excellent tutorial. Everything is supported by MS.
    Jerry06, Jan 28, 2018
  5. Tony K Win User
    Again, great tutorial, Kari. Very clever as well. *Smile

    As a novice, I'm beginning to see what I thought was a cutting-edge industry isn't so cutting-edge anymore. FAT was originally designed in 1977 for use on floppy disks, then adapted throughout the industry. It may have been great for its day, but the newer formats like NTSF or others haven't been used because of silly little drivers? This would be like having to build log cabins because no one has developed a power saw. *Confused
    Tony K, Jan 28, 2018
  6. Kari Win User
    What I said about this matter was that it is an artificial limitation. Quite the opposiste you claim me having said; I admitted that at the moment FAT is used and required but that the reason is artificial.

    I then quoted the author of Rufus, who on his GitHub page states the following:

    Yes, FAT is required at the moment as per those specs. However, this is an artificial limitation, nothing in those specifications explicitly forces the use of it, therefore other file systems will be bootable, too, as long as correct drivers are present.
  7. cereberus Win User
    Hi all, @Kari, I believe there is another way to do this which is rather easier.

    The historical problem has been that windows would only recognise one partition on a standard recoverable flash drive, making it difficult to create a bootable partititionwith files greater than 4GB as you say earlier.

    This changed with the 1703 CU version where it would handle multiple partitions but you had to use diskpart commands to handle multiple partitions. With 1709 FCU version, it now handles multiple partitions from disk management.

    So method is basically very simple.

    1) Mount iso with large install.wim as a drive (say letter D)

    2) Create two partitions on usb flash drive as follows

    Partition 1 - fat32 formatted say 2GB (may be less but I used 2 GB) (say letter E)

    Partition 2 - NTFS formatted - rest of drive (must be large enough for INSTALL.WIM+ say 2GB) (say letter F)
    INSTALL.WIM can be as large as you like.

    3) Copy all of files/folders from D EXCEPT sources folder to E

    4) create sources folder on E and copy BOOT.WIM from sources folder on D to sources folder on E.

    5) copy all files from D to folder F (does not matter that files are on E as well).

    6) Reboot PC and it will boot from FAT32 partition but install files from NTFS partition.

    My PC will not boot from an NTFS partition, but I tried the above and it worked first time.

    Total time to create flash drive was less than five minutes.

    I have only tested this on a UEFI PC but it should work for legacy bios as well provided you make the first partition active I think.
    cereberus, Jan 29, 2018
  8. Jerry06 Win User

    DISM - Split install.wim file

    Some Sandisk USB drives are recognized as a hard drive, which allows you to place multiple partitions on the USB drive. What I've done in the past is use diskpart to create two partitions on the Sandisk USB drive the first partition as a FAT32 and the second as a NTFS partition, which allows for larger file sizes. Install.wim just needs to be copied to the NTFS partition.

    MakeWinPEMedia will not wipe the NTFS partition. Since the Sandisk drive is recognized as a Hard drive physically there is not a Windows 10 version that is required. I've used Sandisk drives to apply windows 7 images as well.

    I hope I'm clear enough..
    Jerry06, Jan 29, 2018
  9. cereberus Win User
    That was point of my previous post - you no longer need usb flash drives with the hard disk attribute set. Any flash drive with enough capacity will do it now.

    As I said, I installed Windows today setup like that. It does not matter what version you are installing, but you will need to turn off secure boot for Windows 7 afaik.
    cereberus, Apr 4, 2018

DISM - Split install.wim file

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