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Discus and support display adapter drivers in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; I had encountered issue of screen flickering , I went through trouble shooting process in that it had shown that to delete display adapter driver and... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by TharunKunduru, Nov 21, 2020.

  1. display adapter drivers

    I had encountered issue of screen flickering , I went through trouble shooting process in that it had shown that to delete display adapter driver and restart. I tried that process screen flickering has stopped but the courser size is increased and also task bar size is increased I am unable to restore my previous view , I had tried changing the settings in mouse properties. Please help in restoring the previous view.

    Thank you.

    TharunKunduru, Nov 21, 2020

  2. Display driver not supporting and device manager not showing Display adapter option

    Hi Maheen,

    Thank you for posting in Microsoft Community.

    This issue could have occurred due to these reasons:

    • Incorrect settings.
    • Corrupt or outdated display driver.
    Try the steps listed here and check if it helps:

    Method 1:

    I suggest you to download and install all the available Windows Updates including Optional Updates. Check if it helps.

    Method 2:

    If the issue persists, i suggest you to uninstall and re-install latest display driver from the computer manufacturer website and check if it helps.

    Step 1: Uninstall display driver.

    • Right-click on the Start Button and click on
      Device manager.
    • Double-click on Display Adapters to expand.
    • Right-click on the display adapter driver that is listed and select properties.
    • In the window opened, click on drivers tab.
    • In the drivers tab, Click on Uninstall option.
    Now restart your computer and check, if the problem persists try step 2.

    Step 2:

    Re-install display driver from the manufacturer website.

    Let us know if the issue is resolved or if you need further assistance, we will be glad to help.
    Akheel Ahmed, Nov 21, 2020
  3. Incorrect display adapter driver for my Asus K42JK laptop


    Thank you for your interest in Windows 10.

    What happens when trying to install the right driver? Do you receive any error?

    I suggest you to Uninstall and reinstall the Display driver and check if it works for you.
    Refer to the steps below:

    Follow the steps to uninstall the Display driver:

    • Press Windows Key + X key and click Device Manager.
    • Expand ‘Display Adapters’.
    • Right-click on the Display Adapter listed and click on ‘Uninstall’.
    • Select the option to Delete driver software.
    • Restart the computer after its uninstalled.
    Now download the drivers the manufacturer website and install it.

    Hope this information is helpful. Please do let us know if you need further assistance, we’ll be glad to assist you.
    Giridhar J, Nov 21, 2020
  4. display adapter drivers

    Win10 doesn't know my (compatible) display adapter


    Thank you for posting your query on Microsoft Community.

    I would suggest you follow the steps below:

    Method 1: Run the hardware and devices

    Please follow the steps below:

    • Type “Troubleshooting” on the Windows Search bar and hit enter.

    • On the left side of the Troubleshooting window, click on “View all”

    • Click on Hardware and Devices. Please provide a password if asked for it and click ok.

    Method 2: Uninstall and reinstall display adapter.

    Follow the steps to update the display adapter:

    • Press Windows key + R key. Type "devmgmt.msc" and click Enter.

    • Expand Display Adapter.

    • Double-click on the Display Adapter.

    • In Properties, go to Drivers Tab and click on Uninstall.

    • Reinstall the Display adapter from the Manufacturer's Website and see if it helps.
    Restart the computer and check.
    Hope this helps. Please respond if you have further related issues.

    Jesinta Rozario, Nov 21, 2020

display adapter drivers

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