Windows 10: DNS-over-HTTPS (or DoH) Question

Discus and support DNS-over-HTTPS (or DoH) Question in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; DoH. Yet something else I am not familiar with until reading this article this morning: DNS-over-HTTPS will eventually roll out in all major browsers,... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by phaedruspress, Nov 8, 2019 at 12:12 PM.

  1. DNS-over-HTTPS (or DoH) Question

    DoH. Yet something else I am not familiar with until reading this article this morning:

    DNS-over-HTTPS will eventually roll out in all major browsers, despite ISP opposition | ZDNet

    Anyone care to comment on this and whether or not they have it enabled. I use a VPN about 80% of the time so is enabling DoH somewhat redundant. I also still use Chrome about 90% of the time if that makes a difference. Does enabling this initiate any kind of a slow down or lag while browsing or downloading? TIA.

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    DNS-over-HTTPS (or DoH) Question

    Safe DNS Project

    Hey everyone! I am running a usability experiment to see how naive it might be to provide everyday users the ability to browse the internet in a safer manner.

    To accomplish this I am running a public DNS server that is running Pi-Hole with extended definitions.

    This experiment ties in directly with the guide im currently writing here:

    Guide: Global Network DNS blacklisting (Pi-Hole)

    To do this, I am hosting a small virtual server on Digital Ocean. I am using my own funds to give it a shot.

    The Pi-Hole software is free and currently we are here with functionality.

    DNS-over-HTTPS (or DoH) Question [​IMG]

    I run some extra definition lists on the PI which caches and remembers its DNS requests, whenever the PI doesnt know something I take this a step further and the forward addresses point to OpenDNS family safe servers. Which according to openDNS block the following:

    The goal of this is simple.

    • Can I or another organization or entity use free products to provide a safer internet to users without charging them a ludicrous amount of money?
    • How effective is it?
    • Can it be done at a low or no cost?
    To answer these questions I would like to invite feedback on the project if you decide to join. I am looking for the following.

    • Response time ok
    • false positives
    • does this inhibit your browsing habits within reason?
    Here are some examples of what this blocks.

    • Telemetry
    • malware domains
    • ad domains
    • pornographic and other none PG domains
    DNS in itself isnt a perfect system, but I would REALLY like to understand how feasible a project like this could be. If you would like to join the DNS server IP in question is this.

    (I currently only route IPV4)
    ​I DO NOT keep any private or identifying information.

DNS-over-HTTPS (or DoH) Question

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