Windows 10: Do Multiple Downloaderes Conflict?

Discus and support Do Multiple Downloaderes Conflict? in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; I have two downloaders working and they both seem to be running exceptionally slow. But Task Manager tells me there's only 52% CPU and 32% Memory... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by abrogard, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. abrogard Win User

    Do Multiple Downloaderes Conflict?

    I have two downloaders working and they both seem to be running exceptionally slow.

    But Task Manager tells me there's only 52% CPU and 32% Memory Utilisation.

    So neither prog is starved of resources, right?

    But could there be other conflicts in the downloading process when we use more than one downloader?

    I think not. I've switched one off and things didn't seem to get better, or only marginally. But I thought I'd ask a matter of interest...

    abrogard, Feb 4, 2019

  2. OneNote "Sync Conflicts"

    Hi Tom,

    Sync conflicts error shown in OneNote can be resolved by using OneNote desktop client. To stop seeing this error, can you follow the below steps:

    • Open the page which is having conflicts in OneNote desktop client or in Internet explorer
    • Open the page in which this error is shown
    • On the top of the page there will be a text bar shown. Pressing on the text bar will show conflicting pages for this page.
    • Delete the conflicting page by selecting the page and right clicking on it.
    • Sync the changes from desktop to server
    • After the above steps, open the page in Mobile and tap on "refresh" to get the changes made on the server.
    After step 6 is done, sync conflicting error message should be stopped from prompting.

    Hope this helps!
    J. Hari Krishna Reddy, Feb 4, 2019
  3. wolfaust Win User
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    Do Multiple Downloaderes Conflict? P2McwrV.jpg

    Do Multiple Downloaderes Conflict? wnjbvQK.jpg

    Do Multiple Downloaderes Conflict? nVDNlrk.jpg

    Do Multiple Downloaderes Conflict? SonCPVP.jpg

    Do Multiple Downloaderes Conflict? JllGs7Q.jpg
    wolfaust, Feb 4, 2019
  4. Do Multiple Downloaderes Conflict?

    conflicting info with x800gto mod

    i took a good long look at the pipeline mod by shaowflare to see if i might be able to open the extra four pipes ! so i went step by step and ran into a conflict of info. when i open ati tool 0.25 beta the top line is as follows 0x5d4f;r480,bus:5,dev:0> even where it says chipname it says r480!....conflict is when i open that same bios in rabit v2.1.0 it tells me that i have a radeon x800/x850 card but in perenthasis it says r423
    please help if there is any info to help me farther as i stopped because of the possibility that the card is unlockable....thx
    sneekypeet, Feb 4, 2019

Do Multiple Downloaderes Conflict?

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