Windows 10: Document frozen suspect OneDrive

Discus and support Document frozen suspect OneDrive in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hi, I am new here and made the huge error of getting OneDrive. I feel as though my computer has been ambushed! I actually bought a new computer... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by simone58, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. simone58 Win User

    Document frozen suspect OneDrive

    I am new here and made the huge error of getting OneDrive. I feel as though my computer has been ambushed!

    I actually bought a new computer and did not set it up on it but made the error of trying to send an email using a Microsoft user account. OneDrive found me again!

    Today, I wrote a text and it appears to be frozen. I can't edit it and the letters appear grey instead of black. Can anyone help me crack into my own document?

    Many thanks!

    simone58, Oct 18, 2016

  2. Why does My Win 10 have three Desktop folders?

    I read through the thread but did not find a complete answer to the question.

    I think I understand the Quick Access folder; I trust its usefulness will become more apparent as I do more things. Beyond that, there are far too many folders with the same names. If some of them merely point to others, why have them?

    • OneDrive has a documents folder. If all it shows is what's on OneDrive, that makes sense.
    • ThisPC has a documents folder. Some files shown here are, apparently, both on this PC and on OneDrive.
    • At one time, I saw a folder that had my name in it, but it's gone now, not sure where it went. I believe it also had its own documents folder.
    • Then there's the Libraries folder. It has a documents folder, and that folder has two folders named documents.
    There may be some esoteric reason this makes sense to a programmer, and I suspect it might make sense in some settings, but for those who have a basic setup, i.e., one computer, with or without OneDrive, why not eliminate the redundancies?
    Sheldon Wolfe, Oct 18, 2016
  3. Multiple Duplicate Folders under This PC in File Explorer

    OK. Followed instructions best I could.

    1. I exited OneDrive by following Step 1 above. I right-clicked on I think Microsoft OneDrive and clicked on End Task. Good.

    2. I started to do Step 2 but as I was looking in System Tray I saw OneDrive icon disappear. I suspect that is because of what I did in Step 1. As a result I believe Step 2 is not necessary because the computer did it itself. I opened up File Explorer and
    confirmed I still had multiple Document folder on the left pane under "This PC".

    3. Now I need to copy the "Documents" folder. Which one? I have two?

    C:\Users\Grant\Documents - this one is empty.

    C:\Users\Grant\OneDrive\Documents - this is the one I believe you want me to back up. It contains everything that Microsoft OneDrive has stored on the cloud.

    So I copied the contents of C:\Users\Grant\OneDrive\Documents to C:\Users\Grant\Temp Documents. I closed and then reopened File Explorer and I no longer have multiple Document folders under "This PC". Remember the problem I originally had was multiple Document
    folders under "This PC" intermittently. As a result I can't delete the multiple Document folders because they currently don't exist. I guess I will maintain current configuration for a while to see if they show up. Meanwhile I have a duplicate of my OneDrive
    files and OneDrive is turned off.

    Attached is an image of File Explorer showing the problem of multiple Document folders under This PC.
    Document frozen suspect OneDrive [​IMG]
    Grant Klokeid, Oct 18, 2016

Document frozen suspect OneDrive

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