Windows 10: Does Yahoo block an email account after umpteen unsuccessful attempts

Discus and support Does Yahoo block an email account after umpteen unsuccessful attempts in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; A friend cannot log into their Yahoo email account. --- I suspect they have not been able to do so at least 6 months, maybe even up to a year. ---... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by MeAndMyComputer, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. Does Yahoo block an email account after umpteen unsuccessful attempts

    A friend cannot log into their Yahoo email account.
    --- I suspect they have not been able to do so at least 6 months, maybe even up to a year.
    --- They do not know when the issue started so I have to guess based on what they have told me.
    --- They do not know what their password was. "Well they have umpteen choices of what it could be".
    --- When whatever started to go wrong they kept on trying to log-in so many times they probably might have set a Guinness World Record.
    They were using an XP computer and it crashed on them about 3 months and haven't tried to access their account since then.
    --- They asked me to fix their XP computer but I do not help anyone fix an outdated & unsupported OS.
    --- They just bought a Windows 10 laptop and still cannot log-in to their Yahoo email account and most likely extended their Guinness World Record.
    --- I've tried Yahoo's method to reset their password Help for Yahoo Mail for Desktop but that's turned out to be a waste of time.
    Let's get you into your account
    Tell us one of the following to get started:
    1. Sign-in email address or mobile number
    2. Recovery phone number
    3. Recovery email address
    Their Sign-in email address isn't helpful and they don't have any of the other options.

    What I'd like to know is this
    Doesn't Yahoo block anyone from accessing their account after some time frame of not being used or excessive attempts to unsuccessfully log-in?
    If so where is that information? I've tried to find that information but cannot.
    I'd like to show them what that information is because they keep saying essentially "no-way"
    --- Also can they send an email to Yahoo support and get help?

    Personally I prefer to recommend they just create a new account but I want to prove to them their account isn't accessible to them anymore according to Yahoo's policies unless they could come up with the necessary options mentioned above.

    MeAndMyComputer, Nov 17, 2017

  2. Yahoo account settings are out of date

    I recently started getting the Yahoo popup message that my account settings are out of date. At the same time, I've started getting these emails:

    Someone attempted to sign in to your Yahoo account (xxxxxxx) from an app that doesn't meet Yahoo's security standards. We blocked this sign in attempt, which was made on:

    These sign in attempts display after I access my Yahoo email via Windows10 Mail app. I believe that a Windows update occurred just prior to these messages. I've changed my password twice and still get the pop up about the account settings. Are these
    problems related and are they related to the Windows Update?

    PatriciaBurkhart, Nov 17, 2017
  3. Yahoo account settings are out of date

    My yahoo account settings say they are up to date. So do AOL and hot mail.

    Marilyn Smith
    smithmarilyn, Nov 17, 2017
  4. Does Yahoo block an email account after umpteen unsuccessful attempts

    Caledon Ken, Nov 17, 2017
  5. Thanks Ken. Most likely it isn't a year for them. I just sent their email address a message per your recommendation. It was sent immediately. The Contact Us link you provided is what I've been using. I'll have to sit down with them and go over the options I included in the opening post and I'm hoping they did do at least one of them.
    EDIT: As mentioned in my opening post, they said they don't have those options but when I sit down with them I'll just have to dig it out.
    MeAndMyComputer, Nov 18, 2017
  6. Dig is the right word.

    I spend most of my time on every call dealing with passwords. On Friday someone wanted me to change something in Facebook, no problem, what's your user name and password. I don't have those, I just tap Facebook on my iPad and it opens. No, you have to have a password, I'm telling you I don't.

    Who set this up for you? My kids. Lets call them. Yes you have a password but I didn't write it down.

    Honestly. If you gave them a key to lock in the garage that key would be in a drawer labelled. Passwords, just click I forgot.

    Good luck.
    Caledon Ken, Nov 18, 2017
  7. Plankton Win User
    *ROFLMAO2 OMG......that is so freaking hilarious and sadly so true. The worst part of that story is; it happens with my own family....not mentioning the spouse...hint hint wink wink. I'm still laughing....
    Plankton, Nov 18, 2017
  8. Does Yahoo block an email account after umpteen unsuccessful attempts

    Everyone of this forum probably has a version of this story.

    My wife and I use Password Safe to store our passwords. No bits of paper. User names, Passwords, security questions, site addresses and other notes, logically organized by groups. They are protected with complex, long keys. Backups offsite. One password to remember. Only way to go.
    Caledon Ken, Nov 18, 2017
  9. Finally. None of the normal Yahoo forgot password procedures worked. Found a contact phone number. My friend called them and it was discovered the account had been hacked from someone out of the country. But what followed then was more than interesting. My friend got connected to "technical support" and paid to have his wife's email account completely shut down so it isn't usable anymore by anyone and she'll have to create a new Yahoo email account. He also uses Yahoo and his email account is being checked out now although his email account works fine. I didn't have time to stick around but I tried to stop him from paying for what was recommended and I was recommending not to use Yahoo email anymore. I let him know that Yahoo email accounts have been compromised and I don't see why they should have to pay but it was their decision to stay with Yahoo. BTW in my original post I mentioned they were on XP when they ran into the issue of being unable to log in and if I recall correctly, they didn't even have any security protection: and I had refused to fix an XP computer and recommended they get a computer with Windows 7 at a minimum, preferably Windows 10. So they did get a new Windows 10 computer but not until a month or so ago.
    MeAndMyComputer, Dec 14, 2017
  10. Yahoo will shape up under Verizon, they didn't buy this property to lose. Will be a real shake up in their little IT world.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Caledon Ken, Dec 15, 2017
  11. This situation has turned out to be a sad turn of events. My friend called me last night and in the course of whatever was being done to his wife's computer, he told me the computer has been completely wiped out. The reason I'm mentioning this is because I believe that no one should be paying a complete stranger over the phone to take control of their computer: if a computer is in serious trouble, take it to a local computer shop and give them the business. That said there is a time when it's ok to work with a complete stranger such as the manufacturer, the place where the computer was purchased from or the warranty company.

    I'll create a new thread for what I believe should happen next since I don't want to drag this thread beyond it's purpose.
    MeAndMyComputer, Dec 19, 2017
  12. MrHudson Win User
    I had same problem with Yahoo. used them for 2yrs, then one day went to log in, message said wrong email or password. got back into account, set it up to send the back up to get in to a Hotmail account. then it just came up where I couldn't log in or send password reset to Hotmail. I really think someone is high jacking yahoo accounts. I created another one, same thing again.
    MrHudson, Dec 20, 2017
  13. Does Yahoo block an email account after umpteen unsuccessful attempts

    Since the intent of my thread has been answered, I'm marking this as solved.
    MeAndMyComputer, Dec 20, 2017
  14. This is a good read. Full of information no matter when your Yahoo account got hacked.

    It's 3 Billion! Yes, Every Single Yahoo Account Was Hacked In 2013 Data Breach

    Layback Bear, Dec 20, 2017
  15. MeAndMyComputer, Dec 20, 2017

Does Yahoo block an email account after umpteen unsuccessful attempts

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