Discus and support DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE in Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging to solve the problem; So, my notebook is having trouble when it goes to suspension or hibernation mode, it crashes all the time and i lose my session... I already looked up... Discussion in 'Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging' started by MurilloRezende, Jun 12, 2019.


    So, my notebook is having trouble when it goes to suspension or hibernation mode, it crashes all the time and i lose my session... I already looked up a dozen of answers on internet, without luck. I already tried updating my Nvidia drivers. I also upgraded my network drivers. Already run SFC, updated all my others drives, dont know what more can I do! Help me please!

    Details from dump:

    12/06/2019 21:12:24









    Dump file download:!Ap-MrEoa-jW-jlE5c7WPgV5wHOwf?e=ovsM6a

    MurilloRezende, Jun 12, 2019
  2. radonkers Win User

    recurring Driver_power_state_failure with Windows 10

    Latest update #2: bad news! Driver_power_state_failure error occurred again yesterday, so the latest nVidia driver update does not appear to have been the solution. So I shifted my focus to ZigZags suggestion to update the NW1900.sys driver, but I cannot
    find an update anywhere online. My PC display driver is provided by NextWindow, but I think they are no longer in business. I have version, which was released in 2012-5-17. Any suggestions.
    radonkers, Jun 12, 2019
  3. Knots23 Win User
    BSOD when running on battery - driver_power_state_failure



    Since a few months my laptop - MSI GS60 2PE running Windows 10 Home - started giving BSOD's with the DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE after a seemingly random time when running on the battery. As I'm using it every day for work,
    I depend on the machine and managed by just plugging it in.

    While that works, I know it should be possible to make it work on the battery...

    I've recently "reset this pc" using the build in option in Windows 10, after which I installed all "latest" drivers from the MSI site. I also re-installed all programs required to do my job and play some games.

    Yesterday, Windows wanted to install the Fall Creators Update: I did. Booting the laptop while unplugged now gave me another BSOD, though with a different message: VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR. This seems to point to the Intel HD 4600 or Nvidia
    GTX 870M.

    To sum up some other issues I was starting out with...


    • When unplugged, a BSOD occurs after a seemingly random time. (driver_power_state_failure)
      • After updating to the fall creators version, it also throws video_dxgkrnl_fatal_error; feels like a coin flip which one it will show.
    • Bluetooth was failing after a couple of minutes, regardless whether I used it or not and whether the laptop was plugged in or not.
    • Shutting down Windows would sometimes just heat up the CPU, make the fan go haywire and do nothing but turning the screen off.

    I've tried / did:

    • All drivers are up to date. This was verified by using DriverView and manually going over all of the non-Microsoft drivers.
      • This step fixed symptom 2 described above. Next to the latest version there was some patch (or 3 major versions ago) that couldn't be removed by conventional means. The build in troubleshooter actually removed it and bluetooth is now working
        as it should.
      • The HD4600 drivers were removed from the device management and I installed the latest according to the Intel site.
      • DDU was used in safe mode to remove the Nvidia driver and the latest one was installed.
    • BlueScreenViewer shows the minidumps and lots of drivers.
      • The one created when the driver_power_state_failure occurred is useless, as nothing is marked but the ntoskrnl.
      • The one created when the video_dxgkrnl_fatal_error occurred shows ntoskrnl, watchdog and dxgkrnl.
    • A clean boot (disabling all non-Microsoft services and disabling all startup programs) still results in the BSOD.
    • Booting the laptop while plugged in, letting it run for a couple of minutes so everything is started and then unplugging it also seems to work.
      • Yesterday, I unplugged it and could work with it for about 2.5 hours before it called out for power: I doubt the battery is the issue.
      • I was asked to run a battery check (powercfg -energy -output ...) but that doesn't seem to show any issues. (design capacity '55031' Last full
        charge '38556'. The laptop is over three years old.)
    • Starting in safe mode with networking will not result in a BSOD. (At least not within the hour I left it on.)
    • Unchecking 'turn on fast startup' - as suggested in so many posts - in the power settings only causes issues.
      • When unchecked, windows won't shut down properly.
      • When checked, it does shut down normally. This seems to be the
        fix for symptom 3.
    • Running various Windows troubleshooters didn't do much. Only the 'Windows Update' said it had some fixes regarding the database and 'fixed' it.
    • The bios is up to date. (Version E16H2IMS.112)

    Any help would be welcome.


    PS: yes this post looks a lot like my
    previous post
    , but that was marked answered because a moderator thinks all checks suggested can be performed within three days, next to a daily routine.
    Knots23, Jun 12, 2019



    Thank you for the response! After your words about Atapi driver - I've checked out all my hard drives (I have 4 HDDs in 6 partitions) and figured that I have only 5 partitions now. One HDD is missing in this list and looks like it broken.

    I disconnected broken HDD from my PC and DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE doesn't appear anymore.

    Thank you for help.
    Anatoly Antonov, Jun 12, 2019




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