Windows 10: Password Saved?

Discus and support Password Saved? in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; I use chrome. Whenever i log into on my computer, it has my username and password saved. When i log in, i uncheck the save password. Then i... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by paulyjustin, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. Password Saved?

    I use chrome. Whenever i log into on my computer, it has my username and password saved. When i log in, i uncheck the save password. Then i sign in and sign out. But when i log into again, it still saves my password.

    Can someone tell me how to undo this? Thus not have the password saved for dropbox on chrome? Do i need to change the password in order to do this?

    paulyjustin, Mar 6, 2018
  2. AledSeago Win User

    Dropbox not downloading

    I am trying to download dropbox from

    It takes me to the installer page - but there is no installer to click on!

    AledSeago, Mar 6, 2018
  3. Dropbox

    Dropbox is Dropbox, OneDrive is a part of Microsoft.

    Dropbox you get to ask about that one
    Mikael Jakobsson, Mar 6, 2018
  4. Samuria Win User Password Saved?

    How did you loginas with a lot you can login via facebook or google in which case its know the password
    Samuria, Mar 6, 2018
  5. Chrome has it stored. You need to delete it from Chrome, not Dropbox. When on Dropbox's site look at the end of the URL bar. There should be a key. Click on it, and you can either manage passwords, or delete the current site (which seems like that's what you want) by clicking the trashcan after the password dots. Password Saved? [​IMG] Password Saved? [​IMG]
    Bobby Phoenix, Apr 5, 2018
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