Windows 10: dual USB Flash drive as backup for passwords?

Discus and support dual USB Flash drive as backup for passwords? in Windows 10 Backup and Restore to solve the problem; This seems as if there is a simple "yes" answer, but please let me know if I've missed anything. If the repair-install on my Win10 goes very bad* and... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Backup and Restore' started by Bob1212, Mar 28, 2021.

  1. Bob1212 Win User

    dual USB Flash drive as backup for passwords?

    This seems as if there is a simple "yes" answer, but please let me know if I've missed anything.

    If the repair-install on my Win10 goes very bad* and I can't reboot, I'd like to at least be able to get online for banking/bill-pay and for email by using a phone as a last resort.

    Would it work fine to just put a password text file on a dual USB stick, and then if necessary put that stick into an OTG ready Android? No hidden pitfalls?

    E.g., such as SanDisk 32GB Ultra Dual Drive USB 3.0 Flash Drive, which has both type A and micro USB plugs.


    *bad = my 19041.1 upgrade already can't do any updates, UAC wrongly blocks things like Device Manager, troubleshooters won't work, etc etc etc.

    Bob1212, Mar 28, 2021
  2. zbook Win User

    install.wim is 7GB, how to make a bootable USB flash drive

    This is a method to make a ntfs flash drive.

    The trial and error step will be booting using Legacy BIOS...

    This is the link:
    Guide: How to Format USB Flash Drive Using Cmd - EaseUS

    The link did not use active so that is why it is a trial and error step.
    zbook, Mar 28, 2021
  3. USB Flash drive made bootable

    Hi Nelson,

    Check if there is any slide switch on the side that provides write protection. It show's a closed and open lock on each side. We suggest to follow these steps below:

    • Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port.
    • Click Start, type devmgmt.msc in the Search textbox and press Enter.
    • Find Disk Drives and expand it.
    • Find the USB flash drive you want to format, and double-click it. It opens the
      Properties dialog box.
    • Click Policies tab.
    • By default, the Optimize for quick removal option selected, switch it to Optimize for performance and then press
    • Now open Computer. Right click on the USB Flash Drive and select Format. The Format dialog box now appears.
    • Select NTFS in the File System field.
    • Press Start and wait while the process will be completed.

    You can also connect the USB drive on a different computer and try formatting.

    Let us know how it goes.
    Martin Bar, Mar 28, 2021
  4. malware Win User

    dual USB Flash drive as backup for passwords?

    SanDisk Showcases New Line-up of Backup USB Flash Drives

    SanDisk Corporation today introduced an innovative new family of SanDisk USB flash drives, including the world's first backup USB flash drive with simple backup software activation at the touch of a button. The SanDisk Ultra Backup USB portable flash drive is the first offering of the company's new SanDisk Ultra USB product line. With capacities up to 64 gigabytes(GB), the SanDisk Ultra Backup USB flash drive is designed to protect computer users' photos, music, videos, personal and business documents, and other types of digital files, with the simple touch of a button. No software installation is needed. The drive protects onboard digital content with a dual layer of security, including password-protected access control and ultra-secure AES hardware-based encryption.

    dual USB Flash drive as backup for passwords? sdk_ultra_backup_angles_thm.jpg

    dual USB Flash drive as backup for passwords? 1-5-09-sandisk-backup_2_thm.jpg

    The new SanDisk USB product family includes three different product lines:
    1) The popular SanDisk Cruzer USB flash drive which provides simple, reliable and portable storage, plus access to a variety of U3 applications.
    2) The SanDisk Ultra Backup USB flash drive offers the added protection and peace of mind consumers expect from the minds behind flash memory.
    3) The SanDisk Extreme Contour provides increased security protection and higher performance levels, enclosed in a sleek industrial design

    SanDisk Ultra Backup USB Flash Drive:

    Back up critical files with the simple touch of a button

    With no cables required, or any complicated software to install, the new SanDisk Ultra Backup USB flash drive is a complete backup solution that provides an incredibly easy way to protect digital files. It uses patent-pending backup technology with capacities up to 64GB, large enough to back up average consumer requirements, as well as critical small business files and documents. In addition to one's digital personal life, these products protect critical work files with a dual layer of both password protection and AES hardware encryption. This ensures content stays private and secure (via data scrambling at the flash controller level) when the drives are either physically removed for portability, or stored away for safe keeping.

    The explosion in global sales of laptops and mobile devices has exponentially increased the vulnerability of digital files. Computer users can quickly lose precious photos, music, videos and professional work files due to drops, spills, theft, viruses and other incidents. PC Magazine ( conducted a research study on annualized notebook failure rates published in July 2008 which found that more than 24 percent of business notebooks need repair each year due to failures.

    "Like flossing our teeth or balancing our checkbooks, when it comes to backing up our digital files, even though people know they should do it, they simply don't – and that behavior is putting many consumers' precious digital content at serious risk," said Kent Perry, director of USB product marketing, SanDisk. "We're delivering incredibly simple backup to protect people's most valuable digital content at Main Street prices. With our wide array of capacities and price points, consumers can even choose to store particular file types like digital music or photos on different USB flash drives."

    A 2008 Consumer Electronics Association market research report, titled "Amassing Digital Fortunes: A Digital Storage Study," found the average U.S. online adult has nearly 1,800 files stored, and plans to store another 1,060 digital files during the next year. This amounts to approximately 30GB3 of content that needs to be backed up. The study found that digital photos are considered to be the most valuable because of their irreplaceable natures.

    SanDisk Cruzer USB Flash Drive:

    Reliable storage with a new contemporary look

    The SanDisk Cruzer has been redesigned with a contemporary look as part of the new SanDisk USB family of flash drives. These portable, reliable drives are designed to share consumers' digital world with ease, with up to 32GB of storage for simple sharing of photos, videos and other files.

    The entire new SanDisk USB family introduces an iconic new design language developed by global innovation firm frog design. Signature design elements include juxtaposed L shapes that create a dynamic, yet balanced, composition, a bright red USB connector and a simple cap-less design, which exposes the USB connector for use via a dynamic sliding mechanism. When plugged in to a host device, a glowing, amber-colored LED light alerts users that the drives are ready for reading or writing data.

    The new SanDisk USB family will continue to have U3 Smart technology, developed by SanDisk, which allows applications to run from a SanDisk USB flash drive without having to be installed on a computer. PC-users can download a variety of both free and paid software, games and content by visiting, or by accessing the SanDisk USB Program Wizard in the U3 Launchpad. Among other bonus applications available for download is the Veoh Web Player for SanDisk, which enables users to watch, download and share Internet video content.

    The various product lines of SanDisk USB flash drives will continue to include the sleek and high-performance SanDisk Extreme Contour as its high-end storage solution for maximum security and speed. This showpiece of innovative design sports super-fast data transfer speeds at 25MB/second read and 18MB/second write. It also includes superior security with 256-bit AES USB hardware encryption and password-protected access control.

    Pricing and Availability
    The new SanDisk USB flash drives will first become available in April 2009. The SanDisk Cruzer drive will be available in capacities of 4GB-32GB with MSRP's ranging between $24.99 and $99.99. The SanDisk Ultra Backup drive will be available in capacities of 8GB-64GB with MSRP's ranging between $39.99 and $199.99. The SanDisk Extreme Contour USB flash drive is available in major retailers today.

    The SanDisk Cruzer drive includes a two-year limited warranty, the SanDisk Ultra Backup drive includes a five-year limited warranty, and the SanDisk Extreme Contour includes a lifetime limited warranty.

    Source: SanDisk, Engadget
    malware, Mar 28, 2021

dual USB Flash drive as backup for passwords?

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