Discus and support DVR XBOX SAVE LOCATION in Windows 10 Ask Insider to solve the problem; Hi I have a problem with the Xbox Game Bar. I cut and pasted the Capture folder to my HDD and it was working. Then when I wanted to move the folder to... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Ask Insider' started by /u/NINTENGAMER00, Mar 3, 2021.


    Hi I have a problem with the Xbox Game Bar. I cut and pasted the Capture folder to my HDD and it was working. Then when I wanted to move the folder to another hard drive but now the captures not getting saved on my captures folder. It’s getting saved in temp. How can I fix? Thanks in advance

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    /u/NINTENGAMER00, Mar 3, 2021

  2. Xbox App Game DVR capture save location

    Hi Morbid,

    Welcome to Microsoft Community and thank you for choosing Windows 10.

    Unfortunately, You can’t change the storage location of your screenshots or game clips.
    as suggested in this link

    Record game clips with Game DVR on Windows 10

    Game clips and screenshots are saved in the File Explorer\Videos\Captures folder

    For more info Visit this link.

    Troubleshoot Game DVR on Windows 10

    Thank you.
    Ravinath P, Mar 3, 2021
  3. Need to fix XBOX game dvr or suggestions for a recording software just like xbox game dvr

    To further troubleshoot your concern, w suggest that you run the Windows App Troubleshooter from this link. 

    If you are still experiencing the same issue, follow the steps below to reset the Windows Store cache and update Xbox App.

    • Press Windows key + X on your keyboard. 
    • Click on Command Prompt (Admin). 
    • Type wsreset.exe, and then hit Enter. 
    • Close the Command prompt, and then launch Windows Store. 
    • Update the Xbox App in the Windows Store.  
    • If there is no option for you to update it, uninstall and reinstall the app. 

    Please make sure that the record option for Game DVR on the Xbox App is enabled. To do that, follow the steps below:

    • Open the Xbox App.
    • On the left pane, click the gear icon to view Settings.
    • Select Game DVR.
    • Make sure Record game clips and screenshots using Game DVR is
    • Check if your Keyboard shortcuts are accurate to the one that you are using.
    • Click Save if you made any changes.

    Keep us posted.
    Loraine Mon, Mar 3, 2021
  4. lesbonnah Win User


    Xbox App Game DVR capture save location

    My Question is, why wouldn't the Microsoft forum moderator who in his own mind was helpful, but did not make this suggestion. I have done this as well and it worked just fine, so technically there is a way to change the location of the Game DVR save directory.

    Thank you to everyone who doesn't say no, but thinks about the problem first.

    lesbonnah, Mar 3, 2021



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