Windows 10: .ecc Extension And Deleting ?

Discus and support .ecc Extension And Deleting ? in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hello, Heard that anything with a .ecc extension is a crypto virus, so i did a search. Found over a thousand of them ! So I tried deleting them,... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Robert11, Dec 6, 2015.

  1. Robert11 Win User

    .ecc Extension And Deleting ?


    Heard that anything with a .ecc extension is a crypto virus, so i did a search.
    Found over a thousand of them !

    So I tried deleting them, to the Recyle Bin.

    They don't show up there, at all.

    In Agent Ransack, they now seem to come up as:

    $Recycle.bin\lots of numbers

    What is the $ ?
    Why can't I delete them ?

    Why don't they show in the Recycle bin; at least for the ones that "seem to" have been deleted ?
    Agent Ransack still shows them all, though, but with many now as the $Recycle bin
    How can I get rid of them all ?

    What should I do, please ?

    My old W7 got corrupted with this, so am very, very worried.

    Using BitDefender, but it apparently found nothing
    Also ran that MS Malware Tool, but it also found nothing


    Robert11, Dec 6, 2015

  2. TeslaCrypt V2 ransomware infection

    Jsssssssss is correct you are most likely speaking about TeslaCrypt which includes several known versions and extension variants to include: .ecc, .ezz, .exx, .zzz, .xyz, .aaa, .abc, .ccc. TeslaCrypt/Alpha Crypt leaves files (ransom notes) named HELP_RESTORE_FILES.txt.
    The .aaa/.abc/.ccc variant drops ransom notes with names like Recovery_File_*****.html, Recovery_File_*****.txt, restore_files_*****.html, restore_files_*****.txt, recover_file_*****.txt, recover_file_*****.html, HOWTO_RESTORE_FILES_*****.txt, HOWTO_RESTORE_FILES_*****.html,
    howto_recover_file_*****.txt, howto_recover_file_*****.html (where ***** are random characters) and
    pretends to be CryptoWall 3.0.

    Information about and support for decrypting files affected by Alpha Crypt & TeslaCrypt ransomware can be found in this topic:

    TeslaDecoder released to decrypt .EXX, .EZZ, .ECC files encrypted
    by TeslaCrypt

    There is an ongoing discussion in this topic where folks can ask questions and post for assistance:
    quietman7 - MVP, Dec 6, 2015
  3. sp1der975 Win User
    Secondary calendar syncronization


    when will be possibile sync secondary live calendar (birthday, celebration, ecc ecc)???
    sp1der975, Dec 6, 2015

.ecc Extension And Deleting ?

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