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Discus and support Ecommerce in Cortana to solve the problem; Does Bing Search Engine has some extra strictness for E Commerce Sites as they have more than usual links?... Discussion in 'Cortana' started by Sarah0liver95, Sep 14, 2020.

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    Does Bing Search Engine has some extra strictness for E Commerce Sites as they have more than usual links?

    Sarah0liver95, Sep 14, 2020
  2. M Leary Win User

    Manually set your location for the purpose of a fixed ecommerce application use

    It seems to be impossible to set up on Windows 10 (I have Enterprise) a manual location. Cortana still uses WiFi which in a lot of cases is wrong and messes up ecommerce sites that depend upon knowing the business location for sales applications. Where the
    laptop computer moves to in the state messes up the ecommerce applications to constantly move your business ecommerce applications.

    Please post a suggestion on how to set this so it never changes, not your own personal problems please.

    If you have the same problem like the post and check the box to be notified.

    Hopefully there is a fix.

    Just state the method to do this.
    M Leary, Sep 14, 2020
  3. windows phone Apps most ECommerce drop.

    looks like most ECommerce see Windows' smartphone users to be dead end users and cancelling Apps like mad. , EBay, Amazon, who knows how many more. Why the Exodus? Believe development failures most embarrassing, and afraid to try, even to update from past
    mistakes. Also to small a income offered them by the Company that's soliciting them.

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    knoxasymbadsailoman, Sep 14, 2020
  4. Lady_J123 Win User


    Why hasn't Microsoft fixed the issue with using MS EDGE & WIX Ecommerce Platform to remove the ERROR Warning?

    Ecommerce business using wix ecommerce site which is fantastic, but cannot add ssl to site.

    "Payments made through Wix sites e.g., WixStores, Wix Hotels" are completed through a secure server personal data and billing information are stored securely".

    There are no problems accessing my wix site via Google Chrome, but when using WINDOWS 10 EDGE normal google/internet explorer, we were horrified to see an error message claiming that there are problems with the websites security certificate, claiming that
    the site might be a scam!!!! This is damaging to businesses ... not only have be lost customers .... THIS NEEDS TO BE RECTIFIED STRAIGHT AWAY.
    Lady_J123, Sep 14, 2020