Windows 10: Edge won't play videos

Discus and support Edge won't play videos in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; Have uBlock Origin installed on Brave, Opera and Edge. They all play CBS videos except for Edge. In fact, commercials pop up in Edge but never shows... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by danielson, Dec 17, 2020.

  1. danielson Win User

    Edge won't play videos

    Have uBlock Origin installed on Brave, Opera and Edge.

    They all play CBS videos except for Edge.

    In fact, commercials pop up in Edge but never shows videos.

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    Windows 10 Pro

    danielson, Dec 17, 2020
  2. Pipil Win User

    CBS news app not playing videos

    Forum volunteer

    hi Karen : 1) if the videos of CBS app doesn't play on your default browser

    try another browser : as example IExplorer 11 at times, fail play videos

    and is Re-Directed to Edge : So try Chrome-Firefox or Edge

    2) Another fix that may work out is >> Uninstall-Reinstall the CBS app

    3) Check that your Pc has the latest-Flash Player updated version

    4) contact CBS : Searched for it and only shows phone number, here's

    Link :

    Also as reference a question-Answer in Firefox browser a bit old, but may help

    Link :
    Pipil, Dec 17, 2020
  3. Video Lag

    Hi John,

    The latency in playing videos might have been caused by network interruption, or an incompatible graphics driver. For us to isolate the issue, we would like to ask these questions:

    • Does the issue happens when playing videos online or you have experienced the latency when playing videos that are saved on your drive too?
    • Which browser are you using?
    • Have you made any recent changes to your system settings prior to this issue?
    • Have you encountered any network issues?
    • What troubleshooting steps have you done so far?

    In the meantime, we suggest that you use Microsoft Edge and
    Internet Explorer
    to check if the issue persists. If the issue happens in Internet Explorer, please use this article as your reference:

    Videos won’t play in Internet Explorer

    We look forward for your response.
    Janeane Cru, Dec 17, 2020
  4. Alden Rey Win User

    Edge won't play videos

    CBS and Fox videos doesn't play after Windows 10 update

    Hi Paul,

    For us to effectively assist you, kindly provide the following answers below:

    • What type of browser are you using? (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)
    • Do you get any error message when you play videos? If yes, kindly send us a screenshot.
    • Have you tried different video streaming sites like Youtube? If yes, are you getting the same concern?
    • What the steps that you have done regarding about this concern?

    Alden Rey, Dec 17, 2020

Edge won't play videos

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