Windows 10: Edit child profile link missing

Discus and support Edit child profile link missing in User Accounts and Family Safety to solve the problem; I am trying to edit my son's profile from child to adult. The link in Manage Permissions that should read Edit profile is not there. How do I get this... Discussion in 'User Accounts and Family Safety' started by CarissaMurray, Jul 30, 2021.

  1. Edit child profile link missing

    I am trying to edit my son's profile from child to adult. The link in Manage Permissions that should read Edit profile is not there. How do I get this link to edit his profile?

    CarissaMurray, Jul 30, 2021
  2. Mala_S Win User

    Manage my child's profile info does NOT show my kid

    Hello Jabka71,

    Thank you for writing to Microsoft Community Forums.

    Your child's account could be in a different region than yours. To comply with regional regulations around data protection, the child and the adult providing consent need to be in the same regulatory region. It might also be due
    to the account is not configured in the right way. Kindly follow the steps mentioned below to reconfigure the feature.

    Step 1: Update your region.

    • Go to Your info on and sign in.
    • Select Edit country/region.
    • Update your country or region to match your child's, then make sure the other settings are up to date. Select Save to finish up.

    Step 2: Remove a child and add a child to your family.

    • To remove a child from the list, I would suggest you to follow the steps mentioned in the article:

      Remove members or leave your family group

    • To add a child, sign in to
      >> Go to
      Select a child to view or edit their settings and then select
    • Enter your child's email address and select
      Send invite. You need to accept the email invitation from a device with the Child account currently logged in.

    For additional information, you can go through the article which talks about
    Parental consent and Microsoft child accounts and
    Set up and manage your family.

    Hope it helps.


    Microsoft Community – Moderator
    Mala_S, Jul 30, 2021
  3. McHenry Win User
    Microsoft family features - child profile not working properly

    Prakhar Khare

    I went into System Properties > Advanced and clicked
    Settings under User Profiles and deleted the user profile there.

    I followed the provided instructions and completed the steps in Windows PowerShell and rebooted, but had the same result when I tried to run Freunde fürs Leben (Windows
    10 suggests searching for an app in the Microsoft Store).

    Also, while PowerShell went through 100+ steps, some of them gave some errors regarding the current software being newer versions than what was trying to be installed, or errors indicating that
    requested actions could not be taken due to accounts not being logged in at the time.

    Under Settings >
    Accounts > Your info the Verify link is missing for this child's profile.

    I did try following a link that should not be there on a Windows Family Features Child account, which is
    Sign in with a local account instead and entered all of the requested account name and password info. Fortunately the task resulted in an error that indicated that it could not complete the request, so a local account was not created.

    All of this leads me to believe that the Microsoft account services are not linked or installed properly for this child account. Perhaps the most recent Windows 10 update may have corrupted the previous
    child profile (which had issues with Internet Settings cache size too low for practical internet use in Edge and IE), and may have also corrupted the Default user profile on this computer.

    I will not try to remove the child from the family, because I don't think that will resolve the issue (Microsoft seems to like to charge to add children even in troubleshooting). I will
    try the following:

    1. I will add this child's Microsoft account to another computer, and see what happens with his profile on that computer
    2. I will examine another child's account on this computer to see whether it was affected by the Edge / IE cache issue
    3. I will see whether I can enable a third child's Microsoft account on this computer and see what the result is when that account profile is created.

    Please let me know if there are other steps you recommend (other than removing his MS account from my family)


    McHenry, Jul 30, 2021
  4. McHenry Win User

    Edit child profile link missing

    Microsoft family features - child profile not working properly

    1. COMPLETED: Profile was created on another computer successfully, and links to MS account online properly. Verify link was present and executed properly when clicked. Lets call this Child1 and PC2. Conclusion is that issue is not with Microsoft Account
    2. Not completed
    3. COMPLETED: Profile for a different child was created on this computer, and seems to link to MS account. Let's call this Child3 and PC1. However there are still issues (detailed below)

    Is there information that Windows 10 caches, or keeps in the registry, that will persist even after completely deleting the Child profile from the computer?

    My new theory is that in addition to there being an issue with the default profile on PC1, that there is also profile and/or MS account information that is persisting even after the user profile has been deleted from the computer.

    It seems that after I deleted the profile on PC1, there is sill residual information about the previous profile. However that information is incomplete:

    • The PIN was inherited from a user account profile that had already been deleted (PIN should be unique to the computer and account)
    • When I first grant permission for a child account to login on a Windows 10 computer, the email address appears as the display name. The picture for their MS account is blank.
    • After the child logs in, the display name resolves to their full name, and their chosen picture for the profile is inherited from the MS account. On this "residual profile" the child account picture showed up from the start, however, the name has not ever
      resolved from the email address to the full name.
    • For Child 1's profile on PC1, when I go to
      Settings > Accounts > Your info, there are 3 things wrong: 1)
      the Verify link is missing, 2) the
      Manage my Microsoft Account link is also missing, and 3)
      Sign in with a local account instead
      is present
    • For Child 3's profile on PC1, the picture, email address, display name and account image all behaved as expected.
    • However, for Child 3's profile on PC1, when I go to
      Settings > Accounts > Your info, the
      Verify link is present, however it does not work on PC1. The
      Manage my Microsoft Account link is present and works properly, and the
      Sign in with a local account instead is NOT present.
    As issues have propagated into a new profile, confirming that the corruption is part of the default user profile, is there guidance that you can provide to reset or regenerate the Default User? If not, I think my best option is to reinstall the OS on this
    computer. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

    Just a word of caution - your advice to delete the child from the family was clearly a punt (at best a guess), and the steps that I took today demonstrated that it would not have helped in this situation.
    Please consider this when you are tempted to make the same recommendation in the future.

    A few years back I found out the hard way that MS had imposed a limit on family size in Family Safety, and could not add a child back in after I removed them as a troubleshooting step … I had to virtually split my family into 2 Microsoft Family Safety families
    for a while to manage all members. (Whether my wife still resents the MS-imposed digital divorce is a story for another day ...)
    McHenry, Jul 30, 2021

Edit child profile link missing

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