Windows 10: Enhanced Virtual Desktops (Feature(s) Request(s))

Discus and support Enhanced Virtual Desktops (Feature(s) Request(s)) in Windows 10 Customization to solve the problem; General speaking? It's been great. Virtual desktops have thus far been pretty smooth, but they're TOO simplified. There's no way to use them without... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Customization' started by HouseHalcyon, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Enhanced Virtual Desktops (Feature(s) Request(s))

    General speaking? It's been great. Virtual desktops have thus far been pretty smooth, but they're TOO simplified. There's no way to use them without confusion or having to paradoxically use post it notes or something to remind you what desktop you left something on. Yes, you can do windows+tab and go poke around, but that's still something that requires hunting if you have a very busy machine like mine. (Intel server hardware 256gb ram, many TB hdd space, etc).

    But now it needs some polish:

    • Ability to rename virtual desktops instead of desktop 1, 2, 3, etc & Ability to change background on each virtual desktop instead a single point or having to use a third party API to shift it upon switch
      • When I have multiple desktops, its to keep organized in different thought buckets. But my thoughts don't run in line with "thought bucket 1, 2, 3 etc"
      • One desktop has console sessions
      • Another has administrative tools open
      • Another is where I'm browsing reddit
      • So I want to label them! Identify them!
    • For multiple monitor solutions (I have six), allow for a single monitor to stay static. So when I can set up a center console that virtual monitors flow around.
      • For instance, Lync & Outlook are live on Virtual Desktop 1 Monitor 2 (Center bottom), and I select that monitor and click say "static virtual" or something to that effect. So now when I hit CTRL+WIN+RightArrow, My center bottom monitor stays the same, while the other five move to the next virtual desktop.
      • And an additional ability to virtualize windows rather than windows taking up a specific size based off of 1/2 split 1/4 split overly simplified mechanics. (yes, its easy, but gramma isn't the only customer.)
        • Right now, if I want to lock a chat window (like the name column) into place, and use the basic drag to side and lock function, it starts out at half a window.
        • Well I don't need half a window. I don't even need it to take up the full space from top to bottom.
        • See the program "Maxto"
    • This probably isn't really doable, and honestly moot, but because I just thought of it, I'll mention it. VMWare integration, so that the VM becomes a virtual desktop (once you specifically set it, you're "on the virtual machine literally" instead of just a virtual desktop.)

    HouseHalcyon, Sep 14, 2018

  2. Feature request?

    You've posted your request to an old, dead suggestion thread for a discontinued service (the My Phone service) that was provided for Windows Mobile devices.

    Please make any windows phone 7 enhancement request in the
    Windows Phone 7 Feature Request forum, found here.
    Julie fka profjulie, Sep 17, 2018
  3. Julie fka profjulie, Sep 17, 2018
  4. SimonLidd Win User

    Enhanced Virtual Desktops (Feature(s) Request(s))

    Virtual desktops

    I have a written a program which enhances Windows 10 desktops and works around this issue for you by detecting the switch to a new desktop to open the existing document and then open of a new document - it then moves it back where it belongs.

    Virtual Desktop Grid Switcher

    Full set of features are:

    • Windows 10 Desktop Switcher using a grid layout
    • Switch desktops using arrow keys with configurable modifier keys
    • Move active window to another desktop using keyboard
    • Make windows Always on Top or Sticky using keyboard
    • Activate last active window when switch from empty desktop (Windows 10 bug)
    • Chrome/Firefox activation to make web links open on same desktop if window exists
    • Word/Excel new window detected and moved back to current desktop if auto-switched

    SimonLidd, Sep 17, 2018

Enhanced Virtual Desktops (Feature(s) Request(s))

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