Windows 10: Errors at boot

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  1. borgus Win User

    Errors at boot

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    borgus, Aug 15, 2015

  2. DLL errors at Boot Time

    Upgrade from win7 pro 32. Keep getting 2 DLL error messages at boot. Errors are: "The procedure entry point SfcisKeyProtected could not be located in the dynamic link library E:\WINDOWS\AppPatch\AcLayers.DLL", followed by: "Error loading C:Windows\System32\LogiLDA.dll
    The specific module could not be found". There used to be a 3rd error preceding these "Rundll21.exe entry point could not be found in C:\Windows\System32". I uninstalled my old graphics drivers (AMD6050 which windows 10 rejected) got a new Nvidia Graphics
    card but the error didn't go away until I uninstalled the old program. At the same time I uninstalled my sound card software which was redundant since I no longer have the card and I use HDMI for sound through the monitor. The removal of those 2 pieces of
    software got rid of the Rundll21.exe problem plus restored sound. I have not found any problems running with the 2 broken DLL's but they sound important, especially the AppPatch one. Any ideas?
    Tom Lennon, Aug 15, 2015
  3. DLL errors at Boot Time

    Hi Rob:

    I tried all the suggested methods but still have the 2 messages at boot. I did get rid of a lot of outdated stuff though. Any other ideas?


    Tom Lennon, Aug 15, 2015

Errors at boot