Windows 10: Event ID 158 - disk identifiers duplicate

Discus and support Event ID 158 - disk identifiers duplicate in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; On every restart, I see this warning message: Disk 1 has the same disk identifiers as one or more disks connected to the system. Go to Microsoft's... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by arachnaut, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. arachnaut Win User

    Event ID 158 - disk identifiers duplicate

    On every restart, I see this warning message:
    Disk 1 has the same disk identifiers as one or more disks connected to the system. Go to Microsoft's support website ( and search for KB2983588 to resolve the issue.

    This did not happen on Windows 8.1 and there were no changes to any of the disks except for the Windows 10 update.

    I do have a lot of drives (8) and volumes (14). But I looked at each of the GUIDs and UniqueIds and did not see any duplicates.

    The reference to KB2983588 was no help as it does not seem to apply to Windows 10, or at least using DISM to enable that feature does not work:

    Dism /online /enable-feature:MultipathIo

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    arachnaut, Aug 5, 2015

  2. KB3206632 update failure

    Select the keyboard shortcut Win+S, type
    click View local services in the drop down list and press the
    ENTER key. Locate NetTcpPortSharing in the list. Check that it has started and that the StartUp type is
    Automatic. If it is not set to Automatic right click and select Properties, General tab. There is a box after StartUp type. The options are available on a drop down by clicking on the arrow down to the right of the box. Make the change and
    click on Apply and OK. Restart the computer and check whether it has started.

    Log Name: System

    Source: disk

    Date: 18/12/2016 16:42:20

    Event ID: 158

    Level: Warning


    Disk 3 has the same disk identifiers as one or more disks connected to the system. Go to Microsoft's support website ( and search for KB2983588 to resolve the issue.

    Event ID: 158 is logged for identical disk GUIDs

    Please restart the computer and then click the Start button, icon (three horizontal lines),
    Settings (from drop down menu), Update & security, Check for updates.
    Gerry C J Cornell, Aug 5, 2015
  3. Windows 10 Event ID

    Is there any event ID to identify when a USB external disk is plugged in on WIndows 10?
    EduardKiyko, Aug 5, 2015
  4. UOB
    UOB Win User

    Event ID 158 - disk identifiers duplicate

    Exactly same problem here. I have 6 external HDDs in 3 bays with 2 HDDs each. They are all connected through eSATA (one port per bay of 2 HDDs) and used as backup disks. The problem occurred after installation of Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (clean installation since the offered upgrade failed 3 times due to some incompatibilities). It never happened under Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

    The problem is with two of the disks (no. 1 and 2), and they are controlled by a JMicron JMB362 storage controller. The two disks are in the same bay, which is connected to one eSATA port that is shared by both disks. I am not sure whether this is a (or the) reason for the problem. However, as said, it did not happen under Windows 7, despite exactly the same hardware configuration and connections for the HDDs.

    After some adjustments in the BIOS (e.g. setting the JMicron controller to RAID operation - even though no RAID is configured) helped to make all disks visible. Before, some were not visible (presumably due to the disk identifier conflict). But the Event Viewer now still reports a warning, which make me feel uncomfortable.

    Will continue my search and report once I find a solution. Meanwhile, any idea is welcome!
  5. arachnaut Win User
    Interesting. I also have the JMB362 storage controller.
    I am not using it as a RAID device, just two SATA ports.
    I have not seen any problems under Windows 10 so far.

    Somehow I assumed it might be due to one of those GPT reserved partitions that are small and never used.
    arachnaut, Oct 23, 2015
  6. SOHO1 Win User
    Chiming in with I am getting this same problem. I have a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series 7559. The drive is a SanDisk Z400s M.2 2280 256GB on an Intel 100 Series/C230 Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller. *cry

    Wondering what BIOS thing you tweaked.
    SOHO1, Jun 16, 2016
  7. arachnaut Win User
    I'm trying to resurrect this issue again. I recently had an installation go wrong on my local user account (I have admin rights), but it would install if I logged in as the 'real' administrator.

    The install under me failed and the install logs have references to installing under my 'I:' drive - which has nothing to do with the system or booting - it's a private data drive and not bootable.

    The KB article in the event message has been updated by MS to be clearer, but it still seems to indicate that there are some system objects with the same name pointing to things. They may be disks or vendor products - not very clear what is duplicated.

    The Diskpart uniqueid display shows no duplicates in the disks IDs.

    WinObjs was used to look over all the OS symlinks and there are lots of symbolic links to the same devices - but I think that is normal.

    The MPIO disk option appears to be only for Servers, not Desktop installs.

    I ran Sysinternals 'junction64' to list all my reparse points and I don't see anything out of the ordinary.

    Windows itself seems to have lots of names for the same things - 'Documents' == 'My Documents', etc.

    My local account under C:\Users\Jim it is not moved, but I have used the system 'Locate' tab on my personal user folders to place them on a 'J:\' drive under the same name as they would be called in the C;\Users\Jim path. These are all directory junctions, not symbolic links. That's what Windows does with AppData

    The J: drive is a separate internal disk than the C: drive.

    Has anyone managed to figure out what this event means?
    arachnaut, Jul 16, 2017
  8. Samuria Win User

    Event ID 158 - disk identifiers duplicate

    Have any of the disks been cloned as this would cause it
    Samuria, Jul 16, 2017
  9. arachnaut Win User
    Yes, I had 2 drives that were used for backup - one for Acronis and one for Retrospect - that were originally 2 TB MBR drives.
    They ran out of space so I updated them with 2 4 TB drives formatted GPT.
    I think I may have cloned them using Acronis tools, but I'm not sure - that was some time ago.
    I never had the clone and the original mounted at the same time.
    Probably, though, I just started the backups on them from scratch. I still have the older smaller drives.
    arachnaut, Jul 17, 2017
  10. Samuria Win User
    Samuria, Jul 17, 2017
  11. arachnaut Win User
    I know that, it is not relevant here. I mentioned the drives all have unique IDs.
    No clone and its original are mounted at the same time.
    This problem is far more subtle that what seems obvious (I think).
    arachnaut, Jul 17, 2017
  12. Roadhouse Win User
    I know that this is an old thread, but it is in top 3 when I make a google search for 'Event ID 158, disk ' and I have read it from start to end - and have used two days to get that annoying entry out from my system log.

    Yesterday I found out, that the only two disks that came out with this error, was my Seagate Backup Plus Desktop 8TB and my Wireless Plus 2tb (both mounted in my desktops USB 3.0 ports)) - and both .... was set as GPT disks! So last night I formatted the Wireless Plus as an MBR disk, and voila - since that I have not seen the error on THAT disc Event ID 158 - disk identifiers duplicate :) But the other is still showing that #'$@&¤§ error! And as I need it to have only one large partition, I cannot make that an MBR disc. I have tried E V E R Y T H I N G found on the net about solving this error, but not one of them works. And I probably don't have to mention it, but there are NO identical discs (or ID's!) on my desktop - that is checked at least 30 times!

    So this posting is just to tell other that find this great thread, that this is what I have experienced. It is not a solution - but a workaround if you have discs with af max. at 2tb and you're experiencing this error.

    Happy New Year everybody Event ID 158 - disk identifiers duplicate :)

    Kind regards

    Frank, Denmark
    Roadhouse, Dec 29, 2017
  13. Bree New Member

    Event ID 158 - disk identifiers duplicate

  14. Roadhouse Win User
    Thank you Event ID 158 - disk identifiers duplicate :)

    Unfortunately my English is far too bad to get hold of the technical terms - and my technical skills likewise :'-(

    When I get to this paragraph, my understanding goes black Event ID 158 - disk identifiers duplicate :) "Navigate to the disk’s hidden \Boot directory in the file dialog, which resides in the root directory of one of the disk’s volumes, and select the file named “BCD”. If the disk has multiple volumes, find the Boot directory by just entering x:\boot\bcd, replacing the “x:” with each of the volume’s drive letters in turn. When you’ve found the BCD, pick a name for the key into which it loads, select that key, and search for “Windows Boot Manager”. You’ll find a match under a key named 12000004, like this:"

    I get an explorer which starts up in the C:\Windows\System32 directory - and from then on I'm lost.

    BUT I will see if anyone in my family with better technical/English skills than me, can decipher the article for me.

    Again - thank you a lot Event ID 158 - disk identifiers duplicate :)

    Event ID 158 - disk identifiers duplicate [​IMG]
    Roadhouse, Apr 5, 2018

Event ID 158 - disk identifiers duplicate

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