Windows 10: Excel shutting down.

Discus and support Excel shutting down. in Windows 10 Updates and Activation to solve the problem; Every time I go into Excel I get the message as per my screenshot. I click on repair and then it works but the moment I start working on a spreadsheet... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Updates and Activation' started by Marche1974, Jul 24, 2019.

  1. Excel shutting down.

    Every time I go into Excel I get the message as per my screenshot. I click on repair and then it works but the moment I start working on a spreadsheet it shuts down.

    It is also displaying that I am using an unlicensed product?

    Help needed urgently please.

    Thank you Excel shutting down. 7fda48c2-3ecb-4cd1-91c6-88189e0b0b50?upload=true.jpg

    Marche1974, Jul 24, 2019
  2. ddelo Win User

    Export All Administrative Events to Excel

    To analyze events, from the Windows Event Viewer, there is a simple way to export all Administrative Events to Excel, with PowerShell.

    Exporting all Administrative Events to Excel is a simple two Step process, as described here:

    Step 1 - Create the Administrative Events View .xml file
    1. Open Eventviewer (%windir%\system32\eventvwr.msc)
    2. Navigate to: Event Viewer (Local) > Custom Views > Administrative Events
    3. In the “Actions” pane select “Filter Current Custom View”.
    4. Select the the XML tab.
    5. Press Ctrl+A to select all the XML code of the Custom View.
    6. Open a notepad, paste the selected code and save the file to your Desktop as AdmEvtView.xml

    Step 2 - Create the csv file with the events
    1. Download the file, which contains the script ExportEvtCSV.ps1 and unzip it, on your Desktop.
      It's not a fancy script, just basic PowerShell commands to create a csv file on the Desktop.
    2. In Windows Search, type “ISE” (without the quotes) to open “Windows PowerShell ISE” and Run as administrator
    3. To allow running the script, change the ExecutionPolicy, for this session. To do that, in the Console pane type:
      Set-ExecutionPolicy -Scope Process -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -force
    4. In the Windows PowerShell ISE, open and run the script: ExportEvtCSV.ps1
      The script will create a csv file with a name YYYYMMDD.HHMM.csv on the Desktop
    5. When done, open the newly created .csv file, format the columns as needed and optionally save it as .xlsx, if you wish.
    That’s it! You now have all the Administrative Events in Excel for filtering and further analysis. Excel shutting down. :)

    Now to the more technical hard stuff... *Confused

    There is a reason for running the script from within PowerShell ISE!

    It would be great if everything was also working perfectly, when running the script from an elevated PowerShell too.

    We can run it from an elevated PowerShell, which means that you just follow the Step 1, as above but for the Step 2 instead of the ISE you run the script from an elevated PowerShell.

    The problem is that it will work only for anybody who has en-US format for the dates. Everyone else, who has another format (i.e. en-GB, fr-FR, el-GR etc.), the dates are not translated properly by Excel (although the script uses the –UseCulture switch) and remain as text in the en-US format.

    I'm not sure if this a bug of the "export-csv" cmdlet, but although it runs the way it supposed to from within the ISE, from PowerShell there is a problem with the dates format.
    As I haven’t found a way to overcome this obstacle, any suggestion from the PowerShell gurus of the forum (like my good friend Shawn @Brink, for instance), is welcome.
    ddelo, Jul 24, 2019
  3. dalchina Win User
    CSV files used to open in Excel....not now!

    Hi, you say Excel is installed. Does it run normally?

    You can't find Excel in (an unspecified) list of applications. I don't know which list that is for sure.

    For example, in the list related to:
    - rt click a file. Open With
    - this list:

    Excel shutting down. [​IMG]

    - this list:

    Excel shutting down. [​IMG]

    - some other list...

    If Excel does not appear in the above, I suggest you repair your office installation.

    Maybe the above gives you some ideas. Otherwise please post a screenshot of where you think you should see it but don't. Thanks.
    dalchina, Jul 24, 2019
  4. Excel shutting down.

    Excel 2016 workbook with VBA shuts down immediately after opening it

    I built an Excel workbook (CPD.xlsb for reference). It has extensive VBA programming, including code that executes when the file is opened (Private Sub Workbook_Open() etc.).

    The workbook has been deployed to nearly 70 users who have been running it for 8 months. In that time, it has run on some combination of Windows 7 or 10, 32-bit or 64-bit, and Office 2013 / 2016 (a.k.a. 365 ProPlus). Nearly all of the users are now on Win10/Excel2016, and it works on all of the OS/Office combinations, in 7 countries, on 4 continents . . .

    . . . except for one guy. (There's always one, right?)

    He has Win10/Excel2016 like most of us. He can run other VBA-laden Excel workbooks that I have built without a problem. But, whenever he opens this CPD.xlsb file, Excel immediately shuts down. When we restart it, Excel wants to start in Safe Mode, which we do. And, after a normal shutdown/restart, Excel opens fine. But, the CPD.xlsb will cause Excel to close every time we try to open it.

    There are no pop-ups or warnings or explanations of what happened. Excel just quits.

    There isn't even time to Ctrl+Break to interrupt the code before Excel shuts down.

    With almost 70 other users not having any problems, I can't imagine it's a programming issue.

    • I compared his Excel settings (File / Options) to mine, and they
      match exactly.
    • I have given him a brand new copy of CPD.xlsb and put it in a
      different folder, and it crashes.
    • I did the Quick Fix on MS Office 365 Pro Plus, and it still crashes.
    • I did the Online Repair for MS Office 365 Pro Plus, and it still crashes.
    • I sent him a different workbook with a simple Workbook_Open() routine
      that pops up a MsgBox, and it works fine.

    Help! What am I missing? What would make this one PC shut down Excel the moment the file is opened?

    Thanks for any suggestions!
    Russell Richter, Jul 24, 2019

Excel shutting down.

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