Windows 10: Explorer keeps restarting itself

Discus and support Explorer keeps restarting itself in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; When I open certain folders, Windows Explorer just restarts itself. There is no "explorer has stopped working" message and the screen doesn't fade as... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by nbdyson, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. nbdyson Win User

    Explorer keeps restarting itself

    When I open certain folders, Windows Explorer just restarts itself. There is no "explorer has stopped working" message and the screen doesn't fade as if it's hanging.

    Sometimes, it just closes the explorer window instantly when opening a folder and reloads the taskbar, but sometimes it opens the folder, shows no files and says "Working on it..." for about 5 seconds and the entire PC freezes before closing the folder and reloading the taskbar (essentially restarting explorer).

    I can't access files on a certain folder that I need, and I even tried copying the folder I need to access and pasting it onto my desktop to see if I could work around it that way, but that just causes the same thing to happen and doesn't paste the folder.

    It only seems to happen in folders with certain files in them. I program multiplayer game servers and have quite a few different folders containing the files for these different servers and it only seems to happen with these folders. It's like explorer has a problem with showing a particular file type or something. *sarc

    nbdyson, Feb 24, 2016
  2. DXter Win User

    N97 keeps restarting itself and turning itself off hourly + a small quesiton

    "Spontanous restarts are a part of this phones features."
    funny... i dont remember that part being in the campaign for this phone Explorer keeps restarting itself :)
    DXter, Feb 24, 2016
  3. DXter Win User
    N97 keeps restarting itself and turning itself off hourly + a small quesiton

    Hi everyone,

    A few months ago I bought an N97 from England and I have some very annoying bugs and a few questions I’d like to ask.

    First of all, the phone keeps restarting itself (it is now up to 5 times a day if not more!!!), and at night it even turns itself off (I mean I wake up in the morning and the phone is off).

    The other bug is that I cannot exit applications through the “open apps” menu (which is accessed by long-pressing the menu button). When I try to exit an application through there the phone crashes.

    I did hard reset, soft reset, formatted E drive (each of those several times btw) and none of this helped. I took it to the nokia care center (the only one in Israel BTW!) and they said that they’ve never heard of those problems and it shouldn’t happen,
    so they reinstalled my firmware. After that didn’t work, I came back to them and they tried reinstalling the firmware again (they thought something maybe went wrong last time) and that didn’t work either. So I gave them my phone and they had it for 2 weeks
    during which they tried solving the problem themselves (not sure If that’s true) and after they failed, they sent it to the nokia factory\manufacturer lab in Israel (or at least that’s what they told me). In the first few days everything seemed ok and the
    phone did not restart itself (that menu bug was still happening) but after less than a week the phone restarted itself again. So I called them and they said it’s probably a bug in the V20 software and they reported it to nokia head quarters in Finland (yeah
    right…). Anyways… the “restarting itself” bug frequency was decreased substantially for a while, but now it’s back to restarting itself several times a day and turning itself completely off at night (it even happened to me during the day once or twice already-which
    never happened before).

    I’ve read that hundreds (if not thousands) of other N97 owners have those problems too but I couldn’t find a solution. Anyone have any ideas???

    Now… during my search in different forums I searched the one in the nokia Israel website and I accidently came across a replay that said that the “exit an app through the open app menu” bug only happens when the phone language is set to Hebrew! And
    guess what?! HES RIGHT! I changed the language of my phone to English and I have successfully exited the music player through the “open app” menu without the phone crashing! WHAT THE FU** IS GOING ON?! As I said, I’ve came across many other users who have
    this bug and they obviously don’t have Hebrew on their phone. How does that make any sense?!. Although I have no problem with English I’m more comfortable with my phone language being set to Hebrew since I got used to the buttons locations and now they are
    all “backwards” which is really annoying! (for example just now I wanted to put a call on loudspeaker but hung up because the 2 buttons have now switched sides).

    Anybody knows anything about those bugs and\or how to fix them?!

    Now… I would like to ask something:

    I’ve noticed that my C drive only has 35MB of free memory. So I went into “memory details” and I see that 12MB is taken by “SIS applications” and 25MB (!!!) is taken by “other files”. I should mention that I put all my files and install all my apps on the E
    drive when given the choice (only apps from ovi store don’t give you that choice).

    Is there any way I can see which applications and files (if it’s even possible for individual files) are installed on C so I can delete some of them? When I go to “phone memory” through “file manager” and I manually open all the folders there (games,
    images, installed files, nokia, other, sound files and all those), they are all empty. I mean I have a few files on C but they are some sort of text files and they weigh pretty much nothing… most of the folders are completely empty (some have 1 or 2 of those
    text files). Please help me!

    Since I’m already posting this message, anybody knows anything about V21?! Ive read about some update that’s coming out on the 28th, but when I asked nokia care about V21 they said they don’t know anything about it. Anybody has any information regarding

    Thank you!
    DXter, Feb 24, 2016
  4. dalchina New Member

    Explorer keeps restarting itself

    Hi, try this freeware program:
    Shellexview by Nirsoft (lots of goodies there).
    Download, install, launch.
    Hide all MS shell extensions (else could cause problems).
    Disable all others

    See if your symptoms change.

    If the problem is solved, you need to progressively enable extensions until the problem recurs.
    Thus you identify the problem and either uninstall the relevant program or disable the extension

    Also very useful for identifying what's causing rt click to open slowly.

    Likewise if that doesn't show anything, start from a clean boot - see if things are better if you clean boot. Then enable more progressively until the problem recurs.

    Should neither of those work, retry in Safe Mode - failure there probably indicates repairing Windows may be appropriate.
    (E.g. Shift + Restart, follow the prompts on restart)
    dalchina, Feb 24, 2016

Explorer keeps restarting itself

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