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Discus and support Fh 4 in Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade to solve the problem; hi, i have a problem.I bought recently forzaz horizon 4 and i got a problem.i press the install button,and then nothing happened.It says me:... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade' started by StefanCiogole, Nov 21, 2020.

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    hi, i have a problem.I bought recently forzaz horizon 4 and i got a problem.i press the install button,and then nothing happened.It says me: "Downloading Forza Horizon 4" and then nothing happened.I've been waiting for 6 hours and nothing happened.i think it's a windows problem because i have 1903 windows version,but when i try to download 1909 version or 2004 it says: " Error 0x80070020".I need help. If you can't help me,i want my money back. Thank You

    StefanCiogole, Nov 21, 2020
  2. Ubtree Win User

    File History not working

    Thank you for the suggestion. I've carefully followed it through, but I'm afraid that in this case it didn't help.

    As a result of further experimentation today, I now have a better understanding as to what is happening (but not why it is happening) and I agree with you about FH's unreliability.

    The HDD of my PC has 4 partitions:
    • one on which Windows sits
    • one to which I direct the program files for any application that I install
    • two partitions for data.
    I would like to use FH to backup some of the folders on the data partitions, and nothing else.
    As soon as I specify a drive for the FH backup, FH creates a list of folders that will be included in the backup. The folders are:
    • each of the user folders from the Windows partition
    • the roots of each of the two data partitions
    (I can see that FH might exclude the Windows partition, but I'm surprised that automatically includes the 2 data partitions, but knows to exclude the programs partition.)

    If I do not change the pre-allocated folders, FH happily backups everything, but if I customise FH by removing all the folders that had been set up and adding the folders that I want FH to backup, everything goes wrong: FH backs up nothing. This is not how FH behaves on my other PC.

    I can live with this situation, but it would be preferable to have more control.
    Ubtree, Nov 21, 2020
  3. Problem updating Windows Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10 feature updates


    I have manage to install image for Microsoft Surface Pro 4 by going to and download a recovery image for Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

    What I did to reset your Surface from a USB recovery drive was:
    Step 1: Make sure your Surface is turned off and plugged in (hold down the power
    button for 30 seconds).
    Step 2: Insert the USB recovery drive into the USB port on your Surface.
    Step 3: Press and hold the volume-down button while you press and release the
    power button on your Surface.
    Step 4: When the Surface logo appears, release the volume button.
    Step 5: When prompted, select the language and keyboard layout you want.
    Step 6: Select Troubleshoot > Reset your PC.
    If prompted for a recovery key, select Skip this drive at the bottom of the
    Step 7: Select the target operating system you wish to reset. This
    refers to the current operating system installed on your Surface.
    Step 8: Select Yes, repartition the drives, and on the next page, select Next.
    Step 9: Choose Just remove my files.
    Step 10: Select Reset.
    Surface restarts and the Surface logo displays while the reset process continues
    (this can take a while).

    This always fails and I have to do the below which continues installation.
    Windows 10 Installation Media:

    1. Insert the Media (DVD/USB) in your PC and restart.
    2. Boot from the media.
    3. Select Repair Your Computer.
    Select Troubleshoot.

    1. Choose Command Prompt from the menu:
    Type in the command:
    Type in the command:
    List disk (Note which disk is your Boot drive number mine is 0)
    Type in the command:
    Sel disk 0
    Type in the command:
    List vol (Note which volume is the EFI partition mine is 4)
    Type in the command:
    Sel vol 4
    Type in the command:
    assign letter=V:
    Type in the command:
    Type in the command:
    After you have assigned a drive letter Using Diskpart You can format the EFI partition:
    Example: if you assigned a letter V to the partition the command would be:
    format V: /FS:FAT32
    Type in the command:
    bcdboot C:\windows /s V: /f UEFI

    Now I have an issue that I cannot install Feature Updates. They keep failing to install.
    Any ideas how to resolve issue?
    jaburmester, Nov 21, 2020
  4. ALN
    ALN Win User

    Fh 4

    Windows10 File History Stopped Backing Up

    Steve. Thanks for the info! Since re-setting the Options in FH seems to have fixed it, I plan to leave well enough alone. But will definitely try your suggestion if it quits working again.

    On a more general question: Is there a better Auto Backup application than File History? I don't care about historical versions of any files - only current version in case my hard drive fails. I prefer it to be on my external hard drive (not cloud), and free is always good!

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