Windows 10: Firefox 57 Ready Extensions

Discus and support Firefox 57 Ready Extensions in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; Just in case you want to know what extensions will work with Firefox 57 as of today the link in below:*tip*BSOD... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by Josey Wales, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. Firefox 57 Ready Extensions

    Josey Wales, Jul 20, 2017

  2. URL status bar at bottom left hand side of screen

    If you are running Firefox 57, it breaks compatibility with older XUL extension. You might need to downgrade to Firefox 56 or Long Term Release so you can use Status-4-Evar.
    Andre Da Costa, Jul 20, 2017
  3. update the extension on firefox

    Any one Knows about How to update the noika pc suite extension on Fire fox browser
    paranikumar, Jul 20, 2017

Firefox 57 Ready Extensions

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    Extensions in Firefox 66: Firefox 66 is currently in beta and, for extension developers, the changes to the WebExtensions API center primarily around improving performance, stability, and the development experience. A total of 30 issues were resolved in Firefox 66, including contributions from several...
  3. How to open Profile Manager in Firefox 57

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    How to open Profile Manager in Firefox 57: Whenever I 'Run' firefox.exe -F with FF57 installed it just goes to a blank FF screen. I've also use -profilemanger in additon to -F. Does FF57 require something different? Thank you 98378
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    Firefox 57 No longer logs in automatcally logs in to this forum: As far as I can remember, Firefox logged into this and other sites I repeatedly visit when I typed in their URL's. Now under FF 57 I have to manually log into each one. When I do so my login info, such as user name and passwords, appears in the appropriate box but I still...
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    Firefox Photon Firefox 57: Mock-up of the changes to Customize mode as part of the upcoming design refresh The first mockup shows Firefox running the Photon user interface, and the about:home page of...
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    Here's How To Run Firefox 56 alongside Firefox 57: With so many long time Firefox users not happy having to see so many of their legacy addons no longer compatible with the new Firefox 57 Quantum upgrade, here's a simple solution so you can have the best of both the old and the new Firefox. • First be sure to make a backup...
  7. Firefox 57

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    Firefox 57: I see that 57 is available. I have a laptop at 55 and a desktop at 56. But I'm unwilling to move up to 57 until I'm clear on one point ... My plugins/extensions all say "compatible with multi-process" ... except for one: ScrapBook X. Will that not work with FF 57 ?...
  8. New Facebook Container Extension for Firefox

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    New Facebook Container Extension for Firefox: Our Multi-Account Containers extension has been a game changer for many users, letting them manage various parts of their online life without intermingling your accounts. To help Firefox users have more control of their data on Facebook, we’ve created the Facebook Container...
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    Mozilla Firefox 57 - Compatibility Milestones: Back in November, we laid out our plans for add-ons in 2017. Notably, we defined Firefox 57 as the first release where only WebExtensions will be supported. In parallel, the deployment of Multiprocess Firefox (also known as e10s) continues, with many users already benefiting...
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    Firefox Fights Back - Firefox 57: UPDATE 11/14: Introducing the New Firefox: Firefox Quantum - Windows 10 Forums ...The message isn’t subtle: Firefox 57, a massive overhaul due November 14, is ready for battle. Its main rival is Google’s Chrome, which accounts for 54 percent of browser usage today as...