Windows 10: Firefox Keeps Closing

Discus and support Firefox Keeps Closing in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; The last 2 days FF keeps closing after 1-2mins. I don't even get the crash report now it just closes and upon opening it takes me the restore... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by gbu, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. GBU
    gbu Win User

    Firefox Keeps Closing

    The last 2 days FF keeps closing after 1-2mins.

    I don't even get the crash report now it just closes and upon opening it takes me the restore session.

    I have done a fresh install of it deleting all known traces of FF and although better it still closes but now maybe after 7-10 mins.

    I'm running Win10 Pro (clean install)

    I tried to do a system restore to roll back 3 days but I get an error saying it couldn't complete the restore.

    I have done a full system scan with defender that took around 10-12 hours but all came back clear.

    I'm using edge for now but really would like to get FF back.

    Any ideas most welcome please.

  2. FOCWIN10 Win User

    Win 10 is Frustrating me

    So I have updated all programs I have left. (I removed everything that is not made by Microsoft except Quicktime, Adobe and Firefox) and now it is not rebooting with BSOD so far but it keeps closing my mail program(Windows mail) and my browser. I uninstalled
    Firefox just to see and it keeps closing Edge also. I am going to find my Win10 disc and reinstall then update to see if in one of MS's updates I didn't get a corrupt file.
    FOCWIN10, Feb 26, 2016
  3. Losing internet connection on Firefox

    I keep loosing my internet connection when I am using Firefox web browser. It only effects Firefox. no problem with other web browsers. When this happens I close the browser and reopen it and then I am good to go for awhile. But after a short period of
    time I loose the internet connection within the Firefox browser only.
    DavidAlanRowland, Feb 26, 2016
  4. Firefox Keeps Closing

    Have you tried FF Forum to see if they can help you at all
    hTconeM9user, Feb 27, 2016
  5. davidhk Win User
    You were given an answer marked as"Top Rated Answer" in another forum.
    Does it work ?
    davidhk, Feb 27, 2016
  6. b1rd Win User
    Hi gbu,

    This is more of a work-around for now, but have to tried using an older version of FF and see if that works?
  7. prikker Win User

    Firefox Keeps Closing

    You say you scanned with Defender. Have you tried scanning with Malwarebytes? And have tried Fx in safemode?
    prikker, Feb 27, 2016
  8. GBU
    gbu Win User
    Been on the FF forums and have watched several posts and none of the steps have helped me.
    I can post there but they seem to be not a responsive as here so I tried there first, but I can post there also.

    Not scanned with Malwarebytes but ill do that now.

    Tried old version but still happening.

    Tried in safemode but no joy.

    Theres some post regarding not installing the main flash but just the plugin but would I need to uninstall all traces of adobe flash first?

  9. GBU
    gbu Win User
    I have now unistalled flash player and also installed the 32bit version of FF(installed 32 bit as Sky Sports said it doesnt work on 64bit)

    Its been running for 20 minutes or so and so far not crashed so its possible was some flash player problem.

    Do i even need the flash plugin as all seems to be running fine?

Firefox Keeps Closing

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