Windows 10: Firefox settings not being saved - AppData folder is read only

Discus and support Firefox settings not being saved - AppData folder is read only in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; I have to admit that I am struggling with Windows 10. I prefer Win XP, I'm used to Windows 7 but I'm stuck with Windows 10. At the age of 75 change... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by ALAndaluz, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. ALAndaluz Win User

    Firefox settings not being saved - AppData folder is read only

    I have to admit that I am struggling with Windows 10. I prefer Win XP, I'm used to Windows 7 but I'm stuck with Windows 10. At the age of 75 change does not go down too well. For weeks I've been having trouble with Firefox not saving settings, losing it's history, ignoring changes I make with about:config and today I've noticed that the AppData folder is set to readonly. I take ownership of the folder, I remove the readonly setting but then the "apply" button is greyed out when I check I find that the folder is still set to readonly. I've tried restricting what I'm doing to just the Mozilla folder, the result is the same, after taking off the readonly attribute the "apply" button is greyed out. I have very little hair left, what I have is rapidly disappearing. I would very much appreciate any help that some kind soul may be able to provide.

    ALAndaluz, Oct 30, 2017
  2. CLScribe Win User

    Change download location from AppData

    Unfortunately, the issue with Windows 10 App Data is not resolved.

    For example, today I downloaded and image with instructions to Firefox to open it in Photoshop, which it did.

    I then saved the downloaded image in a folder of my choice.

    However, I then did a general search for all files downloaded today and two picture files came up.

    One in the folder I selected and another in:


    In addition, I found a few other files that I never intended to save in AppData permanently, among other misc. files.

    Firefox continue to ask me which software I want to use to when downloading files but it seems two things are happening at the same time i.e. files are being open as per my instructions in addition to being saved in AppData.

    I can only guess that the best thing to do is to clear the AppData regularly but wonder what is the best way to do this and are there any precautions that I should keep in mind?

    CLScribe, Oct 30, 2017
  3. Files and folders are marked as Read Only in Windows 10 after installing a recent update.

    Original Title: Files/folders being marked Read Only

    Within the last 10 days I've noted that files and folders are being marked Read Only. This has nothing to do with Permissions. I am Administrator on my own machine and all security settings are Full Control. It appears as though something in a recent
    Windows Update has affected the copy/save routines so that files, when saved, are being marked Read Only. Read Only can be turned off, but it comes back for the same file if I copy/save an edited version.

    I am not looking for a work around, rather an explanation as to what has changed and when it will be corrected.
    RobertFrost49, Oct 30, 2017
  4. Firefox settings not being saved - AppData folder is read only

    This belongs in the Browsers and Email section.

    Do an on-line search for "Firefox does not save settings" (without the quotation marks.) There is plenty of advice available; once you have found that, but are still having problems, then return here with specific questions as to how to proceed, etc.
    Not Myself, Oct 30, 2017
  5. ALAndaluz Win User
    I have spent days doing that without finding a solution. I see the problem as being more a Windows 10 problem than a Firefox problem, Why is the AppData folder, where the Firefox profile is stored read only? Why can I not remove the read only attribute from it. Am I wrong in thinking that if the Firefox profile is read only settings will not be saved?
    ALAndaluz, Oct 30, 2017
  6. It is a read folder as that is all Firefox does is read it. There should be one in appData/local and another one in appData/Roaming Both are hidden folders. What release of Firefox are you using. This has never happened to me with Fx 57 and 58. Also do you use Synch? it keeps your Firefox data synced to the cloud and save it.
    Josey Wales, Oct 30, 2017
  7. ALAndaluz Win User
    @Josey Wales
    Thanks. So I understand that the fact that the AppsData folder is read only is not a problem I'm using Firefox ESR 52.4.1 64bit. I've tried using Sync but cannot get it to work. I created an account on the desktop computer, it confirmed that the account was open and said that I had to install Firefox on a 2nd device, so I installed it on an Android mobile phone. It's installed but I cannot get it too work, on one screen that I've seen it says it will not work on an Android phone. I can't go back to that screen because the history has disappeared!
    It's becoming more weird. I decided to back up the history before shutting Firefox down with Mozbackup which I've been using ever since it was launched, but not recently. I backed up everything. I then launched Firefox and the history had disappeared, so, I restored the backup I'd just made and there was no history. I connected to a few websites to create some history, deleted the backup and made a new one, this time just of the history. I launched Firefox again, no history, I restored the backup, still no history. I'm at a total loss.
    ALAndaluz, Oct 30, 2017
  8. Firefox settings not being saved - AppData folder is read only

    That is strange, I installed sync and I have no other devices. I never used Firefox ESR but I use Mozbackup on Fx 58 and T-Bird. Maybe it is time for a Fresh install of Firefox. I would try Firefox 57 Beta 12 it is reliaable but old extensions will not work on it. There is a new AMO that has the ones that do.

    Add-ons for Firefox

    How do I set up Sync on my computer? | Firefox Help
    Josey Wales, Oct 30, 2017
  9. ALAndaluz Win User
    I did a fresh install the day before yesterday!! I think I'm going to have to go along with what you say as it looks as though the add-ons that interest me are going to work.
    So far as Sync is concerned it says: "Setting up Sync requires two parts: first you must create an account on your main device, then sign in to your account using your other device." That's exactly what I did, created the account on the desktop computer and then signed in from the phone. The message I'm getting on the phone is: Sync is set up, but not synchronising automatically. Toggle "Auto-sync data" in and at that point the message ends. Obviously there's more but there's no way of getting at it.
    ALAndaluz, Oct 30, 2017
  10. Like I said I only sync My PC as I do not have a smart phone. If you want to use your phone , that is how you probably have to do it. When I search for that link, I did see one on syncing between two devices.

    How to Sync Firefox Between Computers, Phones and Tablets

    I hope it all works out for you.
    Josey Wales, Oct 30, 2017
  11. ALAndaluz Win User
    Thanks. I'm posting this using Firefox 57.0b13. From my point of view it is a disaster. If I go to addons it actually provides links to addons that are not compatible with this version. It couldn't be worse. I'm currently also using Palemoon which is not perfect but as things are it's better than Firefox. Both the browser and the addons work as they are supposed to. Thanks for your help.
    ALAndaluz, Oct 30, 2017
  12. Then you did not go to the link I posted for your extensions. Yes they will till 11/14/17

    Add-ons for Firefox
    Josey Wales, Apr 5, 2018

Firefox settings not being saved - AppData folder is read only

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