Windows 10: Firefox title bar is always GRAY in Windows 10!

Discus and support Firefox title bar is always GRAY in Windows 10! in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; Just had a clean install of Windows 10... and the title bar in Firefox is now gray! And it doesn't change when the window becomes active. I THOUGHT I... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by Mr Mag00, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. Mr Mag00 Win User

    Firefox title bar is always GRAY in Windows 10!

    Just had a clean install of Windows 10... and the title bar in Firefox is now gray! And it doesn't change when the window becomes active. I THOUGHT I followed instructions on how to get the color back in the Firefox title bar. In the Firefox Profile folder, I created a new folder, (and named it "Chrome"). Then I created a new file, <userCrome.css>, inside the "Chrome" folder. The instructions gave some code that goes into the "userChrome.css file. I pasted the code in there and restarted Firefox.... and nothing happened! *Sad

    Does anybody have any ideas as to what's happening here?

    Mr Mag00, Jul 25, 2016
  2. PDQpat Win User

    Creators Update ruined my fonts

    Winaero Tweaker didn't enlarged text in either Title bar or menus. It changed the color of the title bar to blue but even Windows personalization does that - and better. I'm wondering if there's a left-over font setting that's making these two items smaller.

    Too small:

    All title bars

    File Explorer menu bar

    Firefox menu bar, tabs

    Firefox icons/arrows dropdown lists

    Notetab menubar

    Normal text:

    Firefox URL box

    Firefox search box (but not "suggestions")

    Thunderbird menu bar, tabs

    Notetab tabs
    PDQpat, Jul 25, 2016
  3. Accent colors on Win32 and UWP apps on build 15046?

    Does the title bar color (in Project) change when you select another Color in setting?

    As far as I know Project and all Office applications title bars and menus are owner drawn, that means that the global system settings have no effect on these UI elements.

    The color of the frame is the same as the selected color in settings, but this should change with the selection (what you call focus). If the application is selected, the (tiny) frame (and possibly the title bar) is drawn in the selected color, else it's
    gray. One exception to this is Edge, which has it's frame color always on.
    willy denoyette, Jul 25, 2016
  4. Mr Mag00 Win User

    Firefox title bar is always GRAY in Windows 10!

    But didn't you read my post? *Smile There were instructions on how to get color on the Firefox title bar. The instructions didn't work! I was wondering why. Where did you read that the title bar in Firefox is always gray in W10? Then you can't tell when the window is active or not. *Sad
    Mr Mag00, Jul 25, 2016
  5. Berton Win User
    Guess I'm missing something here, the 2 posts read like you are having a discussion/argument with yourself.

    The problem you describe also happens with Firefox on Linux Mint. It's the Tabs tabs that change color/shade to show active or inactive.
    Berton, Jul 25, 2016
  6. Winuser Win User
    Same thought I had when I read post #2
    Winuser, Jul 25, 2016
  7. Edwin New Member
    I'm guessing you are referring to the Tab Bar, not the Title Bar.

    Works for me!

    Full path:
    Edwin, Jul 25, 2016
  8. Firefox title bar is always GRAY in Windows 10!

    Hi, @Mr Mag00:

    In addition to the excellent advice already offered....

    Yes, the default theme for Firefox under Win10 uses a light gray background for the UI, including the background for the navigation toolbar, the bookmarks toolbar, the tabs.

    There are many, many ways to customize/change that -- some of them are easier than others.
    If you want to go the "userchrome" route, you may want to look into the Stylish extension.
    (And there is excellent, expert, free help with userchrome modifications at this user community:

    It might be easier to find an extension HERE that does what you want.
    For example, ColorfulTabs will assign different, random colors to each new tab.
    Classic Theme Restorer contains many, many options for customization -- it might provide an option that does what you want?

    There are also many THEMES for Firefox. Perhaps one of those will do what you want?

    Before implementing too many changes to your Firefox profile, you might want to consider backing up your existing profile (or at least critical data, such as bookmarks), and/or creating a new, test profile for experimenting. That way, you will have a way to roll back changes, if needed.

    >>Perhaps if you could please provide us with a bit more detail exactly what you want to do, we could provide more specific help.*Smile

    MoxieMomma, Jul 26, 2016
  9. topgundcp Win User
    topgundcp, Jul 26, 2016
  10. Hi:

    Great minds think alike.*chuckle

    I don't do a good job here of setting out my embedded links so that they are obvious and readily visible to the reader.*Sad
    Your way of doing it works better.
    Thank you for providing that additional clarity for the OP and for others reading this thread.

    MoxieMomma, Apr 5, 2018

Firefox title bar is always GRAY in Windows 10!

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