Windows 10: Fonts are missing; kindly help..

Discus and support Fonts are missing; kindly help.. in Windows 10 Customization to solve the problem; .. All the fonts are missing. Discussion in 'Windows 10 Customization' started by Dr. RDagha, Sep 15, 2021.

  1. Fonts are missing; kindly help..

    .. All the fonts are missing.

    Dr. RDagha, Sep 15, 2021
  2. Argel Obm Win User


    Hi Terrie,

    We need to clarify some information first for us to better understand your fonts concern. Kindly answer these questions:

    • How do you install the fonts for Windows 10? Please provide us the step-by-step process on how you're doing it.
    • What is the error message that you're getting when installing the fonts?
    • Where did you download the fonts for Windows 10?
    Argel Obm, Sep 15, 2021
  3. Missing Fonts

    Hi Charlotte,

    For us to further isolate your concern, please provide us the following information:

    • Which fonts are missing?

    • Are you using those fonts for Office applications?

    • Is the missing font part of Windows or separately purchased for Office?

    Rachelle Gra, Sep 15, 2021
  4. Fonts are missing; kindly help..

    Missing fonts after upgrade

    I just had an automatic upgrade of windows 10 completed and some fonts are missing,

    I have read up and tried the steps in the optional font features but the fonts are missing from the list.

    The particular language group is the Pan European. The font I am after is Rockwell nova.

    Is the any way I can access this as it is crucial to a job I am about to complete.
    PeterMcD735, Sep 15, 2021

Fonts are missing; kindly help..

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