Windows 10: Forza files encrypted

Discus and support Forza files encrypted in Windows 10 Gaming to solve the problem; Hello guys, i just moved to Windows 10 few days ago in my two PCs. First i installed Forza to my main computer and some days after tried to copy/paste... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Gaming' started by chummy, May 18, 2016.

  1. chummy Win User

    Forza files encrypted

    Hello guys, i just moved to Windows 10 few days ago in my two PCs. First i installed Forza to my main computer and some days after tried to copy/paste the folder from PC1 to PC2 instead of redownloading whole thing.
    There i encountered my first problem, Forza files are all encrypted and when i tried move it to PC2/windowsapps was denied.
    After that i decided to enter insider preview with PC2 and the folder with Forza unfinished download become uncrypted, i just dont know how and why because i tried decrypt it before but system always denied decryption to Forza folder.
    With preview Build uncrypted folder released to copy/paste my backup Forza game from PC1 to PC2, Windows store installed it and game runs fine.
    After that i discovered than now my Forza game in PC1 becomes broken and need to redownload.

    UWP supposed to unable backup from games?
    Is there something i doing wrong to use my backup in other computer?
    Windows 10 update feature says it can download updates and apps from other computer which already have files but it not working in my home network, always make full download from internet.

    Will be glad if someone can explain this questions.

    chummy, May 18, 2016

  2. Installed games

    Yes i understand that for most games in origin,steam etc but for the windows store they seem to be encrypted so i can't even move/copy the files from the directory to a new directory. I can't even delete forza 3 from it's location to resinstall.

    Only thing i can do is format that drive and loose around 300gb of installed games then reinstall forza and all the other titles back on that drive.
    Jayson1987, May 18, 2016
  3. pixie-ryn Win User
    New files not being encrypted

    I had my Camera Uploads folder from Drobox set as compressed. I have changed this to encrypted for a bit more security.

    The issue I'm having is that any new files created in the folder are set as compressed and not encrypted.

    The parent folder(Dropbox) is set as encrypted, the folder itself(Camera Uploads) is set as encrypted and all previous files were encrypted. Only two files that are not encrypted are two hidden files(.dropbox.attr and desktop.ini).

    I have enabled encryption using both through the Properties menu and using cipher.exe and new files are not being encrypted.

    The documentation says I just need to encrypt the parent folder and all files moved to, copied to, and created in the folder will be encrypted, yet new files are created with the compressed attribute.
    pixie-ryn, May 18, 2016
  4. Forza files encrypted

    I don't believe UWP games support backing up yet, as I've tried the same thing with Quantum Break and it's never worked for me.

    The Windows Update feature you are referencing is just for downloading Windows updates. It doesn't include Windows Store apps and games, as far as I know.
    blackroseMD1, May 18, 2016

Forza files encrypted

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