Windows 10: Free Windows 10 Now Looks A Terrible Deal

Discus and support Free Windows 10 Now Looks A Terrible Deal in Windows 10 News to solve the problem; Free Windows 10 Now Looks A Terrible Deal (link) Windows 10 is famously ‘free’, but Microsoft has been worryingly silent about just how free... Discussion in 'Windows 10 News' started by groze, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. groze Win User

    Free Windows 10 Now Looks A Terrible Deal

    Free Windows 10 Now Looks A Terrible Deal (link)

    Microsoft needs to answers these questions and concern before RTM is released, so people can decided if they want windows 10. There are some parts of the Forbes article I agree with and other parts I don't.

    groze, Jul 10, 2015
  2. mac1-131 Win User

    Service Pack #1 for windows 10

    have a look at "winaero tweaker" to enable the aero lite theme. that will give your windows borders some color back.

    I agree with you, it looks terrible and is hard on my old eyes too, but there are some "tweaks" to deal with it.
    mac1-131, Jul 10, 2015
  3. Resolution looks terrible


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    Hope it helps. Do let us know if your issue is resolved. For any further query, feel free to contact us.

    Thank you.
    Syed Md Bilal, Jul 10, 2015
  4. BunnyJ New Member

    Free Windows 10 Now Looks A Terrible Deal

    Please.. that article is garbage. Free is free.. for the life of the device. What the underlying assumption is that a device will last from 2-4 years. And in some cases the device will last longer than that and it will continue to receive support.

    BunnyJ, Jul 10, 2015
  5. bromanbro Win User
    On MS's site, only Enterprise Windows 10 supports the classic "Long-Term-Support" Updates model of previous Windows.

    I'm getting the upgrade, since I can roll back to 8 (well 7 will be EOL in 2 years so that PC's stuck) when MS tries to charge me for security patches.

    Skepticism is always a good thing, but I doubt MS is activily trying to screw us here. If anything, Home and Pro will last until 2023 (same as Windows 8) while Enterprise gets the normal LTS support of prior Windows. What happens after 2023 is anyone's guess - but maybe a combined subscription of Office, Xbox Live, and Windows Update?
    bromanbro, Jul 10, 2015
  6. Mystere Win User
    No, they don't. If you don't know, you can wait until after release and then upgrade after the information is available.

    There is absolutely no compunction that Microsoft MUST provide anything prior to the RTM.

    There is nothing that says you have to upgrade the day its released. Cool your jets, and stop demanding things, and being part of the "gimme gimme" culture.
    Mystere, Jul 10, 2015
  7. bromanbro Win User
    This. Previous licenses won't be disabled though, so MS can't screw over 10 users until 8 goes EOL (cause that will always be a backup plan for users until 2023 if MS screws up 10)

    And hell, Windows XP got a community service pack 4. If MS tries to charge for 10 updates, 8 will continue to be supported by the community if it has to Free Windows 10 Now Looks A Terrible Deal :p.
    bromanbro, Jul 10, 2015
  8. groze Win User

    Free Windows 10 Now Looks A Terrible Deal

    So, you wouldn't want to know what your pizza cost before you go pick it up? I would so I could bring enough cash to pay for it.
    groze, Jul 10, 2015
  9. bromanbro Win User
    The pizza hasn't been finished yet *Smile
    bromanbro, Jul 10, 2015
  10. Geneo Win User
    Well if true, I certainly won't upgrade, and I would consider this whole thing a swindle really. I hadn't planned on upgrading for 7 for a while anyways - until bugs were worked out.
    Geneo, Jul 10, 2015
  11. groze Win User
    According to other sites there should be more info before or on July 29th, 2015.
    groze, Jul 10, 2015
  12. BunnyJ New Member
    What information?? What do you want MS to say?? The article you quoted is junk.
    BunnyJ, Jul 10, 2015
  13. BunnyJ New Member

    Free Windows 10 Now Looks A Terrible Deal

    Win10 is free.. what part of free don't you understand at this stage?? The article pointed out the the "life of a device" is expected to last from 2 - 4 years meaning that some users will upgrade their PC Etc and have to get a copy of Win10. But that will not apply to existing users of Win10 who still are using the upgrade.
    BunnyJ, Jul 10, 2015
  14. Geneo Win User
    I guess we will see, No sense in getting our knickers in a knot *Biggrin
    Geneo, Jul 10, 2015
  15. groze Win User
    I don't want to get into an disagreement with you BunnyJ. Did you the read Forbes Authors comments in the comment section? He still stands by what he said. I always though of Forbes as a reliable source. The underline is the authors response to the commentator's statement that is italicized. I quoted it below for you.

    Keep in Mind I didn't say I agree with the article totally here is what I said in My first post

    groze, Jul 10, 2015

Free Windows 10 Now Looks A Terrible Deal

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