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Discus and support Freeze on awake in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hey, Sometimes when my PC comes back up from hibernation (hybrid sleep enabled) it freezes so stiff that even the reset button stops working. The... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by ZoltanE, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. ZoltanE Win User

    Freeze on awake


    Sometimes when my PC comes back up from hibernation (hybrid sleep enabled) it freezes so stiff that even the reset button stops working. The screen updates once so the clock widget on my taskbar shows the current time for a second. Sometimes the HDD light stays lit, other times it doesn't. I let it be for a few minutes but nothing happened, no BSOD. I checked the logs but could not find an event at the exact minute the freeze occurred, I only had stuff from when it went to hibernation and after the forced restart. I don't know how to continue the investigation.

    ZoltanE, Jan 31, 2016

  2. New XPS8700 w/W10 freezes when not in use. Cannot awake. Must power off/on

    New XPS8700 w/W10 freezes when not in use. Cannot awake. Must power off/on.

    Original Post :FReeze Problem
    MLittle107, Jan 31, 2016
  3. Microsoft Lumia 532 misbehaving

    My Microsoft Lumia 532 is giving me hard times,it freezes and restarts itself sometimes it presses itself.other settings like double tap to awake the screen stopped responding it doesn't work anymore and I have done much of the reset.what could be the
    StephenChitalu, Jan 31, 2016
  4. dalchina New Member

    Freeze on awake

    Hi, Can you advise whether this used to work and now fails?
    If so, what significant changes have been made before you noticed the failure?

    Please try hibernation after a clean boot
    How to perform a Clean boot in Windows 10 - TechNet Articles - United States (English) - TechNet Wiki

    If that fails the same way, repeat in Safe Mode
    (E.g. Shift + click on restart, and navigate thru prompts to Safe Mode, or choose Safe Boot in msconfig)

    If that fails, also run
    chkdsk C: /F
    from an elevated (admin) command prompt
    (Windows key +X, click on Command Prompt (admin).
    dalchina, Jan 31, 2016
  5. ZoltanE Win User
    Thanks for the reply.

    It has been working since I installed windows 7 RTM, kept working through the updates, the upgrade to win 10 and the patches for that.
    There were no hardware changes. I'm on the deferred win update path so it could have been some update recently. The other thing is that I installed the Leap Motion drivers although the device was only plugged in twice.

    Going to sleep and waking up right after a clean (or normal) boot works fine.
    Chkdsk reached 100% without saying anything else so I guess everything was ok?

    I uninstalled the Leap Motion driver just to see what happens over the next couple of days.
    ZoltanE, Feb 1, 2016
  6. dalchina New Member
    "Going to sleep and waking up right after a clean (or normal) boot works fine."

    Hi, if that's so.. you don't have a problem at all...*really? I.e. normal boot is fine... is that what you mean?

    Chkdsk ends if ok with 'and found no problems' before its final numerical results.
    Before all that you should see some reports saying 0 ........scanned 0....... found etc.
    dalchina, Feb 1, 2016
  7. ZoltanE Win User
    I meant that after restarting windows, logging in, waiting for a while for the startup items THEN going to sleep and waking up works. I usually don't restart the pc for weeks, only send it to sleep. The freeze seems to occur after at least one sleep-wake cycle and when several programs are running. Sometimes several days pass, sometimes I get two freezes in two days... I'm really not seeing any obvious rule or pattern...

    Chkdsk prompted if I wanted to skip it then counted up to 15%, stayed there for a while then showed 100%, restarted the machine, showed 100% again then I got the login screen. I saw no other text.
    ZoltanE, Feb 1, 2016
  8. dalchina New Member

    Freeze on awake

    That doesn't sound anything like normal behaviour, and I would strongly advise making sure that runs properly.

    1. Safe Mode
    2. launch admin command prompt
    3. launch
    chkdsk C: /F

    You should be prompted for a restart (so chkdsk can get access without permissions problems), then chkdsk will run.

    You should also be able to
    Boot the PC from a Win 10 install disk
    Click Repair This PC
    Follow the prompts to get to a command prompt
    Then run
    chkdsk C: /F


    Freeze on awake [​IMG]
    dalchina, Feb 1, 2016
  9. Hi, I was about to initiate a thread just to comment on how unhappy I am with Win10's behavior. I thought I'd just check first to see if there was anything similar already out there.
    Just today I left my HP laptop on while I went out for a couple hours. When I came back, the screen was dark as expected. I started to do some work using Chrome and I needed to look for a file. File manager refused to open. I knew the file was a pdf that I'd recently opened, so I tried Adobe Reader X, it would not open either. I ended up forcing a shutdown and then a fresh start.
    I've also had occasion (never with W7) when after being in sleep mode I come back active and the Windows key is dead and the Start icon is dead. Maybe Win10 works better as a factory installed OS. It doesn't offer much and takes away a lot in usability as an upgrade to an older PC.
    I really don't look forward to having to get under the hood. If I have to help MS figure out how to write decent code, I will probably try to reinstall W7 first.
    DigitalDon, Feb 1, 2016
  10. ZoltanE Win User
    @dalchina: Sorry for the slow responses but I'm swamped with work. For now another clue: sleep (non-hybrid) works fine.
    @DigitalDon: I don't think this thread is the right place to express general dissatisfaction with Win 10. I recommend finding or creating a separate thread for each problem you are facing for a more focused way toward a solution.
    ZoltanE, Feb 4, 2016
  11. dalchina New Member
    Hi, first make sure your PC is compatible with Win 10.
    Second, some problems arise with upgrades from an older OS including 3rd party conflicts. Try disk imaging what you have (so you can restore it) and clean install.

    I agree Win 10 is immature.

    Finally, suggest you make your comment via Feedback (Windows key + ?) or
    Technet forums
    - an MS site.
    dalchina, Feb 4, 2016
  12. dalchina New Member
    Ok, will wait for your update.
    dalchina, Feb 4, 2016
  13. ZoltanE Win User

    Freeze on awake

    Sleep has just failed, the displays never turned on.

    I booted to safe mode with command prompt chkdsk still says that stuff is in use so the checking must take place during startup. Then it indeed does it while the windows logo and spinner is visible, just like before. There is no log for chkdsk in the event viewer.

    I ran the sfc command which produced a 2.5 Mb log and it says it fixed several issues.

    I made a recovery USB but can't boot from it for some reason, I'm investigating that now. My hope is that booting to that will allow me to run chkdsk on c: properly.

    Btw my system drive is an few years old SSD so if it has some bad blocks they should not cause problems with the system.
    ZoltanE, Feb 5, 2016
  14. ZoltanE Win User
    So I suddenly lost 15 Gb on C: leaving 0 bytes free. Windows showed me some app statistics which made no sense: Ethernet driver 11 Gb in size, Libre office 12 Gb... Empty files started to pop up on in folders so I quickly backed up my stuff and now reinstalling Windows. I should have done that in the first place and not allow an upgrade from 7... I'm hoping that a fresh install will also fix other long standing annoyances as well.
    ZoltanE, Feb 8, 2016
  15. dalchina New Member
    Hi, good idea to clean install.

    I would then check the SMART parameters for your HDD and check your SSD.
    SMART - e.g. Piriform's Speccy or Passmark has a simpler free tool

    There's no point running on dodgy hardware. Of course could be some other h/w problem...
    dalchina, Feb 8, 2016

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