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Discus and support Freeze/ Splash Screen in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hi all. I wasn’t sure which sub-forum to put this in (not having a BSOD, but, this is a technical “error” issue), but thought I’d post it here. Ever... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Pez, Dec 9, 2019.

  1. PEZ
    Pez Win User

    Freeze/ Splash Screen

    Hi all.

    I wasn’t sure which sub-forum to put this in (not having a BSOD, but, this is a technical “error” issue), but thought I’d post it here.

    Ever since I've had Windows 10 (2015?!), this issue I'm about to describe pops up intermittently. Sometimes months & months can go by without it happening, then sometimes I'll see it again within a week of it happening. No discernible pattern.

    And yes, I've done some searching on the 'Net on it, and yes, others have experienced it. Not sure how widespread it is, but it's out there.

    And, I have Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit; Version 1909, OS Build 18363.476

    And this particular install of Win 10 is not too old; about a year and-a-half.

    OK, the issue: In Windows 10, upon a cold boot, it will get to the "splash" screen (at least I think that's what it's still called; the screen where after you tap, say, the spacebar or click your mouse, the screen slides away and reveals your username and the blank field to type your password in). Well, sometimes that splash screen is just frozen there. By "frozen", I mean there's no response if your use any keys on your keyboard or try to use your mouse; it's unresponsive. Basically, the system has seized up.

    Another way I can tell is that on the keyboard, a little light is lit for NumLock, but if I press the NumLock button to turn it off, there's no response and the light stays lit (same thing if I try pressing the CAPS Lock button; no response, it won't light up).

    Usually what I have just done in this situation is press my tower unit's reset power button, reboots, back to splash screen and THIS time login procedure is fine.

    When this has happened to me in the past, afterwards when I'm into the desktop, I check Administrative Tools/ Event Viewer, but, there's nothing there that's really enlightening as to what caused the situation. Yes, there will be one of those messages that Windows did not shut down properly, but nothing else really helpful pointing to the culprit.

    From some searching I've done, one of the things I've discovered (I don't know how "official" of an explanation this is), is that Windows 10 boots so fast, that sometimes this causes problems....such as the one I described above.

    One of the solutions I've come across is this: Go to Settings/ System/ Power & Sleep/ scroll down to Advanced Power Settings, then click on Choose What the Power Buttons Do, and then in here, Remove the check-mark from the box that says "Turn on Fast Startup (Recommended)". Yes, I've tried this suggestion in the past, but the problem would still resurface every once-in-a-while.

    And, the motherboard that I have (Aorus Gaming 8) has a setting for Ultra Fast boot, which, yes, I've used.

    And, I have an SSD, not an HDD.

    Isn't taking advantage of any kind of fast boot a GOOD thing?

    Just to let you know, there's never been any BSOD's that came along with this issue (at least there's that one positive aspect). But it's still freaking annoying that this happens every once-in-a-while.

    Anyway, there's another possible solution/ fix that I came across, but, I want to run it by everyone first and see what you think. It involves a Registry Edit, and, messing with the Registry can be a tricky thing (your system could become unbootable.....yikes!).

    OK, here's what I came across.

    In the registry, go to:
    - SYSTEM - ControlSet001
    - Services
    - AppXSvc

    In here, without expanding AppXSvc but rather just clicking on it, over in the right-hand pane, you'll see "Start". If you right-click on this and choose Modify, the Value Data listed is "3" . From the info I came across, it says to change this value to "4".

    What do you think? Any danger in this? Is it do-able without engendering any real risk?

    And has anybody else out there experienced this besides me? *Shock I can't be the only one......

    Thanks for any useful input & suggestions;


  2. Game Freezes at Splash Screen

    Trying to play a game (doesn't matter which one) but it always freezes at the splash screen. Someone had recommended that I use the "-quickstart" command in the Shorcut -> Target line to skip it. However, doesn't seem to help. Any advice?
    HartleySan, Dec 9, 2019
  3. mrfdes Win User
    No splash screen at daily startup

    Almost, it is an NP350VC5 (Black), it came with Windows 8 and the latest Intel Graphics Driver dates from 2015.
    Further edit: seems I was wrong.
    After a reboot, I now get a completely black screen, no Samsung splash screen or anything.
    The steps I took before donot help anymore.
    Where do I go from here?
    mrfdes, Dec 9, 2019
  4. Makaus Win User

    Freeze/ Splash Screen

    7950 W10 Freeze @ GPU-Z splash screen


    The last two days i've been fumbling around with my new pc(bought used parts seperately).

    So.. After oc'ing the g3258 it was time for having some fun with 7950 and 280 crossfire.
    But that didnt last long, i did not even get to the point where i could oc..
    I can almost freeze the screen on 30% of the times when i start up GPU-Z, if i just move my mouse at the same time it shows the splash screen.

    I have narrowed it down to the 7950, after testing both cards in both lanes seperately.

    280 working in both lanes, cant freeze the screen.
    I can freeze the screen in both lanes with 7950.
    Nothing happens if i press GPU-Z and just waits, i have tried 30+ times. But if im playing with the cursor under startup = windows 10 hangs but sounds continues.
    I wrote trixx in the title because sometimes when i start Sapphire trixx it starts minimized and imediately does the same as GPU-Z, freezes.

    Its a fresh WINDOWS 10.
    Newest stable ccc.
    Its a Gigabyte windforce 3 7950.
    I can perfectly run games and benchmarks single and crossfire.

    If you need more info, i can get it later.

    Thank you.
    Makaus, Dec 9, 2019

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