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  1. leganzish Win User

    Frequent BSOD - I'm stumped

    Hi all! New to the forum and I'm so glad I found it. I hope someone here can help me put an end to these BSODs!

    I've been chasing random frequent BSOD's for months! I have tried so many things to try to solve this, and I don't want to muddy the waters. I'll include some details that I think are clues to the cause but won't include everything and let the logs do the talking. Please feel free to ask any questions if I didn't include a detail you want.

    About my build:
    • Specs are in my profile.
    • Rebuilt my Win 7 HTPC back in March. Only my case, PSU, HDD, and SSD carried over. Went through Windows upgrade workflow to move to Win 10 (can't remember if it was on the old hardware or the new). Installed Plex Media Server. Don't use HTPC as a client, so it just sits running Plex Server, Unified Remote, and Nvidia utilities.
    • All drivers should be up to date (though as I write this, Nvidia notified of updated driver).
    • Currently running Version 1909. One update is failing to install recently, but the crashes started months before.

    About the crashes and my efforts to solve:
    • It worked fine for about 5 days then suddenly started crashing 5-10 times a day.
    • I have tried every step on every walkthrough I have found, nothing even improves it.
    • Crashes rarely seem to be the same. There have been at least 10 different codes. (In just a few minutes today I got 1a, 1e, and 50)
    • Crashes seem to "accelerate"- meaning I can have several hours up-time before a crash, then it will crash about 20 minutes after the reboot, 1-2 minutes after that crash, seconds after boot, then won't even make it into windows before BSOD. I just hard shut down at that point and come back to it later.
    • I found this forum a couple months ago, but had the PC off for several weeks and wanted to get some fresh logs to upload. That day I also discovered that Plex and Nvidia can sometimes not play nice together. On a whim, I uninstalled/reinstalled PMS. Since then I had maybe 1 crash in over 6 weeks. I thought maybe it was fixed. Suddenly last week it started crashing and went back to the frequent (4-6/day) accelerating crashes.
    • This has all been across several Nvidia driver versions, PMS versions, and Windows updates.

    I am at my wits end, and just want a reliable media server. I hope someone can get some insight from the logs:

    I'm happy to provide anything more needed. Huge thanks to anyone who looks into this with me!

    leganzish, Sep 19, 2020
  2. somvir73 Win User

    System frequently restart with BSOD

    System getting restarted frequently please suggest, i have attached the BSOD report.
    somvir73, Sep 19, 2020
  3. Frequent BSOD


    As per the title, I am experiencing a range of BSOD errors daily. Perhaps once every 2-3 hours or so, and it seems to crash more often the more program I’m running simultaneously. Though this could be mere coincidence.
    I'll list some of the recent error messages here:

    • Win32kfull.sys failed
    • System service exception
    • Werfault.exe failed
    • Page fault in non paged area
    • System thread exception not handled
    • Critical process died
    • Nvlddmkm.sys failed
    • Dxgmms2.sys failed
    • Unexpected store exception
    • Unexpected kernel mode trap
    And I’m sure there are others I haven’t taken the time to log. Clearly something is seriously wrong.

    Troubleshooting steps taken include:

    • Updating gpu driver
    • Uninstalling 3rd party antivirus software

    As per this guide:

    I'm including the following to help diagnose the problem:

    • recent .dmp files (only two appear in the minidump folder for some reason)
    • MSinfo output
    • System specs (should be in MSinfo. Ask if you require further details)

    You can download these from my onedrive here:

    Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

    I’m not sure what troubleshooting steps to take from here, so any advice would be appreciated.




    I've also taken the following troubleshooting steps:

    - Updated Windows

    - Updated device drivers, via SDI
    Nathan2014, Sep 19, 2020
  4. axe0 Win User

    Frequent BSOD - I'm stumped

    Frequent BSOD issue Asus K53sm NVIDIA 630m Windows 10

    I would guess that your GPU is faulty, the crashes that are most frequent seem related to the GPU.

    I do have a suggestion, although this suggestion is more often seen with 0x9F crashes where drivers are in an inconsistent state for the OS.
    Try to change the powerplan, standard there are following plans
    1. Powersaver,
    2. Balanced, standard selected,
    3. High performance
    If you didn't change your power plan, you have balanced selected.
    Select High performance and see if it makes a difference.

Frequent BSOD - I'm stumped

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