From 7 To 10 To 7 ---- And all in 48 hours

Discus and support From 7 To 10 To 7 ---- And all in 48 hours in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hi All, This is just to provide my recent experience(s) with the "Free" upgrade "Gift" from Microsoft, in the hope that the information may prevent... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by WeeJocky, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. WeeJocky Win User

    From 7 To 10 To 7 ---- And all in 48 hours

    Hi All,

    This is just to provide my recent experience(s) with the "Free" upgrade "Gift" from Microsoft, in the hope that the information may prevent others from wasting their time as I just have.

    I run my Broadband on monthly data allowance from 3 Mobile, so have to be a bit careful about my usage.

    I read somewhere that, instead of remaining on-line and having the machine upgraded, I could create a Flash-drive setup arrangement of a setup.exe format by downloading the relevant files and doing the upgrade off-line. This is the option I chose.

    The download was about 2.6Gb in size, and took quite a considerable amount of time too.

    However, I then set out to upgrade and, about three hours later, received a message that the installation had failed in a "SAFE_OS Phase" and I was returned to Win7 with no alternatives.

    Thinking my download might have become corrupt, I went through the process again --- at a cost of another 2.5Gb of my data allowance, and a lot more time.

    Another attempt at upgrading, with the new download, and yet again I was faced with the same error message, and another failed install.

    Searching the Net, I came across someone who was reporting a similar experience, and he advocated the disconnection of any and all, USB devices from the main machine, so this I did.

    Now why couldn't Microsoft have indicated that at the time of offering our Free upgrades ----- It worked, but I had still spent another 3 hours in the process.

    So, thinking that all would be fine, I embarked on a "tour" of the new OS.

    1 On start-up there is a screen with a huge Time/Date display (which serves no other useful purpose) which, by pressing a key or clicking your mouse, vanishes and leaves you with a Logon-Password entry screen. This cannot be removed or altered --- Microsoft have decided they want us to have it ---- so we shall have it.
    2 Tried to configure Edge (Internet Explorer) but found that neither my Laptop keyboard, or my USB attached keyboard would work.
    I tried the keyboards in Notepad and Outlook 2007, and there was no problem. The only programme in which there was a problem, was Edge. Mozilla was fine too.
    Yes, I did uninstall/reinstall/update all keyboard drivers. Microsoft actually found me a Lenovo keyboard driver --- Ideal for my Cherry keyboard I (NOT) thought
    3 I then decided to defrag my internal drives, after all the work they had just been asked to do, but despite having been assured by Microsoft (prior to upgrade) that my machine and applications were all fully compatible, my defrag utility was now deemed incompatible.
    4 I then decided to attach my external drives to the machine, all of which contain my most used, and most important, data and are encrypted with TrueCrypt.
    Guess what ---- Again, harking back to Microsoft's assurance that my hardware/software was fully compliant with Win 10, they suddenly decided that TrueCrypt drives wouldn't be allowed any more.

    It was at this point I decided to quit and return to the, certainly not perfect, but much more professionally put together operating system of Win 7 Ultimate ------ IT WORKS !!!!

    So, in the space of less than 48 hours, I have gone from Win 7, to Win 10, I have been prevented from typing my requirements into applications, I have been prevented from carrying out maintenance work on my system, I have used a phenomenal amount of my monthly data allowance, I have wasted a lot of my personal time, and I have been prevented from accessing all of my own data ----- And all in the name of "progress" from Microsoft.

    Anyone recommend a good Linux operating system please ??

    WeeJocky, Aug 1, 2015
  2. tomwatsonRR Win User

    windows 10 Error code: 0xC004C003 blocked key solutions after upgrading from activated windows 7 or 8

    you get nowt for free shall i wait another 48 hours mines was an upgrade from xp to win 7 to win 10 yes absolutely purchase another code why don't you hell no
    tomwatsonRR, Aug 1, 2015
  3. Frustrated-Win10 Win User
    Win 10 download

    Have been trying to upgrade from Win 7 Pro 64 bit to Win Pro 10 64 bit for 48 hours. Gets stuck at "getting windows updates". Have let it run for many hours but does not progress past "getting updates". Have tried all recommended solutions on this post
    but none ofr them work. Windows update is unable to get updates.
    Frustrated-Win10, Aug 1, 2015
  4. iceman0870 Win User

    From 7 To 10 To 7 ---- And all in 48 hours

    i recommend an internet provider with no caps
    iceman0870, Aug 1, 2015
  5. snoopy51 Win User

    Do you have a friend with fast wired Internet Connection like using Ethernet cable?
    Perhaps you can hard wired to his/her router? This will eliminate your Internet charge and after all what is a friend for*Wink

    Sound like you have USB device problem. Do you know what level of USB connectivity used?

    Truecrypt is something I have not tried, but to my understanding, it is no longer supported since 2014.
    Link: TrueCrypt - Wikipedia

    Are you currently a Linux user? If not, please consider learning about Linux before your migration.

    Hope you have a better experience next time whether is on Windows or Linux!

    Good luck!
    snoopy51, Aug 1, 2015
  6. musiclover7 Win User
    TrueCrypt works with Windows 10/11, including Whole Disk Encryption and the protection of Host Protected Area, etc...
    1) Use Legacy BIOS, turn of SecureBoot and etc
    2) Use MFT/MBR/IDE rather than GPT/UEFI/etc

    But if that is a problem, I'd recommend decrypting your drives and using microsofts built in encryption.

    Defragging of hard drives is really a step that was primarily meaningful back in the caveman days of computing. Unless of course you are talking about a relatively small drive that is always very close to full, a problem which is no longer a problem now that drives are measured in terabytes rather than gigabytes. The chances of file fragmentation are pretty much nill. I can't see that being an incentive to backtrack to 7, but to each their own.

    As to your keyboard difficulties in Edge, that's a puzzler. Still, for me at least, Edge is not yet fully enough baked to be edible. I use combo of internet explorer, which still comes in the OS, and firefox. You are not forced to use edge, so were I in your shoes, I'd just tuck that one on the back burner until an update comes along and fixes it.

    You can bypass the login screen in windows 10 if you want to:
    musiclover7, Aug 1, 2015
  7. Mumbai Win User
    just download the ESD file
    Windows 10 ESD Download Links
    and update your windows 7, if your windows 7 is a genuine one then Windows 10 will be genuine too. this is not a pirated thing, you still need to buy a Windows 10 key or windows 7/8.1 Key. downloading from here is easy because it's small and you can pause/resume while downloading and if something goes wrong while downloading, you can resume from wherever it stopped.
    Mumbai, Aug 1, 2015
  8. WeeJocky Win User

    From 7 To 10 To 7 ---- And all in 48 hours

    Hi Iceman0870,
    Well if you can find an ISP with cables that float on water, then I'd like their name please.
    WeeJocky, Aug 2, 2015
  9. WeeJocky Win User
    Hi Snoopy 51,
    I do know someone with a connection I could use, but I now have to ask the question ---- "Am I bothered??"
    I don't think my frustration comes from the amount of data allowance which was consumed, nor the time I wasted, but more from the probable unreliability of Win 10, and the apparent invasiveness of Microsoft in their personal detail capturing/using, and their dictatorial attitude in forcing us to have things we don't necessarily want.
    As they say --- "If it ain't broke -- don't fix it", and at present my Win 7 ain't broke, whereas I think Win10 is, or might be.

    Yes thank you, I am aware that TrueCrypt is no longer supported, which I think is a real shame.
    In my opinion it is far superior to that of BitLocker, so I fully intend continuing to use it, at least for as long as possible.

    Fortunately I do have a friend who has been with Linux since about day one, so I should be able to get some good pointers there.
    Who knows, I may even become proficient by the time Microsoft pull the plug on Win 7.

    Thanks again,

    WeeJocky, Aug 2, 2015
  10. WeeJocky Win User
    Hi MusicLover7,
    Well if you reckon that TrueCrypt works with Windows 10, then you'd best let the programmers at Microsoft know so that they can remove the error messages generated when trying to access TrueCrypt drives.
    In my practical experience, and I am a user of TC over several years ----- It does not work with Win10.

    I entered my bit about defragging, just as I mentioned other items, so that people would become aware of not only the incompatibility issue with programmes, but the unreliability of Microsoft's assurance of compatibility prior to installation.

    You possibly didn't fully read my bit about the keyboard issue, insofar as you suggest I put it on the back burner and wait for an update.
    That would mean my not being able to use either IE or Edge during that waiting period --- Not a good suggestion at all.
    I do not like the functioning of Firefox to even contemplate its use as an alternative in the interim either.

    Again I don't think you fully understood about my first screen issue.
    I have no objection to a login, which you are suggesting I by-pass, it is the preceding screen I want rid of, and that, according to Microsoft experts, is not going to happen.


    WeeJocky, Aug 2, 2015
  11. WeeJocky Win User
    Hi Mumbai,
    No thanks. I already have too many downloads of Win 10 to contemplate any more.

    My post was intended only as a warning to others about the potential time element of downloads, installation, error messages, workarounds etc.


    WeeJocky, Aug 2, 2015
  12. DavidY Win User
    +1 to this. I'm wondering if some sort of driver issue might have been the source of your Truecrypt problems too? Maybe the external drives weren't being accessed properly due to the USB issue, perhaps?
    DavidY, Aug 2, 2015
  13. BillyBob Win User

    From 7 To 10 To 7 ---- And all in 48 hours

    I've upgraded 4 very different computers from old Atoms to Core i7, two had no problems, the other two had some pretty hefty problems, so I down loaded two ISOs and upgraded from them. Upgrading the other two from ISOs went well with no problems. All of them now are purring like kittens, one of my Atoms is acting like a Core i3 with amazing boot times and general quickness.

    I think Microsoft has done an amazing job of bringing all this together, but I can understand some people having more problems than others depending on the age and type of equipment you're running.
    BillyBob, Aug 2, 2015
  14. WeeJocky Win User
    Well, when you consider that, with ALL USB devices disconnected I was still unable to use the keyboard on my laptop, I suspect that would rule out any USB conflict !!

    All USB drives, keyboards etc., work just fine in Win 7.

    How is it that I am unable to create or rename folders??

    Good luck to all who have successfully changed to Win 10 ---- I shall wait it out a bit (LOT) longer after this experience I think.


    WeeJocky, Aug 2, 2015
  15. WeeJocky Win User
    Hi BillyBob,
    Well we must agree to disagree on the point that you think Microsoft have done a good job on Win 10.
    I certainly do not.

    With everything experienced to date, I have tried to return to Win 7, but even there Microsoft don't appear to have got it right.

    A very speedy return to Win 7 through Windows Update I must admit, but I have been left with an Outlook (running Outlook Connector) which still thinks it is running in a Windows 10 environment and therefore refuses to download any emails.

    Happy for you with your configured machines though.

    Good luck,

    WeeJocky, Aug 2, 2015

From 7 To 10 To 7 ---- And all in 48 hours

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