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Discus and support frustrated with several problems in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; I bought a new laptop (acer aspire) with win10 that I plan to use mostly for internet stuff since my tablet will no longer play you tube videos. I have... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by sciencegal, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. frustrated with several problems

    I bought a new laptop (acer aspire) with win10 that I plan to use mostly for internet stuff since my tablet will no longer play you tube videos. I have a big work computer with Win 7 which I like just the way it is. Updates are turned off so it will not automatically update to 10.

    First problem - I read instructions on how to bypass typing in the password. I followed exactly but I still have to type in my password. One article said if the instructions do not work then I have to edit the registry. Is this really true?

    Second problem is that the screen is much too bright to use comfortably. I go to settings and can adjust the brightness which was not set to full, but the apply button is grayed out. I can only adjust the brightness on the sample page.

    In researching that I found that I needed to change the graphics driver from the nvidia to the microsoft one to be able to adjust the screen brightness. The instructions did not include the warning to close the Edge window when doing this but then I don't know how I could read the instructions with the window closed, because I ended up with a solid blue Edge screen which is not closeable. It also did not fix the screen brightness setting. Somehow I accidentally discovered that I could open another instance of Edge - otherwise I no longer had a browser -. In setting the graphics driver back to nvidia then back to microsoft, maybe I should have uninstalled one or the other I don't know because now I am getting frustrated. Somehow or another, I was able to get the blue Edge window to turn transparent. Better than blue I guess.

    I followed another set of instructions to try to fix the frozen, now transparent second Edge window, which involved some more cmd text. That did not work. Now I guess there are some instructions for repairing the problem which has another long set of instructions. But, the screen wass so bright it hurts my eyes after a short time so I gave up and closed the thing.

    Is windows 10 really this hard to use. I am about 2 hours in to using 10 for the first time and to get even simple things to work I have to edit the registry, use cmd in several instances (the start button does not have a search box so I have to use windows key plus r), I have to repair the drive to get rid of a frozen window (which could also be the result of malware - two hours in and I have malware already?) Is this normal?

    sciencegal, Jan 25, 2017

  2. Several frustrations with WP8

    You're entitled to your opinion. Just like anyone else.

    There are users who find the Windows Phone enjoyable, whereas others who can't stand feeling confined and limited when exposed to customizing features of different devices.

    I'm satisfied with it, so I'll stick.

    C'est la vie.
    Archaic Light, Jan 25, 2017
  3. 7thSense Win User
    Several frustrations with WP8

    • This is included in the latest Windows Phone update (GDR2) if your phone has hardware to support it.
    • You can vote for (and add) suggestions here:
    • This is included in the latest Windows Phone update (GDR2).
    • This is included in the latest Windows Phone update (GDR2).
    • This is due to WP not having a full fledged rich text mail editor yet. This will probably come soon.
    • No need for a built-in app since not everyone needs it. There are plenty off good (and free) apps in the Store.
    • There are several apps for this. Example:
    • Nokia is expected to release dual SIM phones in the near future.
    • Please explain.
    • Nokia has released a video editor (now available in the Store) and it will most likely grow more advanced in the future.
    7thSense, Jan 25, 2017
  4. Samuria Win User

    frustrated with several problems

    You will adjust brightness on the monitor not the PC. Not using a password makes you PC a secure risk
    Samuria, Jan 25, 2017
  5. dalchina New Member
    Hi, first, Win 10 should be relatively easy to use once you are familiar with it.

    Coming from Win 7, there will be a learning curve. If you wish, you can ignore Cortana and universal apps altogether and simply use it with programs you are familiar with.

    But for sure, there are things that can catch you out, in particular MS's policy on updates and restarts, its sensitivity to changing language, which is not straightforward, and peculiarities related to the start menu and Cortana search of files and folders. For example.

    1. -bypassing the password. Please see
    Sign in User Account Automatically at Windows 10 Startup

    There are many high quality reliable tutorials which can help you with practical matters here. (See the Tutorial section).

    2. Laptop screen brightness.
    You may well find you have a Fn key + 2 keys to adjust brightness up and down on your keyboard.

    Here's what I do: I have 7+ taskbar running (free); I just move my mouse to the taskbar and use the scroll wheel. Volumouse is a somewhat similar free utility.

    I also have Redshift GUI (free) running.. this is set to adjust the screen brightness and shade for day/night working.

    I have two graphics drivers, and I've not had to think about that.

    3. Recommendation: you will feel much more comfortable if you get Classic Shell start menu (free). This properly expresses a categorised start menu with sub-sub folders which Win 10's fails to do, and supports drag 'n drop properly (which Win 10's doesn't).

    Finally, as soon as you are sure all is well, start using disk imaging routinely to secure your PC and give you a second chance without a lot of stress and wasted time reinstalling. We strongly and repeatedly recommend Macrium Reflect (free) + its boot medium and external storage for images.
    dalchina, Jan 25, 2017
  6. Thanks dalchina,

    I will print out your recommendations. I followed option one to bypass the password. That did not work. I have done it twice.

    I ignore Cortana but evidently I can't delete her. I did figure out how to make her take up less room on the task bar.

    I kind of thought that the adjustment should be monitor related so I will do more searching on how to do that. I am considering resetting the laptop back to factory settings and starting all over maybe to get rid of the frozen Edge screen. I helped an elderly neighbor who was suddenly asked for his password which he never was asked before and he did not know what it was. The reset only took about 5 hours. I set up his to not require a password (as given in the link) which worked for him.

    What worries me about the password is that yesterday, the last time I logged on, it rejected my password when I am certain I typed it correctly. It accepted it the second time.

    I know that not using a password is a security risk, but I do not plan on using this laptop for more than after hours browsing or entertainment. I am not shopping on it, not banking or anything else critical. I do not like using a tablet - can't type on it worth a darn, and I do not like mobile websites. I am not storing any passwords on the laptop. My tablet - a Kindle Fire - does not have a password. I have not worried about security on it.

    My main computer is backed up with a cloned drive kept in a fireproof safe, plus a weekly back up on another external drive which is turned off when not in use. I bypass the password on it but I am the only one with access to the computer.
    sciencegal, Jan 25, 2017
  7. swarfega Win User
    Upgrading from 7 to 10 does seem to cause more problems than coming from 8 to 10. If you have the time you might want to think about doing a clean format. Windows 10 makes it easier doing this because once you have 10 on your system, it remembers your key. So when doing the install you don't need to enter the key.
    swarfega, Jan 25, 2017
  8. frustrated with several problems

    A key? The computer came with win10. In setting it up it took over six hours on high speed DSL to get the updates then another hour or so to work with the updates. I do not know where there is a key? Should I find it and write it down somewhere?

    Are there instructions on this forum on how to do a clean format or would resetting to factory settings work? I have instructions for that.
    sciencegal, Jan 25, 2017
  9. swarfega Win User
    Yes, you can find software instructions for a clean install. Remember to skip entering the key during installation.
    swarfega, Jan 25, 2017
  10. dalchina New Member
    @swarfega- the device in question is a laptop that came with Win 10.

    If you are unable to repair your current configuration, you should have a manufacturer's recovery partition which should enable you to reset the PC to as bought. As it's new, you should easily be able to check how to do that.

    The Tutorial section (very extensive and reliable, often with pictures) has all the instructions needed for clean installing and downloading Win 10 iso should you need to go as far as that. No key is needed: activation is automatic.

    It's not worth trying to remove Cortana- just forget about it if not used. Occasionally the search box can be useful, even if you prefer to work without Cortana.

    Here's how mine looks with some Win 7 icons, transparency and rounded borders, and Classic shell (which has its own search box, much more customisable than Cortana's). Even a Win 7-like Orb.

    frustrated with several problems [​IMG]
    dalchina, Jan 25, 2017
  11. Okay. The computer fixed itself. I just turned it on but it got stuck on the acer splash screen. So I held down the power button until it turned off. Then I waited a minute and turned it on. I could see it bypass the login screen and went directly to the desktop. The phantom transparent Edge screen is gone. I wonder if I am not really turning it off when all I do is close the lid. In win7 I go to start then shut down. I could not find a shutdown option so I just close the lid. I think maybe I am not turning it off or rebooting when I do that. Maybe that is why the login bypass and the repair for the phantom screen didn't apply.

    Now, to see if I can adjust the screen brightness.

    ...and to get the classic shell. I like that better.
    sciencegal, Jan 25, 2017
  12. Bree New Member
    As an aside, it's safe to update now. The automatic upgrade to 10 stopped when the free upgrade period ended. In particular, see KB3184143.
  13. frustrated with several problems

    That is helpful news, Bree. I was a bit concerned about not getting critical updates. I use older software and run virtual XP with some software that won't work on 7. It would have been a disaster if 7 automatically updated to 10 and I know people who had this happen without choosing it.
    sciencegal, Jan 25, 2017
  14. Bree New Member
    It was windows update's default of 'automatically download and install...' that caught them out. Even back then it could be avoided by uninstalling the 'Get Windows 10' updates and setting windows update for 'check for updates, but let me choose...'.
  15. anticeon Win User
    Brightness is from ACPI driver or Monitor Software not GPU Drivers.
    anticeon, Apr 5, 2018

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