Windows 10: FS2020 wont load

Discus and support FS2020 wont load in Windows 10 Gaming to solve the problem; Ill just cut to the chase. Everything was fine, until today. After passing the 'press any key to start' screen the sim will get stuck and close to the... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Gaming' started by JtQFp, Aug 22, 2020.

  1. JtQFp Win User

    FS2020 wont load

    Ill just cut to the chase. Everything was fine, until today. After passing the 'press any key to start' screen the sim will get stuck and close to the desktop at about 80% EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    Previously since launch, the sim was working absolutely fine, but if i had to nitpick, sometimes the sim just crashes to the desktop when entering a session or leaving a session with no error, but this easily fixed by just simply reopening the sim. Ive already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the sim however, after reinstalling, i dont have to redownload the 90gb game files which is odd., rebooting my pc, run as administrator, disabling full screen optimisation, updating my gpu drivers and windows etc. Nothing works!

    Some useful information:


    GTX 1070

    16gb ram

    Win 10 Home 2004

    FS2020: premium deluxe

    OH, p.s. when the sim worked, i didnt get my premium deluxe addons. Im aware that microsoft has announced that they have fixed it by relogging into steam, that didnt work for me. In the content manager, it says i do have ownership of the premium deluxe and all were installed, but I couldnt find them. I just noticed that the dreamliner, and heathrow airport isnt installed in the game despite it saying it is installed.

    JtQFp, Aug 22, 2020
  2. tarn_55 Win User

    photo app in windows 10 wont load

    my photo app wont open, and I cant uninstall it for it does not come up in the apps list in the settings. But it is in the all apps list.

    When I have tried to reinstall it from playstore it says already installed. But wont open, and the new Twinui default photo view app wont open any jpeg files it say "class not registered".

    I have followed other suggestions of troubleshooting, and system scan with no results.

    Any suggestions?


    tarn_55, Aug 22, 2020
  3. FS2020 default drive

    Trying to install FS2020 but default download drive is C and I need it to be D - how do I do this as I have tried just typing over it without any luck?
    JohnMcPhillips, Aug 22, 2020
  4. FS2020 wont load

    Can I run FS2020 on these specs?


    I appreciate your time in getting back to this thread, I try to look for the details F2020 to run MAC it won't provide clear details if the FS2020 could run in Mac and even in some inquiry also related for FS2020 and having an issue it keeps crashed and other
    won't able to run, our expert still working to find a better solution or workaround

    I apologize for not being able to help you with this issue you encountered.


    EriksonBautista24, Aug 22, 2020

FS2020 wont load

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