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Discus and support FS2020 in Windows 10 Gaming to solve the problem; I purchased this but when I click install it says error. Is that because I can't install until release date or do I have another problem?... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Gaming' started by Brian60916, Aug 14, 2020.

  1. FS2020

    I purchased this but when I click install it says error. Is that because I can't install until release date or do I have another problem?

    Brian60916, Aug 14, 2020
  2. Chrisjs14 Win User

    Flight Sim 2020 costs and file access

    I received a pre-order offer for FS2020. If I pre-order the Standard version can I upgrade later to Deluxe or Premium versions for the same price differences? After the Aug 18th release date will the prices go up?

    Lastly, under the Additional Information, This App Can, Access all your files, peripheral devices, apps, programs, and registry. I understand the need for

    adding the program, changing registry, etc but Access all my files? Do I need to set up a stand alone PC just for FS2020 to prevent access to personal data, sounds a bit daunting.

    Chrisjs14, Aug 14, 2020

    Hello guys! Hope you’re well now let’s try and help poor Joey..... Now I’ve been on Xbox for a while so bought game pass I mean you can’t say anything wrong with it it’s amazing....

    As you are all aware FS2020 is on the game pass as well as others games...
    1) Football manger 2020- I installed as love them game (Players May know you have to add Prem league badges in) when accessing the **Windows App** (In files) it said I didn’t have any permissions to obviously edit the folder (Naturally I googled) as you
    would do....
    - I watched videos and tutorials and eventually I accessed the files....

    Now 2 weeks on I had to update my computer now I thought nothing off it... I installed hearts of iron IV thinking looks a pretty good game....
    - I tried to add a new folder into the **WINDOWS APP** folder and ran the program take ownership... : Everything was going through a success and putting me as owner until it came to heart of iron..,,

    I was puzzled the fact as it was working two weeks ago. **N**ow this game wasn’t letting me get access to the folders it was saying denied....

    so I reset the admin again to the orginial and then put me again using the properties menu.., however this time some folders weren’t letting me access them or actually add folders into **Windows App** and Of course it’s very upsetting the fact that I can’t
    add stuff to game or actually add folders into the **Windows App** after following every instruction I did get an error code on some ones says **Critical error 88x000f I think** something like that...

    My question being is there anyway to fix this so that all folders in the **Windows app** I can gain access to like I previously do without any error codes so I can add stuff to games and folders

    Thank you
    JosephReed4, Aug 14, 2020


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