Windows 10: Gaming in W10 is an absolute pain

Discus and support Gaming in W10 is an absolute pain in Windows 10 Gaming to solve the problem; Hi, I haven't played games for some time after they ceased to be playable direct on W7 and before. I purchased The Age of Empires - Definitive Edition... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Gaming' started by Yorky, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. Yorky Win User

    Gaming in W10 is an absolute pain

    Hi, I haven't played games for some time after they ceased to be playable direct on W7 and before.
    I purchased The Age of Empires - Definitive Edition and since then have had constant problems. First it won't load claiming I'm not 'on-line'. It takes a number of attempts to get past this to be then told we are waiting for X-Box to sync. Eventually you actually get to play - well for a while and then it crashes. With statements of Windows not closed correctly and other faults.
    Why, oh why can't a game be installed direct to W10 and behave as it used to in W7. I like W10 with the exception of gaming. Will Microsoft please sort this out.

    Yorky, Sep 5, 2018
  2. erocker Win User

    Why exactly is ATi considered be better at HDMI?

    I plug my HDMI cable into the card, then into my TV. Those are the steps that I have to do. All the steps you list make absolutely no sense to me.
    erocker, Sep 5, 2018
  3. pooch22 Win User
    List of them Games!

    Hello everyone, I need some suggestions to you pros
    can you guys pls make some list of games that still fun to play after you beat the main story. (Only for PC Games)

    Dragon Age Inquisition
    Nier Automata
    GTA V
    Metal Gear 5 - phantom pain
    Dead Rising series

    Note: No new game+ please im looking for the games that continue to play after beating
    pooch22, Sep 5, 2018
  4. Gaming in W10 is an absolute pain

    Suggestions For Light Gaming W10 Desktop

    Out of the blue a family member casually asked me to find them a cheap desktop to replace their 6 y/o HP Enve M6 laptop with AMD A10-4600m. My response was to drive up to Microcenter and then install W10 and the purchased 850 EVO SSD into their laptop.

    Don't expect the budget here will allow building anything from scratch. I have no parts to contribute to this build and would have to buy everything. I'm mostly looking for suggestions for pre-made options that could be found on the used market. If you have a better idea please feel free to expand upon it. Very open to ideas and have some time to make this happen now that the laptop is usable. Gaming is pretty far from my bailiwick and I've seen some stellar budget builds ideas here in the past. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Rough idea of specs

    • Intel i5 4590 or AMD equivalent
    • 8 GB RAM
    • HDMI on MB or through discrete GPU
    • Capable of playing a modern game at lower settings
    • Fairly cool and power efficient
    • Couple hundred dollars max
    • Stable
    nomdeplume, Sep 5, 2018

Gaming in W10 is an absolute pain

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