Windows 10: ghost partitions Vdisk on my pc

Discus and support ghost partitions Vdisk on my pc in AntiVirus, Firewalls and System Security to solve the problem; How are these partition installing on my hard drive ?... Discussion in 'AntiVirus, Firewalls and System Security' started by Eric Rios-Holguin, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. ghost partitions Vdisk on my pc

    How are these partition installing on my hard drive ?

    Eric Rios-Holguin, Mar 21, 2020
  2. W1zzard Win User

    W7 Hard drive partition issue

    to get rid of that 100 meg windows partition that setup creates for you on a new install on a blank hdd:

    - press shift+f10 when on the partition management screen in setup <-- this opens a command prompt
    - diskpart <-- start the windows command line partition management tool
    - list disk <--- list the installed hdds in this computer for the next step
    - select disk 0 <- might have to replace 0 with the number of the correct disk
    - clean <-- this will erase all data on the disk you selected one step up- dont use the wrong disk!
    - create partition primary <- creates a primary partition taking up all space on the drive, adjust the command if necessary
    - exit, exit to exit diskpart and the command prompt
    - click refresh in partition manager and select your newly created partition and install to that
    W1zzard, Mar 21, 2020
  3. Sniper Ghost Warrior

    Hi Gary,

    Sorry for the delay in response.

    • What is the make and model of the computer?
    • Do you face the issue only with Sniper Ghost Warrior?
    We would suggest you to update the graphics drivers and check.
    Ravinath P, Mar 21, 2020
  4. Riel Alc Win User

    ghost partitions Vdisk on my pc

    How to disappear the Z partition in "This PC"

    Hi Disal,

    To delete the Z: drive partition, please follow the steps below:

    • Press Windows Key + R. Type diskmgmt.msc, then hit
    • Right-click on the partition, then select Delete Volume to delete a partition.

    Note: This option deletes every single file on the partition, please be careful when using it.

    We also suggest running Microsoft Safety Scanner to scan and protect your computer from any viruses.

    Update us with the result.
    Riel Alc, Mar 21, 2020

ghost partitions Vdisk on my pc

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