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Discus and support Good email reader for Gmail in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; Does anyone know of a Good email reader for Gmail that will basically sort by sender and then by date for that sender either ascending or descending... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by Almighty1, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. Almighty1 Win User

    Good email reader for Gmail

    Does anyone know of a Good email reader for Gmail that will basically sort by sender and then by date for that sender either ascending or descending date. And then also when you delete, it would actually delete the message, it would put it in trash similar to how it works on and Google's own GMail and Inbox apps on Android? Will the Windows 10 Mail app do all the above or do I need something else? I'm asking because I have about 200,000 emails in my box and thunderbird would not do it as it will crash while loading the mailbox, this is on a system with 32GB of RAM and a Intel Core i7 2.2Ghz processor based on Sandy Bridge on a ASUS G74SX-3DE 3D Notebook.

    Almighty1, Jan 8, 2016
  2. Y2KPRABU Win User

    Mail sync problem

    Search for an app by name for wp7.8

    it gives an offline view, unlike other readers available.

    this is good enough for yahoo emails

    And starting July 15 2016 , Gmail also stopped syncing.

    so configure Gmail using the Outlook account set up feature in email & accounts menu
    Y2KPRABU, Jan 8, 2016
  3. Mailbox On N95

    Hi flatfrogger,

    "however I did want gmail."

    Have you set gmail up yet?

    If you haven't, there are two ways:

    1) Enable your account for pop access and use the settings they list in your phone email account.

    2) Downloading the gmail reader app onto your phone. Browse to on your phone then select "Get faster Gmail". It's a great app!
    gordonshowers, Jan 8, 2016
  4. b1rd Win User

    Good email reader for Gmail

    Hey Almighty1-

    I'm not 100% sure i understand what you're looking for, but I use MailBell which allows you to read the mail while on the server and then delete it if you wanted to.

    ePrompter will also do some of that, but I don't know how compatible it is with Win-10.
  5. It depends on how you have Gmail set up: POP3 vs. IMAP.
    I have used TB with Gmail (and other webmail), ISP mail accounts, and Exchange mail for years, with no issues.
    It's all in the configuration of both Gmail itself and your chosen email client.

    In addition to Mailbell, Mailwasher Pro does the same thing -- Free and Paid versions.
    Allows one to preview all messages from multiple accounts on the server in one dashboard, sort, read, delete, quick-reply, quick-forward, etc..
    It's primarily designed as a spam filter, but is very practical as a mail preview/sorting utility.
    And it helps to prevent spam from getting onto your local system.

    MoxieMomma, Jan 10, 2016
  6. Winuser Win User
    I'm using a email client called eM Client. It was suggested to me by BunnyJ. I liked the free version so much that I went ahead and purchased a 2 device license. I'm not sure if it will do what you want or not but you can give the free version a try.
    Edit: forgot to mention I'm using it with my email from Comcast and Gmail. The calendar works nice too. I was having problems with the calendar app from MS syncing with my other devices. Sometimes it would sync and other times it wouldn't. I haven't had any sync problems with the calendar in eM Client.
    Winuser, Jan 10, 2016
  7. Almighty1 Win User
    Thanks for the reply everyone. Basically, I like except gmail doesn't have sorting by sender and then by date for that sender. With Thunderbird, I forgot how I had it setted up but it has to be imap except this is the error I am getting and I don't know how to get around it. I know in the past, I can delete a message in Thunderbird but on in the browser, it's still in the inbox and not moved to the trashcan like how it works when one deletes a message on, it would go into the trash can.

    Code: Google basically blocks it from using and logging in to Sign-in attempt prevented Someone just tried to sign in to your Google Account ***** from an app that doesn't meet modern security standards. Details: Friday, January 8, 2016 10:57 PM (Pacific Standard Time) California, USA* We strongly recommend that you use a secure app, like Gmail, to access your account. All apps made by Google meet these security standards. Using a less secure app, on the other hand, could leave your account vulnerable. Learn more. [/quote]
    Almighty1, Jan 10, 2016
  8. Good email reader for Gmail

    It's been a very long time since I've set up my Gmail accounts and TB and Mailwasher, so I don't think I can walk you through the steps, especially for IMAP (I use POP3).
    But I think the problem you're running into might relate to 2-step authentication for Gmail?

    You might try this article re: : Gmail and TB:

    These things can be a bit finicky to set up initially, with some trial and error.

    If you need more help, there are some real TB power users at the (independent user-to-user forum unaffiliated with Mozilla).

    Hope this helps,

    MoxieMomma, Jan 10, 2016
  9. Almighty1 Win User
    Many thanks @MoxieMomma, Thunderbird starts up with Not Responding so the process hangs for awhile and the complains that it's a unresponsive script, I click on Stop Script and it goes into Not Responding again. Then I get the same prompt again and stop script and this time the program allows me to use it. Using the article you provided:
    1) As instructed:
    After you create the POP/IMAP account in Thunderbird enable using the POP or IMAP server with your account by:
    Logging into your Gmail webmail account using a browser.
    If you're using a POP account, click on "Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP -> POP Download:" and choose either "Enable POP for all mail (even mail that's already been downloaded)" or "Enable POP only for mail that arrives from now on".
    If you're using an IMAP account, click on "Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP ->Enable IMAP"
    Click the "Save Changes" button.
    This is what mines shows:
    Status: IMAP is enabled Enable IMAP Disable IMAP

    When I mark a message in IMAP as deleted: Auto-Expunge on - Immediately update the server. (default) Auto-Expunge off - Wait for the client to update the server.

    When a message is marked as deleted and expunged from the last visible IMAP folder: Archive the message (default) Move the message to the Trash Immediately delete the message forever

    It seems like if I want the same exact behavior as, then I need to turn Auto-expunge off as if it's on, "When a message is marked as deleted and expunged from the last visible IMAP folder:" is completely greyed out and non-selectable and when I turn the Auto-expunge to off and select "Move the message to trash" which is what I think happens when you delete a message on as it goes to the trash instead of being archive, and then you select Auto-expunge on, it basically greys out the "When a message is marked as deleted and expunged from the last visible IMAP folder:" is completely greyed out and non-selectable and the Archive the message is the selected greyed out option. I'm confused about this one since in Thunderbird, it has this option:

    When I edit the gmail account:
    Server Settings -> When I delete a message:
    Move it to this folder: Trash on L:

    It appears GMail also has it's own setup guide at: Set up Gmail with Outlook, Apple Mail, or other mail clients - Gmail Help

    I'm positive I used the same article you used but anyways, let me try it again... The error message I think might be related to this so I turned it on:
    Account settings: Your browser is not supported.

    I think I got it working except with so many mails, it is showing Not Responding in Thunderbird and it just started downloading the mails.

    Does the Windows 10 built in mail work the same way by using imap?

    Thanks again!
    Almighty1, Jan 12, 2016
  10. Almighty1 Win User
    Looks like even with 32GB of RAM, Thunderbird has crashed...

    Good email reader for Gmail [​IMG]
    Almighty1, Apr 5, 2018

Good email reader for Gmail

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