Windows 10: Google Email Problem

Discus and support Google Email Problem in Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade to solve the problem; I have lost emails on Google. I called up ALL emails & noted that from April 14 - May 18, 2019 there were no emails. I do not know how to contact... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade' started by leeroy#1, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. leeroy#1 Win User

    Google Email Problem

    I have lost emails on Google. I called up ALL emails & noted that from April 14 - May 18, 2019 there were no emails. I do not know how to contact Google for help. Does anyone in Community know how to get support from Google?

    leeroy#1, Aug 12, 2019

  2. email

    My system is Windows 10, my browser is Google Chrome and my email is Windows live. When I open a hyperlink I get a blank/black page listed as "Untitled". Any suggestions?
    HELPlucy2016, Aug 12, 2019
  3. Xylee Del Win User
    problem uninstalling google chrome


    Since you already uninstalled Google Chrome using the Programs and Features, Google notifications may still be running in the background processes. We suggest that you follow these steps on how to end the Google Chrome process:

    • On your keyboard, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
    • Select Task Manager.
    • Under Processes, locate Google Notifications or Google Chrome.
    • Right click on them and select End Task.
    • Double check under Programs and Features if Google Chrome is completely gone.

    Let us know if these steps worked.
    Xylee Del, Aug 12, 2019
  4. Google Email Problem

    Google account problem

    In circumstances like this, I have no choice but to blame Google for not making their services work with windowsphone Google Email Problem :(

    I would suggest two solutions.

    • There are chat apps and email apps (Metro Mail app comes to my mind) that are designed to work with google
    • You could consider migrating your account to Microsoft.
    Jay_answers, Aug 12, 2019

Google Email Problem

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