Windows 10: GPU failing to detect monitors

Discus and support GPU failing to detect monitors in Windows 10 Graphic Cards to solve the problem; Hello everyone, Windows 10 build Thermal take 850w PSU Ryzen 9 3600X* 64gb ddr4 3600k ram * AsRock B550 Mobo Radeon RX 580 XFX 2Tb ssd 1Tb ssd with C:... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Graphic Cards' started by Lightedhype, May 4, 2021 at 10:07 AM.

  1. GPU failing to detect monitors

    Hello everyone, Windows 10 build Thermal take 850w PSU Ryzen 9 3600X* 64gb ddr4 3600k ram * AsRock B550 Mobo Radeon RX 580 XFX 2Tb ssd 1Tb ssd with C: drive and OS 16 TB HDD | My problem is simple enough but I don't know how to go about fixing it. This is a new system. Everything was working fine. I got windows installed. Yada yada. Well it wasn't detecting the other PC in my network as needed so I had to enable smb, change network sharing settings, and do the process as outlined in this article: ETA** So I did that and restarted it then shut it down. I did that because I needed to add the 2 TB ssd to it which had came in the mail a couple days after my build was complete. Easy enough right? Due to performance differences I had noticed with my intended application , I decided to move the 1Tb SSD which has the OS on it to the other M.2 slot on the Mobo (mine has two slots) On seemed to be working faster than the other for whatever reason with the specific hardware. I wanted this slot to be where the new 2 TB ssd was seated for that extra performance. So I moved the c drive to the other slot. That's all I did!! Now upon turning on my system. It fires up fine and boots as far as I can tell. But that's the problem. I can't tell. After making this change it will not detect my monitors. The GPU has one HDMI slot, three DP slots, and one funky ass DVI D slot that seems to be hard to find a cable for? Anyways. I had been using it with the hdmi port previously and it was displaying fine onto the single monitor necessary. Well that wasn't working so I went out and bought a DP cable as well as a DP to HDMI cable. I have tried every which combination to and from my system's GPU ports (no onboard video with amd ryzen cpu) to the monitor and it just fails to detect. It notes the connection. Because the message it displays is different while turned on. But it says "no signal" vs "no cable connected" when it's turned off. So anyways yeah, that is my problem. I have tried getting into the BIOS or various mobo settings with function keys during start up but that is not making any difference. I have yet to purchase a DVI D cable (because I can't seem to find one not online) but that's the last thing I can think of trying at this point. I should not I have also tried booting from a windows iso installation from a removable usb. This seems to boot the system up in a different manner from what I can tell in that it no longer shuts immediately off with a power button push and instead you have to cold restart it with a long push. This is when I am trying to get into recovery / repair by booting from the usb or anything that may have some effect. I am at a loss what else to try. Because of the particular issue I was facing also, I don't have the system configured to accept a remote connection yet (it wasn't detecting my other machine.. ) so I don't know how to get into this to fix this silly issue. Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated. I am mobile right now but once I am back home I will edit this post or add another reply with a better breakdown on my specific hardware or OS build if appropriate I just don't have that info on memory or on hand at the time. Thank you kindly for your assistance!

  2. Junaid_A Win User

    Second monitor streamed using Elgato HD60 Pro not detected


    Thank you for writing to Microsoft Community forum.

    • How is the setup done? Do you mean to say that the monitor streamed is not being detected?

    Standard graphic cards that do not have the special DMS port will not be able to send out two separate display signals to two different
    monitors. Seems like the monitor is attached to the onboard GPU port instead of NVidia, if the display is not being detected despite of the GPU supporting dual monitors. You may plug the
    monitor into the NVidia GPU port and check if it’s being detected.

    If the issue persists, it could be due to faulty drivers. I suggest you to install the latest drivers from

  3. GPU is fine.... Bios is fine.... Why can't Windows 10 detect my second monitor?

    Now my second monitor isn't even cloned... no signal... windows 10 cannot detect a second monitor and suggests a different GPU... My GPU can support up to 3 monitors... again... ran every diagnostic on my BIOS and GPU know to man. Thank you for your assistance...
    very irritated by this simple problem.
    RolandNordin, May 4, 2021 at 10:09 AM
  4. GPU failing to detect monitors

    GPU not detected


    I have been slowly rebuilding my old desktop. Some of the parts are old, but I have currently upgraded the RAM, mobo, CPU and hard drive. I would like to try and keep it where it is at instead of spending more money on it. I am experiencing an issue with
    detecting the graphics card. I have a monitor hooked up to the graphics card and, obviously, I can see what is going on. So I know that the GPU is being detected, but when I got to device manager, I cannot find the GPU anywhere. I have also typed in the

    into command prompt and it also says that the only video card I am using is the Windows Basic Display Adapter. I have checked online and the GPU is compatible with the motherboard so I know that isn't an issue. For reference the GPU is a GTX 560 Ti. I
    know it is a bit older, but I don't really need to update for the games I play. I just need it to work. Are there any other suggestions as to what I should do? I have listed my current build below.

    OS: Windows 10 home edition 64 bit

    Mobo: ASROCK x370 Gaming k4


    CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600x Six Core Processor

    Again, any suggestions on how to solve this so my GPU is detected would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much and have a great day!

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    ryankelly0117, May 4, 2021 at 10:09 AM

GPU failing to detect monitors

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