Windows 10: Hardwiring & Wifi...the same password!!!

Discus and support Hardwiring & Wifi...the same password!!! in Windows 10 Network and Sharing to solve the problem; Just a general question. When I use a lappy/tablet/mobile phone on wifi, for the first time it asks for a password...fair enough, but when something... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Network and Sharing' started by peter4076, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. peter4076 Win User

    Hardwiring & Wifi...the same password!!!

    Just a general question.
    When I use a lappy/tablet/mobile phone on wifi, for the first time it asks for a password...fair enough, but when something is hard wired TV, PC, Laptop, surely it isn't the same password or is it? or is their another password for hardwiring, your thoughts as always most appreciated.

    peter4076, Oct 29, 2016
  2. Rprentice Win User

    KB3093266 Has Failed to Install On My Computer Twice

    Because this is so big in file size and you are on WIFI you should consider hardwiring to your internet for this. I tried installing this update several times using WIFI and waited forever with no progress. Connecting hardwire did the trick but even
    then, it took about 20 minutes to complete.
    Rprentice, Oct 29, 2016
  3. LMDCTX Win User
    Ethernet connection fast; Wi-Fi slow.

    Same problem. Already re-loaded wifi driver.

    We have another Toshiba laptop with the same problem and ended up just hardwiring with ethernet cable; got frustrated trying to fix it. Both are running Windows 10
    LMDCTX, Oct 29, 2016
  4. Bree New Member

    Hardwiring & Wifi...the same password!!!

    No, there's no password required on an Ethernet cable. Just plug your device into the Hub and you're connected. WiFi connections are password protected to prevent passing strangers connecting - something I think you'd notice if they tried that with a cable. *Smile
  5. peter4076 Win User
    Bree: Cheers for that, how can I disable this hardwired PC I am now using (I'm sure it asked for password 3 years ago) and go down the no password route?, because my wife's computer (same room) hardwired no password, is faster than mine.
    peter4076, Oct 29, 2016
  6. peter4076 Win User
    I forgot to add, my smart TV (hard wired) also asked for password.
    peter4076, Oct 29, 2016
  7. Bree New Member
    What Hub do you use? You're UK-based, so is it a BT one?

    Are both PCs cabled directly into the router? Or do either you have a min-hub (or a HomePlug) between your PCs and the router?

    Have you actually measured your speeds, or does your PC just feel slower than you wife's? Remember that the broadband speed is likely to be the limiting factor if you use any external speed test, such as BTW Performance Test
  8. peter4076 Win User

    Hardwiring & Wifi...the same password!!!

    Hi Bree, sorry for delay (family commitments) I have BT HomeHub 5, with 2 PC's, 1 smart TV & 1 laptop permanently connected, must admit I rarely have more than 2 items at a time on. When I hardwired my laptop it asked for I entered the wifi password and works a treat, all items are in 3 metres of each other. Is there away around this?
    peter4076, Oct 30, 2016
  9. Bree New Member
    There should be no passwords required for the Ethernet connection to a BT HomeHub. I can connect any device (as far back as old Win95 or XP laptops) to my Hub4 and am instantly connected. Sounds more like for some reason your laptop had problems with its Ethernet port and is using its WiFi instead.

    If you hover the mouse over the network icon in the system tray, which of these do you see?
    Hardwiring & Wifi...the same password!!! [​IMG]
    Hardwiring & Wifi...the same password!!! [​IMG]

    The laptop should automatically switch between using WiFi and Ethernet if you disconnect or reconnect its Ethernet cable. The network icon should change from the 'curves' to the 'box' one as it does so. Does this work for you?
  10. peter4076 Win User
    On PC hard wired I get TV icon with Network and below that written is internet access, does not name my Home Hub 5, on hard wired lappy I get the curves icon with internet.
    peter4076, Oct 30, 2016
  11. Bree New Member
    The name displayed is just whatever you have set the Hub's SSID to, mine is still on its 'out of the box' default, that's all.

    The 'curves' icon on the laptop confirms it is connected by WiFi, it's not using the Ethernet cable even if you have it plugged in. There could be a number of reasons...
    - a faulty port on the Hub (any of the 4 yellow ports should work, don't use the red WAN one).
    - a faulty cable.
    - a fault on the laptop's Ethernet port or hardware.
    - incorrect Ethernet drivers.

    Try swapping cables and/or hub ports to see if the fault moves to another device. If is stays with the laptop, open Device Manager (type device manager in the Cortana/Search box) and see if there are yellow warnings against any of the devices in the 'Network adapters' section.

Hardwiring & Wifi...the same password!!!

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