Windows 10: Have a Dell laptop that will not load the OS

Discus and support Have a Dell laptop that will not load the OS in Windows 10 Backup and Restore to solve the problem; this is a Dell Inspiron 17r. I have windows 10 on it and it was running until this am. Right now it will not load Windows at all. I have a second dell... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Backup and Restore' started by Soupchef, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Soupchef Win User

    Have a Dell laptop that will not load the OS

    this is a Dell Inspiron 17r. I have windows 10 on it and it was running until this am. Right now it will not load Windows at all. I have a second dell that is running win10, but it is 64 bit. I tried using the auto repair and it failed. There are no restore points, and she did not back up the computer regularly. When it fails the auto fix process, the report that it is "unable to initialize the device PRN".

    Looking this up, it seems to be related to the printer, but that should not the computer from starting. I am under the gun as this is the GF unit. I am trying to see if I can boot this into safe mode, but it's not clear how to do this unless it is directly in the bios and not handled during the boot sequence.

    Soupchef, Feb 11, 2018

  2. I have a DELL Presision M6500 laptop that freezes at the windows 10 logo startup screen

    Right now I have the upgrade / update assistant disabled.

    But I had to remove system and user permissions to the windows 10 upgrade folder and create fake executables with removed permissions so they can not be written to by the system or the update process.

    An error box pops up when it tries to run the Windows 10 update saying it can not access the folder, I just click 'OK' and then I don't see it until the next day.

    Small annoyance but compared to the constant annoyance of the Windows Upgrade Assistant nagging for an update that fails every time... If I had written that software, I would have had built-in detection of success or failures and if the Update (non-security)
    failed and rolled back twice... then I would mark the update to be skipped and ignored and then try the next feature update... with the same criteria.
    BiajjaChiemara, Feb 11, 2018
  3. I have a DELL Presision M6500 laptop that freezes at the windows 10 logo startup screen

    Hi Biajja,

    A boot loop might have been caused by a corrupted startup file. For us to isolate the issue, we would like to know if you have tried performing a startup repair whenever the startup issue comes up. If no, we suggest that you follow these steps:

    • On the sign-in screen, hold the Shift key down while you select Power > Restart (in the lower-right corner of the screen).
    • After your PC restarts to the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot > Advanced options >
      Startup Repair.

    Have a Dell laptop that will not load the OS [​IMG]

    In Windows 10, your device is always kept up to date with the latest features and fixes. Windows Updates are installed automatically, with no need to select which updates are needed or not needed. In rare cases, a specific update might temporarily
    cause issues with your device, and in this case you will need a way to prevent the problematic update from reinstalling automatically the next time Windows Updates are installed. Follow the steps given on this article to
    temporarily prevent Windows Update from reinstalling in Windows 10.

    Let us know if you need further assistance.
    Janeane Cru, Feb 11, 2018
  4. zbook New Member

    Have a Dell laptop that will not load the OS

    Disconnect all hardware from the notebook.
    Disconnect all cables.
    Only use the power cord.

    There is a hardware method to open the windows advanced troubleshooting menu on the computer.
    It may not work in your current circumstances but it's worth a shot.
    Power on the computer and if you see the microsoft icon immediately power off.
    Repeat this again powering on and powering off as soon as you see the Microsoft icon.
    The third time power on and allow it to open the computer's windows advanced troubleshooting menu.

    If the above fails create a bootable windows 10 iso.
    It is free and available on the Microsoft website.
    You will need a flash drive that you can format ( > or = 8 GB)
    Download Windows 10

    Once you have the iso you can boot to the iso using the applicable keyboard key.
    Each computer manufacturer has a keyboard key to be able to boot to the bios boot menu:
    List of PC brands with their corresponding hot-keys

    When using the bootable windows 10 iso:
    1) Insert the flash drive into any USB port
    2) power on the notebook and click the applicable keyboard key F12
    3) Select USB storage drive or USB external hard drive
    4) It may take 5 - 10 minutes for the iso to load while viewing the windows icon
    5) Select language, time ,currency, and keyboard, or click next
    6) Click troubleshoot
    7) Start with system restore (oldest restore point first and try every available restore point.) (if there are no restore points as per your opening post go to the next step.)
    8) Startup repair (if startup repair fails advance to the next step)
    9) command prompt > Administrator: X:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe > X:\Sources:>

    10) Use a camera or smart phone camera to take pictures and post images into the thread.
    For any problems posting images please use one drive, drop box, or google share links.

    11) type: bootrec /fixmbr
    12) type: bootrec /fixboot
    13) type: bootrec /scanos
    14) type: bootrec /rebuildbcd

    15) type: type: bcdedit /enum
    16) type: bcdedit | find "osdevice"
    The above steps will display the drive letter with the partition.

    17) sfc /scannow /offbootdir=G:\ /offwindir=G:\windows (change G to the applicable partition letter from the above steps)

    18) chkdsk /f /r G: (change G: to the partition letter from the above steps)
    19) reboot

    20) The above command are command to fix the boot, the operating system, and the drive file system.
    There are additional commands to fix the boot and the registry if needed.

    Please post images of the results of each of the above steps into the thread.

    21) If you are successful with the above steps perform the following steps:
    a) Backup all files to another drive or to the cloud
    b) Make a backup image using Macrium:
    Macrium Software | Macrium Reflect Free
    c) Make a brand new restore point.
    zbook, Feb 11, 2018

Have a Dell laptop that will not load the OS

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