Windows 10: HDMI - No Audio - SOLVED

Discus and support HDMI - No Audio - SOLVED in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; Earlier threads on the topic of "HDMI - No Audio" are a bit old so I thought it may help some folks if I offered the solution which worked for me... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by IanCPurdie, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. HDMI - No Audio - SOLVED

    Earlier threads on the topic of "HDMI - No Audio" are a bit old so I thought it may help some folks if I offered the solution which worked for me today. This is a custom built PC using Intel HD4000 graphics in my i3-3225 CPU.

    I had previously restored HDMI after a Windows 10 Refresh/Update - a whole different story. A few days back I wanted to run a short .mp4 clip from the PC on the Digital TV via HDMI. It ran just fine, except there was no audio. Intel and other forums, including this one have masses of similar complaints after updates. This worked for me...

    1. I downloaded [again] from Intel the file: win64_153338.exe

    2. I closed all programs running and then run the above download.

    3. This time I ignored the warning that my existing drivers were newer ones,
    and proceeded. It then asked if I wanted to run WinSat [Windows System
    Assessment Tool]. I kept that option and had Intel reboot.

    During restart I saw WinSAT running in command line mode for a brief period,
    then normal desktop. I ran an Eurythmics video clip, worked fine on the
    TV. I ran it again using headphones on the PC, OK there as well.


    The stranger than fiction bit? A couple of unrelated niggling problems in
    FF 43.04 disappeared also. Why? I dunno, maybe the WinSAT running or whatever.

    I'll just accept the gift.

    IanCPurdie, Jan 11, 2016
  2. ricopedro Win User

    HDMI audio output problem

    So, finally, no one in the English Microsoft Community (
    ) and no one in the German Microsoft Community (
    ) is able to solve my HDMI audio output problem, which I once
    have been able to solve, but which I cannot solve anymore. The following words sum up the problem: ”I need Realtek HDMI Output instead of Realtek Digital Output in the device manager, but it is just not there. How do I get Realtek HDMI Output in the device
    ricopedro, Jan 11, 2016
  3. Microsoft Edge interferes with HDMI audio

    I stream TV using a browser and connect to TV via HDMI output. Some resent update eliminated the HDMI audio from the output signal. There was no change in the audio driver and the HDMI audio controls seem unaffected but there is no audio output.

    To check on whether it is a Microsoft Edge problem I downloaded and installed the Chrome broswer. The HDMI audio works well streaming under Chrome but not Microsoft Edge.

    Is there a fix or workaround for HDMI audio under the latest version of Microsoft Edge?

    This is very problematic for videostreaming. Thanks
    Magicsteveb, Jan 11, 2016

HDMI - No Audio - SOLVED

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