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Discus and support Help: Can't Delete FIles From Desktop in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hey all, I'm looking for advice on how to fix this strange problem: I cannot delete a subgroup of files from my desktop. - If I create a new file... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Major Bystander, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Help: Can't Delete FIles From Desktop

    Hey all,
    I'm looking for advice on how to fix this strange problem: I cannot delete a subgroup of files from my desktop.

    - If I create a new file (using Notepad) I can easily delete the file
    - I can move an offending file to another folder but am still unable to delete it
    - I changed the file properties ('read only') several times but am still unable to delete
    - I used Unlocker (1.9.2) but it reports no lock on the file in question. Even so, I *was* able to delete the file using Unlocker
    - Attempting the same on copies in Onedrive yields the same result
    - Latest Windows 10 with most recent updates installed
    - I followed a 'solution' offered by a msft rep on a forum. It involved sfc, some other steps and Powershell script but it did not work

    Any ideas what's caused this? Any ideas how to solve?

    Tia - MB

    Major Bystander, Jan 11, 2019
  2. MohanC Win User

    windows 10 deleted my desktop files

    Step 1 - I upgraded to Win 10 and lost all my files on Desktop.

    Step 2 - Found the files in Network - USers- Desktop

    copied all files again to desktop.

    Step 3- Restarted my machine again and lost desktop files again.

    Step 4 - As suggested did the following as listed below but dont find my files.

    • Press “Windows + E”, open This PC/Computer
    • Open Local Disc C, open Windows.old
    • Click on Users, select your User name
    • Go to desktop folder
    Cant find my files. Why is Win 10 deleted files again and again from Desktop ?.
    MohanC, Jan 11, 2019
  3. Cant Delete Files From Desktop

    Well, ran into a weird bug with vista, for some reason i cant delete files from desktop, this normaly happens to .exe files, the ONLY fix seems to be to KILL explorer.exe, and delete the file, then restat explorer, anybody got any idea why this happens?
    Rebo&Zooty, Jan 11, 2019
  4. Help: Can't Delete FIles From Desktop

    All Desktop Files & Folders Deleted Overnight! Please Help!

    I logged on to Win 10 Professional this morning to find all of my desktop files were deleted. NOT HIDDEN!!

    • I have gone to look for the folders and files via windows explorer, and they are not there. (c:\users\user\desktop). I also checked Public, Default and Default.migrated (last modified 10/5/2016).
    • The last time User (that's me) was updated was 10/9/17. Desktop was last updated 10/9/17 at 10:08 p.m. (I'm not sure if I was logged on at that time or not).
    • Interestingly, the attributes for Desktop is set to Read-only. Hmmmm
    • I've checked the event viewer and see nothing out of the ordinary.
    • Apps that I left running were still up-and-running
    • One file I created yesterday, that was still up and running (a .txt file) was still there.
    • Windows Firewall is running
    • All security patches are up-to-date
    • Computer is regularly scanned for malware
    • Scan this morning turned-up nothing
    • The only listed users are System, myself and Adminstrators
    • Both my password and pin are strong
    • I do not have a folder entitle "window.old" as another solution herein suggests looking in
    • There are no "funky" services running
    • Searching for the files and folder yields nothing

    Oh, thank god! They were in my recycle bin.... but I did not do do this. First, all of the folders and files would have to have been selected, delete hit, confirmation requested and given. I definitely did not go through these steps.

    What could have done this?

    Thank kindly!

    Signed, Anxious

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    DermodIves, Jan 11, 2019

Help: Can't Delete FIles From Desktop

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