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Discus and support Hide Boot logo in Windows 10 Customization to solve the problem; How to hide boot logo without hide stauts bar in windows 10 IOT , bios - legacy... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Customization' started by LakhanAgrawal, Jul 1, 2020 at 1:52 AM.

  1. Hide Boot logo

    How to hide boot logo without hide stauts bar in windows 10 IOT , bios - legacy

    LakhanAgrawal, Jul 1, 2020 at 1:52 AM

  2. Windows boot logo,


    Tried with suggested steps but not succeed,

    still can see HP boot logo

    Please suggest
    AmardeepBhingardeve, Jul 1, 2020 at 1:55 AM
  3. topgundcp Win User
    MSI bios boot logo (frozen?)

    If you have any USB device connected, disconnect for now.
    Go into BIOS:
    1. At boot time, the BIOS is checking for all devices attached to the PC, turn off the MSI boot logo under boot menu so you can see the text displayed of each step and note which device is hanging.
    2. Under Advance->Windows 8/8.1/10: Enable MSI Fast Boot so that BIOS will bypass checking most devices that are none essential for booting. This will improve the boot process. Note that this is different from fast boot that you set in Windows.
    Some third party drivers that you downloaded from the MSI website might not be up to date, try to download the latest driver(s) from the original manufacturers such Intel Chip Set, Network driver etc....
  4. Hide Boot logo

    Attempted to do a Clean Boot but forgot to Hide Microsoft Services

    Interesting scenario . . .

    Try this:

    • Reboot.
    • Turn the machine off with the power button when the spinning circle appears.
    • Repeat this exercise two more times.
    • Reboot. You will now get the boot menu.
    • Boot into Safe Mode and undo the fatal step. Alternatively you could use System Restore.
    Frederik Long, Jul 1, 2020 at 1:55 AM

Hide Boot logo

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