Windows 10: Horrible problems with Win10 on HP EliteBook 2570p

Discus and support Horrible problems with Win10 on HP EliteBook 2570p in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; I made a thorough description of my case in "freezes randomly" thread, as the freezing is the leading problem in my laptop. Just not to get lost in... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Grzegorz, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. Grzegorz Win User

    Horrible problems with Win10 on HP EliteBook 2570p

    I made a thorough description of my case in "freezes randomly" thread, as the freezing is the leading problem in my laptop. Just not to get lost in that very long thread, I am opening "my" thread *Wink Maybe someone has some hints (thank you JW0914 for the ones already provided) that would still help. Summarizing the battle:

    1. 2570p got udated to Win10 crushing on the way.
    2. Clean install performed following the correct installation procedure lead to the point in which I had a system freezing in not more than 2 minutes after starting it.
    3. Updating the BIOS to the newest version improved the situation, as fter this update computer freezes once 15~20minutes
    4. Disconnecting Broadcom bluetooth card probably improved the situation still a little - it is freezing now randomly, no-problems-at-all slots are between 5 and 120 minutes
    5. Somewhere on the way of my battle I eliminated Aconis True Image which, despite compliance declaration, was apparently not working well with Win10
    6. As I know the other 2570p can work flawlessly with win10, I narrowed down the list of potential problems generators to the following:
    a. RAM
    b. SSD
    c. Ericsson broadband card
    d. WiFi Card
    (as only those postions vary between 2570p)
    Currently I replaced RAM with another on and will see if this is the case.
    7. Despite the freezes, SD reader apparently does not work under Win10. After sticking a card in it starts to think a long time, then an icon appears in "my computer" and in device manager (drives->Generic SD Card), but the card itself is inaccessible (like if it weren't formatted). Ocassionaly "My computer" window gets frozen, sometimes getting unfrozen once the card is stuck out. If I manage to connect to DiskManagement service without freezing, it shows SD without a partition (unallocated space). Nevertheless, on another machines this cards works perfectly.
    When restarting after SD-Card-related freeze, Windows behaves like if it was getting updated ("getting Windows ready" etc on the restart screen).
    I haven't googled anysolution to this and without the reader I loose my 250GB storage... *Sad
    8. Apparently Fingerprint reader neither works - it is listed as an unknown "Base System Device" in device manager. Google says it should work with a generic driver embedded in Win10, though...

    In general - it seems that Win10 dislikes several things (old BIOSes, Broadcom devices, some software working well with 7, 8.0 and 8.1, SD cards readers, etc). Moreover, it simpy doesn't make me trust it, behaving in a strange way (several lags suggesting it probably does something "more important" in the background). I consider it a far bigger pain in the *** than Windows95 was, which is sad *Sad

    Anyhow, if someone is familiar with working solution to any of my problems with Win10, please, let me know. I will most probably roll back to Win7 and forget Win10 existence by the moment Microsoft gives up supporting Windows 7, but I wouldn't mind being surprised with kinda panaceum to my problems *Wink

    Grzegorz, Feb 29, 2016

  2. bluetooth

    no connection between elitebook 2570p and headphones, I have windows 10. it says paired but no Bluetooth connection. Thank u Very Much
    marksweeney28, Feb 29, 2016
  3. Windows 10 Black Screen explorer.exe

    Had the exact same problem, checking the event manager I saw explorer.exe constantly crashing with a referance to
    idtnc64.cpl. Tried deleting idtnc64.cpl from the system32 folder and tried restartng explorer.exe via task manager and now it works and doesn't crash! We were about to roll back to Windows 7 on dozens of laptops (HP 2570p EliteBooks) before we found your
    reply. You're a lifesaver! And shame on Microsoft for not debugging their Win10 upgrades better than this. Thats the last time I install any large Microsoft upgrades on several systems simultaneously without proper testing myself first (since Microsoft apparently
    cant be bothered to test anything themselves)
    jklpedersen, Feb 29, 2016
  4. Horrible problems with Win10 on HP EliteBook 2570p

    Hi have you done a in-place upgrade as found in my signature as that should cure a lot of your problems
    Also have you made sure all the latest updates are installed.
    hTconeM9user, Feb 29, 2016
  5. Grzegorz Win User
    hTcone, it is a clean install - isn't the repair procedure designed for a long-time-used systems?
    The installation procedure in my case was:
    1. Install Win10 without conncting to the net
    2. Install chipset driver taken from Intel site, restart
    3. Install IMEI driver taken from Intel site, restart
    4. Install Graphic card driver taken from Intel site, restart
    5. Install Ethernet driver taken from Intel site, restart
    6. Connect to the network, for he unknown devices update drivers through netork
    7. Install all updates
    8. Start installing other Software
    Grzegorz, Feb 29, 2016
  6. Looks like you have done anything you could
    Sorry I am out of ideas how to advise you further hopefully another member may have an answer
    hTconeM9user, Feb 29, 2016
  7. BunnyJ New Member
    BunnyJ, Feb 29, 2016
  8. Grzegorz Win User

    Horrible problems with Win10 on HP EliteBook 2570p

    BunnyJ - I did it in the very beginning. As it didn't help, I tried with drivers provided by the components' manufacturer. Neither approach cured my installation :|

    As to the SD card reader - I checked the problem relates only to big cards (amely, 256GB). 64GB cards work without problems. WHat could be the case? Either capacity is SDxc...
    Grzegorz, Feb 29, 2016
  9. Grzegorz Win User
    Seems like my problems are solved - hopefully.
    Having installed Windows in UEFI Native mode, I managed to install all the other appz needed, and work afterwards for two consecutive days - with no freezes nor lags, which hadn't had happenned ever before on this laptop (under Win10).
    HP has also confirmed that they spoke to several customers complaining about Win10 behaviour on HP laptops, when installed i n Legacy mode, where UEFI installation was solving all the issues.

    As to the SD cards reader, ther is the sp64135 JMicron driver needed, that HP does not place on WIndows10_support page, but which is accessible on Win8.1 drivers site. Works flawlessly now *Smile
    Grzegorz, Apr 4, 2018

Horrible problems with Win10 on HP EliteBook 2570p

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