Windows 10: How do I stop hacks from loading Start menu, and stop backups 100%..?

Discus and support How do I stop hacks from loading Start menu, and stop backups 100%..? in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; I just installed 'CCleaner', then ran cleaner, then 'disk analyzer'.. CCleaner showed 1137 trackers, and 233 megabytes of garbage data, or more nearly... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by FN Princess, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. How do I stop hacks from loading Start menu, and stop backups 100%..?

    I just installed 'CCleaner', then ran cleaner, then 'disk analyzer'.. CCleaner showed 1137 trackers, and 233 megabytes of garbage data, or more nearly every time I connect to the Net and into YouTube.. Are there any files I can get CCleaner or uninstaller or regedit to delete to stop Microsoft Edge from making all kinds of duplicates, and from installing cookies and various other bits of tracker garbage, and from monitoring my Net-activities..? Are there registry entries I can delete to stop this silliness..?
    I'm running FireFox, so Edge shouldn't be applying and saving a couple thousand trackers and 100's of megabytes of junk per day.. What do I delete or reconfigure to stop Windows-10 in a Surface-1 from making backups and copies of all my Web activities..? I don't want nor need any backups nor copies what so ever.. I never use them.. They are useless to me.. They are just irritating garbage to get rid of throughout the day.. I know where I've been and what I've done, and besides, I always transfer everything new of the day to a flash drive, and then to an external hd at the end of each day, or throughout the day.. There is never ever any private data in this computer, save for Firefox's secure passwords, the background pix, a little music, a few videos, and a fake password file for the bully hackers to waste their time on.. Should I leave the house with the computer Net-connected, when I return a couple hours later, the Start menu is always up on the screen.. I suppose that means a hacker has been into it, stealing fake passwords, and gazing drooling at the nudie background pix, and desperately trying to find data on the many new sciences and the five new university courses I am developing and authoring, but all my science data is in three Linux OS's, in computers which never ever get connected to the Web.. I have even pulled the Net-cards from those computers.. They Can't be Net-connected.. What do I need to do to keep those unscrupulous childish thieving demons out of this Windows-10 surface computer, and to stop all the backups and duplicates from happening..?

    I am told that Windows is full of engineered exploit holes.. Is that true..? If it is true, then why would someone do that to their buying public..? After all, it is the buying public whose money makes corporations work and grow and be.. It would be just silly and stupid to abuse ones precious paying clientele and customers, do yah think..? Is it those exploit holes the hacker uses to load the Start menu..?

    Is there a Linux OS that will work well in a surface..? This Windows OS is just too porous.. Hackers can get into it way too easily.. Essentially this Windows OS doesn't seem to have any defense against experienced hackers.. Seems they can get in as easy as if they are sitting at my keyboard.. Can a Window-10 OS be made safe and secure..? I've run out of ideas to try to harden this Windows-10...

    FN Princess, Nov 2, 2018
  2. drpearl Win User

    Start menu stopped working in Windows 10

    The Start Menu on my copy of Windows 10 stopped working for no apparent reason. I have tried the suggested four steps above. The first three ran. The final one failed to run due to an error. The process did not fix the start menu. My Windows 10 computer
    is disabled and unusable. I need a solution ASAP.
    drpearl, Nov 2, 2018
  3. Start menu stopped working in Windows 10

    I installed Windows 10 last weekend. Everything was fine until this morning when the icon for the start menu stop working. I should say a left click on the icon no longer works so I don't see all my apps etc..... I can still left right click and get windows
    utilities and such.

    I've read through some of the suggested solutions and tried some but nothing has worked. Does anyone have a definitive solution yet ? Any help would be appreciated

    please i have the same problem right now....and i have try to use the steps as listed...but is requesting for administrator permission or privilege
    Promise0nyekachi, Nov 2, 2018
  4. abasto Win User

    How do I stop hacks from loading Start menu, and stop backups 100%..?

    Cortana and Start Menu Stopped Working


    I am struggle a lot with Windows 10 honestly.
    So all of a sudden, Cortana stopped functioning and start menu stopped working.
    I have tried all steps and tweaks available out there to fix the issue beside changing the profile and backing up the entire user because I can't risk doing that and lose my files.
    So I tried restarting which Microsoft recommended including their start menu fix which resulted in nothing.
    Tried powershell command, no changes yet.
    Tried doing updates... NADA
    Tried creating a local administrator user and nothing yet.
    So I'm hoping there is someone who had similar issue and hopefully got that fixed.
    Please help me out from this mess.
    I honestly appreciate you for you're kind effor.
    abasto, Nov 2, 2018

How do I stop hacks from loading Start menu, and stop backups 100%..?

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