Windows 10: How To Be Able To Place Start Menu Tiles Anywher On Start Menu

Discus and support How To Be Able To Place Start Menu Tiles Anywher On Start Menu in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; I've expanded the size of the Start Menu so I can put a lot of Tiles there, but when I drag a Tile to a new location it sometimes bounces back to where... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by beau, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. beau Win User

    How To Be Able To Place Start Menu Tiles Anywher On Start Menu

    I've expanded the size of the Start Menu so I can put a lot of Tiles there, but when I drag a Tile to a new location it sometimes bounces back to where it had been. Other times moving a Tile somewhere will cause another Tile so shift to somewhere else.
    How can I instruct the Start Menu to allow me to place (by dragging) any Tile anywhere I want?


  2. Problems with windows 10 Start Menu

    Can`t place Recycle Bin, This PC & Control Panel Tiles on my start menu in Windows 10. When you right click on these file icons there is a option to pin to start menu. Nothing happens when you click this option. They were once on my start menu, but one day
    I turned on my laptop on and half my start menu was gone, since then I have not been able to replace all the missing tiles. The three mentioned above were the most important ones.

    Also wondering if anyone has figured out how to rename, change icons & colours of the tiles on the start menu
    RayMatheson, Apr 27, 2017
  3. Start Menu Missing Tiles and not being able to pin/un-pin application shortcuts

    Hi all,

    So since a few days ago, my start menu suddenly started messing things up like doing the above. I thought it was a small bug so I've tried rebooting/restarting explorer. I've snooped around for hours for similar problems and fixes people provided for the
    people but to no avail, my start menu is still broken. I cant pin/un-pin apps, my start menu folder is missing from my own personal appdata folder, the problems persist still on my family user and making a fresh new user still has these problems. That means
    the start menu folder is gone from there too. Only a few app shortcuts stayed but i checked where they were located and they were shortcuts of shortcuts in the
    Windows folder in ProgramData.
    I also cannot resize these tiles while also being immovable. I can still launch them.

    In my Windows 10 settings,in the Start section in Personalization options, there is red text displaying "Some settings are managed by your organization". So that might be something leading to the above problem as well.

    To conclude, I would really appreciate help as the Windows 10 start menu is where i keep my shortcuts instead of the usual desktop. I actually really like the way its put out and would hate to see it go.
    BeefBriskets, Apr 27, 2017
  4. NavyLCDR New Member

    How To Be Able To Place Start Menu Tiles Anywher On Start Menu

    The Windows 10 Start Menu is not a desktop. It is actually a series of square grids grouped under headings (called groups). When you move a tile to an empty group, you can see the space for the heading for that group appear. It seems to be a limitation that the spaces directly below a foup heading must be filled first. You can drag a tile to the third or fourth row under a group heading without the row above it being occupied by at least one tile first.

    There can only be one tile in each grid space, so when you try to place a tile over the top of an existing one, the previously existing tile there must be moved out of the way for the new tile to fit in that grid space. The previous tile is moved to the nearest empty grid space underneath the same group heading.

    If you click in the space for the group heading you can enter a name for that group. See this thread for an example:
    How Delete a Group From Start Menu - Solved - Windows 10 Forums
    NavyLCDR, Apr 27, 2017

How To Be Able To Place Start Menu Tiles Anywher On Start Menu

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