Windows 10: how to edit contacts in wlm

Discus and support how to edit contacts in wlm in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; How to edit contact information in windows live mail 2012 38353 Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by graemefrosty, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. how to edit contacts in wlm

    How to edit contact information in windows live mail 2012

    graemefrosty, Jan 22, 2016

  2. WLM contacts vs hotmail

    How can I delete WLM contacts, but NOT delete from Hotmail?

    Have a business WLM account but don't want my personal hotmail contacts in there anymore.
    LLoyd Silly, Jan 22, 2016
  3. Skype instant messages (WLM is dead, MS account merged)

    I can't answer your questions (no-one in this forum can since Microsoft has not made any announcements on this topic lately), but if both you and your wife were both originally using WLM and you combined your Skype account with your WLM acccount, you can
    both log into Skype on a computer using your WLM login information.

    If you open up the Skype application on a computer and log into it, using your WLM login (and not the Skype login & password), then you'll see the contacts that were WLM contacts and you'll see the contacts that are Skype contacts. If you have contacts that
    were both WLM and Skype contacts, then you see their info in Skype twice. You can distinguish between the WLM contact & the Skype contact because the Messenger contacts will display "Messenger" just underneath their name (see the yellow highlight in the screenshot

    how to edit contacts in wlm [​IMG]

    If you look at the screenshot a little you'll see that I have multiple contacts for Mark, Cindy, and Free. That's because these were WLM contacts and Skype contacts. When I combined my Skype account with my WLM account and then log into Skype by using my
    WLM login, both types of contacts are shown......Eventually I expect Microsoft will combine the contacts in Skype into a single contact.

    If the WLM account (login and password) is the same account you set up as the primary Microsoft account on your phone, when you direct messages to the WLM account (and not the Skype account), the message will be routed to the phone via the Messaging hub and
    you will be notified immediately. This is how I text back and forth with my closest friends (like Mark, Cindy, and Free).
    Julie fka profjulie, Jan 22, 2016
  4. topgundcp Win User

    how to edit contacts in wlm

    Open WLM. On bottom left corner, there're 5 items: Mails, Calendar, Contacts, Feeds, Newgroups.
    Click on Contacts. A Contact windows will display, click on Contact on the top left to Add new contact or right click on an existing contact->Edit contact.
    topgundcp, Jan 22, 2016
  5. davidhk Win User
    Just adding to what have already said..................
    Once you click open the Contacts icon at bottom left of WLM 2012, the" Edit this contact" option is on the right side.

    how to edit contacts in wlm [​IMG]
    davidhk, Apr 5, 2018

how to edit contacts in wlm

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