Windows 10: How to Open all minimized windows (with multiple Workspaces active)?

Discus and support How to Open all minimized windows (with multiple Workspaces active)? in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; I use multiple workspaces (desktops?) in Win 10 to keep content segregated. Sometime I have several windows open in a single workspace, but minimized.... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Odysseus, Dec 12, 2019.

  1. Odysseus Win User

    How to Open all minimized windows (with multiple Workspaces active)?

    I use multiple workspaces (desktops?) in Win 10 to keep content segregated. Sometime I have several windows open in a single workspace, but minimized.

    Sometimes I want to open all minimized windows (FireFox and/or Opera) in a single workspace with a single key stroke or combination.

    Extensive googling has found many options, none of which work. I can only assume that these are intended for users with a single workspace?

    Any assistance appreciated

    Odysseus, Dec 12, 2019
  2. FoilCard Win User

    Windows Ink Workspace and Multiple Monitors

    Yes. I have an HP 3500 desktop. I believe the issue here might be more geared toward if Windows Ink Workspace has support for devices with dual monitors. If you go to use Ink Workspace to take a screen shot of your 2nd monitor, it wont work as Ink Workspace
    only opens on monitor 1 (Main display). Currently our office uses the snipping tool as you can select your screen shot on either screen. Would love to have users use the new Ink Workspace feature to replace Snipping Tool but it seems if you cant use Ink
    Workspace with multiple monitors its just not going to be a good replacement.
    FoilCard, Dec 12, 2019
  3. Argel Obm Win User
    Windows Ink Workspace - Reset/Clearing Contents Programmatically

    Hi Robert,

    Windows Ink Workspace is part of the system icons. Just like the Start button, the process of Windows Ink Workspace is not going to present in Task Manager. If do not want your users to use the Windows Ink Workspace, we recommend that you disable it. You
    can disable Windows Ink Workspace by following these steps:

    • Click the Windows logo (Start button).
    • Click the gear icon (Settings).
    • Select Personalization.
    • On the left pane, choose Taskbar.
    • Under Notification area, click Turn system icons on or off.
    • Locate Windows Ink Workspace, and then click the slider to turn it off.
    • You will now notice that the Windows Ink Workspace is gone from the Taskbar.

    If you still want to have a function that will allow you to automatically reset or clear the contents of Windows Ink Workspace, we recommend that you post your suggested function using the Feedback Hub like what was mentioned by
    Erika Aro so that our Engineers can look into it and release your suggested feature on the next update of Windows 10.

    Argel Obm, Dec 12, 2019
  4. btarunr Win User

    How to Open all minimized windows (with multiple Workspaces active)?

    Imation Announces Availability of IronKey Workspace for Windows To Go

    Imation Corp., a global scalable storage and data security company, today announced beta availability of its IronKey Workspace, certified for deployment of Windows To Go. The IronKey Workspace lets organizations outfit mobile professionals with a secure, fast USB platform to run Windows To Go from a USB stick on multiple compatible PCs, an ideal solution for teleworkers, contractors, and those implementing BYOD ("bring your own device") strategies. The IronKey Workspace is certified for deployment of Windows To Go, a feature of Windows 8 that lets enterprise users boot a full version of Windows 8 from an external USB drive on compatible host PCs.

    "The traditional and static arrangement of the software instance of the user's workspace bound to a single hardware device no longer fits the personal computing requirements of a growing population of workers and, for that matter, their employers; breaking this software-to-hardware linkage is essential," said Michael Suby, Stratecast's vice president of Research at Frost & Sullivan. "PC on a Stick addresses this need by infusing complete and secure workspace portability into the realm of personal computing."

    How to Open all minimized windows (with multiple Workspaces active)? 138a_thm.jpg

    Organizations running Windows 8 Enterprise Edition can provision a Windows desktop onto the IronKey Workspace to create a PC on a Stick – with the operating system and data contained on the USB drive, while still leveraging the host PC's hardware and resources, such as monitors, cameras, and network connections.

    The IronKey Workspace provides a fast, easy, and cost effective way to empower mobile workers with Windows To Go. Features and benefits of the IronKey Workspace include:
    • Speed: The IronKey Workspace drive delivers over five times the minimum read/write performance required for Windows To Go certified devices. Users will experience a responsive and smooth-running system, thanks to USB 3.0 SuperSpeed technology and sequential read performance of up to 400+ MB/second, and sequential write speeds of up to 300+ MB/second.
    • Security: IronKey Workspace protects an organization's data by leveraging Windows To Go's BitLocker password protection capabilities and up to 256-bit AES full disk encryption. Devices, data, and applications are automatically protected the moment a user removes the drive from their host PC.
    • Capacity options: Available in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB capacities to meet a range of user needs.
    The IronKey Workspace for Windows To Go will be available in early December worldwide through Imation's network of channel partners or Imation Sales. US customers can order beta versions of the IronKey Workspace drives now here. Manufacturer's list price is US$129 for the 32GB model, US$215 for 64GB, and US$389 for 128GB. Additional specifications can be found here.

    "Windows To Go is a key feature of Windows 8 Enterprise that will impact the way organizations empower mobile workers. Imation's IronKey Workspace is one of a handful of drives certified to deliver the Windows 8 desktop experience on a USB flash drive," said Stella Chernyak, senior director of product marketing, Windows Enterprise, Microsoft Corp.

    "We are seeing tremendous interest in the PC on a Stick from organizations seeking to give their workers a seamless Windows 8 experience across multiple devices. Imation has strong experience developing and helping organizations deploy mobile workspaces in high-security environments. Our IronKey Workspace delivers a high-performance platform for organizations seeking to bring the benefits of Windows To Go to their mobile workforce," said Lawrence Reusing, Imation's general manager for Mobile Security.

    Imation's commitment to helping enterprises and government organizations address the challenges of the mobile workforce is illustrated in the "Blueprint to Secure Mobile Workspaces" whitepaper. The whitepaper outlines the opportunities, use cases, and key considerations for deploying security-enhanced mobile workspaces.

    Next year, Imation plans to roll out a line of solutions that empower organizations to deploy Windows To Go via its hardware encrypted IronKey flash drives, strong authentication, and centralized device management. Organizations will be able to turn to Imation for high-security workspace solutions for teleworkers, contractors, and travelers at an attractive total cost of ownership using Windows To Go.
    btarunr, Dec 12, 2019

How to Open all minimized windows (with multiple Workspaces active)?

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